ITV’s This Morning: The Zodiac Diet

What a month it’s been. On Thursday 9th June, I was invited on to ITV’s This Morning talking to Philip Schofield & Holly Willoughby about the link between astrology & food. For those of you outside the UK, this is one of the most popular breakfast TV programmes with over 1 million viewers.

This opportunity came off the back of my article in the Daily Mail about the link between astrology and food which happened because of my star sign books & the chapter on astrology & food – a knock-on ripple effect.

If you would like to read your star sign information and the link between astrology & food, click here ‘How To Eat To Suit Your Star Sign’ to read the article on my website. You’ll discover the symbols that link astrology & food and why they go back hundreds if not thousands of years.

Live TV

I was overly excited and slightly terrified to be invited on to live TV. Originally, the section was going to be about 15 minutes but it got cut short and was 8 minutes long. I had the best time, however, and had such lovely feedback from the crew at ITV, my friends, family & social media pals.

I was treated like a celebrity and really loved being on live TV. I surprised myself and would leap at the chance to do more. In fact, a few days later, I was invited back on to do a live star sign phone-in. Sadly, this clashed with my first holiday in two years so I was unable to say yes.

Mainstream Media & Astrology

I’m so hoping that I get the chance to do more of this. Mainstream media and astrology don’t sit easily together, as you can imagine, but the more we keep turning up and speaking real astrology, the better. 

It’s a light section on ITV’s This Morning as you’d expect but I’m pleased with some of the ideas I was able to get across in the short amount of time. I’m starting to realise that this could be my next step as I have an ability to keep astrology light and fun at the same time as getting across a deeper message.

If you’re in the UK, you may be able to catch the programme on catch-up. I’m on between 35-43 minutes. You have to wade through a few ITV adverts before you get to my section but please do take a look if you get the chance. Unfortunately, I’m unable to share the clip with you for legal reasons.

My Astrology

And, if you’re wondering about my astrology, it’s my Jupiter Return year and I have Jupiter going back and forth over my Ascendant – often a time of new opportunities and an ideal time to expand into your growth zone. 

Plus, on the day, opportunity planet Jupiter was making a supportive sextile aspect to Saturn, my career planet, a positive omen that all would go well – and it did! Here’s to more TV appearances – bring it on!

Astrology Readings

I’ve been offering astrology readings for over 30 years and they keep getting better. When you’re a working astrologer, you start to get a subtle intuition for what’s important within a horoscope and how to use the timing of astrology to help your client.

I don’t take on that many clients anymore but if you would like to book an astrology reading with me, you can do so here: Astrology Readings.

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