Jupiter Rules: Goodbye Taurus, Hello Gemini

I Love Jupiter SudokuToday, June 11th 2012, at 17:22 GMT, Jupiter is on the move leaving behind the earth sign Taurus and moving into the air sign Gemini, where it remains until June 26th 2013. It’s bye bye ‘money bags’ Taurus and hello ‘talk talk’ Gemini.

Taureans who featured on the Sunday Times Rich List last year were David Beckham (sport), Adele (music) and Robert Pattinson (film). Other notable Taureans were Mark Zuckerberg, who made a fortune from Facebook, and the Queen who celebrated her Diamond Jubilee in style. Good news for some Taureans at least.

Gemini’s now the sign of the moment and as I write Gemini Rafael Nadal has just beaten fellow Gemini Novak Djokovic in the tennis French open and in London, a Gemini city, we’re gearing up for the Olympics which start in July.

In Greek mythology Jupiter was Zeus, King of the Gods, who resided on Mount Olympus and ruled over the group of 12 Gods called the Olympians. Hopefully this is a good omen for a successful Olympics in London, although the main issue seems to be whether the transport system can cope, fitting for Jupiter in its detriment in Gemini. Everywhere you go in London already, there are signs encouraging you to walk from A to B.

Jupiter in detriment means that Gemini is not Jupiter’s favourite sign and this is because Jupiter’s about the grand vision, the bigger picture. Jupiter craves growth, meaning & purpose and loves to embrace any experience that’s potentially life-changing, whether it comes through travel, self development, education or a spiritual or philosophical quest.

Gemini is a dual-natured sign and rules words, language, gossip, writing, the media, education, transport, short trips, neighbours and siblings, a seemingly diverse group. This is where we get to the crux of Gemini because this sign is nothing if not the ultimate multi-tasker. Gemini loves variety in life but with a short attention span finds it hard to focus on any one thing for too long.

Gemini skims through life seeking new stimulation on a daily basis. This past week I’ve heard of two online friends who have taken off travelling with no clear destination in mind. They will go where the fancy takes them or depending on whom they meet on their travels. This is beautiful symbolism for Jupiter in Gemini, when the journey’s more important than the destination.

We are already well-established within a technological age but you can expect social media, apps, i-phones, and new ways of communicating to be increasingly popular whilst Jupiter’s in Gemini. The focus is on your mental faculties and social interaction, learning bigger and better ways to take in knowledge and impart it too. Everyone’s an expert at something and over the coming year with easier access to self publishing and the internet in general, e-books and blogging websites will flourish.

I was recently sent this quote by Alvin Toffler, writer and futurist, which seems to fit Jupiter in Gemini perfectly:

The illiterates of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.”

Life’s about to speed up again, which means it’s ever more important to manage your time well, learn to multi-task and to ensure you inject some fun and laughter in to your daily routine. Just as Jupiter in Gemini’s witty, quick, diverse and dexterous, it can be distracted and aimless too, so remember to stop every now and again and check why you’re doing what you do and where you’re heading. Jupiter in Gemini is great for the hype but needs a sense of direction for you to attract the most good fortune through learning, communication and travel.

[If you would like to know what Jupiter in Gemini means for your own star sign, click on the monthly stars page for June or go to the individual blogs for each star sign which were posted on 1st June 2012.]

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