Mercury Trine Jupiter: Think Big

Mercury trine Jupiter, successJupiter is the biggest and best planet in astrology and over the next few months, Jupiter in Virgo will be triggering the personal planets as they move through the earth sign Taurus.

Good news for Taurus and Virgo in particular but beneficial for all of us.

Today, Thursday 14th April, it’s the turn of communication planet Mercury. Mercury rules the mind, correspondence, the written and spoken word, schooling. Jupiter rules new opportunity, growth & expansion, foreign connections, publishing, the Law, higher education. Put the two together and it’s an excellent date for the following:

  • meetings
  • interviews
  • signing a contract
  • making steady progress
  • being true to your word
  • having faith
  • thinking big
  • offering advice
  • an important conversation
  • strategic moves
  • teamwork
  • ethical business
  • going global
  • learning
  • gaining new qualifications

What’s interesting about today’s connection is that Mercury and Jupiter are currently at 14 Taurus and 14 Virgo respectively. They will shortly both be switching direction so they are moving slowly in the zodiac. On April 28th, Mercury turns retrograde at 23 Taurus but more importantly, Mercury turns direct at 14 Taurus on May 22nd. Jupiter is also hovering around 13-14 degrees of Virgo because on May 9th Jupiter turns direct at 13 Virgo.

It’s in the areas of your chart ruled by Taurus and Virgo where there’s a hotspot of energy. It’s even livelier if you have key planets/angles at 13-14 Taurus or Virgo. What you put out into the universe today could potentially be returned to you threefold in the merry month of May.

Here are the key areas highlighted by Taurus and Virgo in your own solar chart:

  • Aries: Money & values; Work & health
  • Taurus: Personal goals & profile; Creativity, romance & children
  • Gemini: Inner work & retreat; Home & family
  • CancerFriends & group activities; Communication & community
  • Leo: Career & vocation; Money & values
  • Virgo: Travel & study; Personal goals & profile
  • Libra: Joint finances & hidden matters; Inner work & retreat
  • Scorpio: Partnership & contracts; Friends & group activities
  • Sagittarius: Work & health; Career & vocation
  • Capricorn: Creativity, romance & children; Travel & study
  • Aquarius: Home & family; Joint finances & hidden matters
  • Pisces: Communication & community; Partnership & contracts

Today’s Mercury-Jupiter connection is a little bit of luck, a gift from the cosmos. Take a step towards success.

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