Mercury Retrograde: Slowing Down Down

Mercury Retrograde – May 10 to June 3, 2022

Mercury retrograde, trickster

Mercury The Trickster

In true Mercury retrograde style, my Mercury retrograde blog post is relatively late. There’s no point directing you to the advice prior to the communication planet switching direction as we’re already in it.

In mythology, Mercury’s alter-ego was the trickster, the thief. Therefore, when the communication planet is causing havoc, it’s not the ideal time to try and fix things, deal with technology, make sense of what’s going on. Expect for things to be delayed, for life to take you on a diversion, for everyday matters to take longer than usual.

Mercury likes to be in Gemini, one of the mutable, flexible star signs, linked to duality. Gemini’s zodiac symbol is the twins. So, even though Mercury turns retrograde, it may not feel as if you’re slowing down just yet.

Gemini rules the mind & communication so you might be multi-tasking, trying to keep the lines of communication open, be doing research or finding out more. Mercury remains in Gemini until May 23rd.

This Mercury retrograde phase could be devious, discombobulating, a mind-f–k, a double dose of tricks & lies. It is not a great time to be making a major decision or investment.

Ideally, wait until early to mid-June before making the big moves. If you do have to sign or seal an agreement, read the small print, ask all those irritating questions and double check everything.

Keep your feet on the ground over the next few weeks and engage your common sense. Some ideas won’t be worth following up, some promises may not be kept. Mercury retrograde often coincides with misunderstandings & miscommunications. Be discerning and questioning.

What Mercury Retrograde Is Good For

Do, however, allow yourself to escape from the worries of the world, find your retreat and reconsider where happiness lies. Read books, dive deep into a creative activity, reconnect with people from your past. Write letters, learn a language, talk to people you don’t normally connect with.

If you’re a worrier or prone to anxiety, find ways to unplug & quieten the mind. Do puzzles, jigsaws, switch off the news, detox from social media, block out your calendar or social diary, at least for a few days. Learn to switch off.

Mercury Retrograde Second Phase

As you may see above, Mercury is only retrograde in Gemini until May 23rd as Mercury then retreats back into earth sign Taurus.

The second phase of Mercury retrograde could feel very different. Events on or around May 21st when the Sun & Mercury retrograde align might prove pivotal. You may do an about-turn or change your plans completely.

Once Mercury is on go slow in Taurus, this is the equivalent of slowing right down. Taking time out to be in nature and to reconnect with the natural rhythms of the cosmos, the universe.

Deliberately slow down your pace and allow your mind to unwind and your body to rest. Give yourself space to turn inwards where the Mercury retrograde gems are waiting to be discovered.

Potential Turning Points

You may sense a turning point during the New Moon in Gemini on May 30th, a symbol of new beginnings. As Mercury turns direct a few days later on June 3rd, this is when you might be able to push things through.

It’s an ideal time to chase things up, to get back in touch with people you’re waiting on, to find out what’s really going on.

Don’t let trickster Mercury trip you up this month. Stay grounded, quieten your mind, question everything.

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