Reasons To Be Cheerful Lockdown Astrology Talk

Lockdown Astrology Talk, Sally Kirkman

Back in May 2020, I was one of the speakers for an Astrology & Shamanism Summit hosted by the wonderful Suzanne Gerber.

The talk developed out of my social media posts ‘Reasons to be Cheerful’ that I posted throughout March & April 2020 to try & help keep everyone positive & upbeat during the lockdown situation here in the UK (and in many other countries around the world).

My lockdown astrology talk looked at how people responded differently to the situation depending on their star sign. The talk offered lots of advice and tips from an astrological perspective and it was very well received.

I decided that, as we are back in the lockdown here in the UK, it was the perfect time to share the talk with you. It lasts for just over one hour and you can listen in by clicking the audio file below.

Each of the 12 star signs is covered in-depth. I do hope you find the talk helpful & insightful:

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