January 2023 Astrology

2023, January 2023 Astrology

There’s no need to rush into 2023. In fact, the astrology suggests that you’re wise to take your time as things could be hidden from you until three major planets turn direct. Here’s what’s happening:

Full Moon [16 Cancer 22] – January 6 (23:08 GMT)

It may be a Full Moon cutting across the traditional and conventional star signs Cancer & Capricorn, yet January’s Full Moon promises excitement and revelation, key themes of the month ahead.

Firstly, the Sun is conjunct retrograde Mercury on January 7th. This is the cazimi moment of the Mercury retrograde cycle, its mid-way point and the Sun brings illumination.

This would be an ideal time to have a heart-to-heart or important conversation with your boss or someone in a position of authority. Find the leader, the person of influence who can assist you in your endeavours.

Secondly, the closest planetary aspect to the Full Moon is Uranus making a lovely sextile aspect to the Sun & retrograde Mercury on January 5th & January 8th respectively.

These combinations feel sponanteous and inventive. Things could start to come to light on or around this Full Moon with more green lights throughout January.

Mars Turns Direct [8 Gemini 08] – January 12 (20:56 GMT)

The first planet turning direct in January is Mars, representing action, passion and force. Mars has been on retrograde since October 30th.

Mars can be a difficult planet when it’s retrograde as this is a frustrated & grumpy Mars. The planet which rules assertive behaviour, anger, passion, the libido and courage doesn’t like to be held back or controlled.

Plus, Mars retrograde in Gemini, one of Mercury’s two signs of rulership, means this has been a trickster retrograde phase, a symbol of scams and double trouble. Mental health issues have been foreground as Gemini is the planet linked to the mind.

Therefore, this feels like a powerful turning point as Mars switches direction on January 12th. It could be particularly significant for Gemini, also Aries & Scorpio, Mars’ two signs of rulership. It’s likely to be helpful wherever it falls in your horoscope.

Mercury Turns Direct [8 Capricorn 08] – January 18 (13:13 GMT)

The second planet to switch direction in January is communication planet Mercury. Mercury has been retrograde since December 29, 2022, a time when things are hidden and your gaze turns inwards.

Mercury turning direct brings what’s hidden to light. Both Mars turning direct (January 12th) and Mars turning direct (January 18th) are key dates to speak your mind, get back on track and set plans in motion.

When Mercury turns direct, new information often appears which moves the goalposts. What you thought was going to happen may not be what was promised or described. It’s a positive time to sort out any misunderstandings.

Mercury turns direct in Capricorn in a quincunx or blind spot aspect to Mars. Note that they turn direct at the same degreee & minute, Mars at 8° Gemini 08 & Mercury at 8° Capricorn 08.

This is unusual and suggests there could be significant revelvations that emerge throughout January, something that’s literally been a blind-spot.

You’ll already know if you’ve read my 2023 Horoscopes eBook that 2023 is a major transitional year with March 2023 being the stand-out month. Maybe what emerges in January 2023 paves the way for further changes down the line.

New Moon [1 Aquarius 33] – January 21 (10:17 GMT)

Uranus turns direct [14 Taurus 56] – January 22 (23:01 GMT)

The Sun leaves steady Capricorn and enters quirky Aquarius on January 20th. Immediately that the Sun enters Aquarius, there’s a brilliant New Moon at 1° Aquarius on January 21st.

Plus, the following day, January 22nd, Uranus turns direct, co-ruler of Aquarius. It’s a double whammy of innovative and exciting astrology. 

The New Moon symbolises new beginnings, an ideal time to start over or turn to a new page. And, Uranus is the planet of change & spontaneity, the disruptor.

Once things start to get moving this month, change could happen quickly. Use the momentum of this month’s astrology to speed up when the time is right, be patient when necessary and use these key turning points to switch back on. 

Aquarius is the star sign linked to the people, the community, the collective. Let’s go on this wild ride that 2023 promises to be alongside one another.

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