Libra Monthly Stars May 2013

Libra KitschensyngkLibra (23 September-23 October)

Your ruling planet Venus begins the month in earthy steady Taurus. This is a place Venus feels comfortable as Taurus is one of the signs that rules money and love. Venus in Taurus craves security and stability and wants to build relationships and alliances so that love and money are in plentiful supply. Sharing what you have helps you feel more secure and brings more enjoyment into your life as well. That’s the ideal.

The reality may look somewhat different as Saturn is currently in Scorpio and your personal money sector and opposing the Taurus planets. Saturn is the taskmaster of the heavens, the big boss, and Saturn isn’t known as a planet of plenty. In fact, it can be the opposite as Saturn represents hardship, nose to the grindstone and working hard to make ends meet.

Saturn entered Scorpio last autumn and will remain here until the end of next year so whatever your personal financial situation, there will be lessons to learn along the way, some of them tough and some of them helpful and constructive. Thinking long-term about your financial future is wise with Saturn in your money sector and making plans to keep regular money coming in is a good idea. Slow and steady often wins the race when Saturn’s around and there may be lessons to learn concerning what you need and what you can do without.

It helps you to be cash savvy this month and to ensure you know what’s what when it comes to mortgages, interest rates, loans, tax, etc. If there’s a financial deal that you’re currently involved in, pay close attention, read the small print and be thorough in your research. This is because on the 10th there’s a solar or New Moon eclipse in Taurus and your joint money sector.

Eclipses can mean that something’s taken away, in other words, something is ‘eclipsed’. It’s obvious symbolism and may play out that way. Certainly the eclipse signals a powerful time for anything finance-related whether new information comes to light or you have to close the door on the past in order to move on. Astrology suggests it’s not a good time to begin anything new until the eclipse is past so hold tight to your cash and wait until after the 10th to take action. You can come out of any money-related deal on top as long as you’re willing to share what you have and own with others.

Venus leaves Taurus the day before the eclipse which is another indication that it’s time for you to move on and let go of anything that’s no longer working for you financially. A new way of being and doing things is required that allows you more freedom to move.

Venus enters Gemini, a fellow air sign, which rules travel, study and any area of life that allows you to expand your mind and broaden your horizons. This is the time to think big and seek out a new adventure. Wherever you’ve been feeling trapped, from mid-month onwards the way ahead opens to you as if by magic and suddenly life allows you room to breathe.

Mercury (communication) joins Venus in Gemini on the 15th followed by the Sun on the 20th but most importantly, the planet of opportunity, Jupiter is currently in this sign. Jupiter moved into Gemini in June 2012 and will leave this sign at the end of next month but before then Jupiter teams up with Mercury and Venus on the 27th/28th respectively.

This feels fabulously lucky and fortunate whether you find the perfect holiday, win a travel competition, you’re accepted on to your dream course or any other number of joyful experiences. The combination of Venus, Mercury and Jupiter spells good fortune and the trio will be visible in the night sky so track them down and make a wish.

What takes place towards the end of the month may bring significant changes to your everyday lifestyle. A second lunar or Full Moon eclipse cuts across the Gemini/Sagittarius axis on the 25th and if you’re feeling disillusioned with your work or routine, take note of what opportunities come your way on or around this time. Something you do or someone you meet gives you the inspiration you need to set you on a new path.

It may feel emotional when you realise what you want out of life and what’s going to bring you a deep level of fulfilment. This could link to teaching others, a spiritual path, helping other people or simply bettering yourself. Whatever it is will be deeply personal.

Money or a relationship issue may be an obstacle for you this month but the key to your happiness lies in widening your perspective and looking at life in a different or new way. There’s real potential that events are going to turn on this month’s eclipses and help you find a solution that’s nothing less than remarkable.

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