Gemini Lovers, Gossip And The Lunar Eclipse

Union Jack Love HeartOn 4th June 2012 there will be a lunar eclipse at 11:12 GMT, which is part of the Gemini/Sagittarius eclipse cycle that began in 2010 and lasts until 2013.

A lunar eclipse is also a Full Moon and at this eclipse the Sun is at 14:14 Gemini opposing the Moon at 14:14 Sagittarius. Eclipses occur when a New or Full Moon conjoins with the Moon’s nodes, which are thought to be karmic points and eclipses are often seen as powerful pointers of destiny.

A lunar eclipse focuses on the ‘other’, relationships and polarities, and an eclipse is often a time of change when external events bring what’s hidden to light.

The triad of Sun, Moon and Earth symbolizes three planetary bodies, so in real life one person may gain as another person loses, a third party may trigger events, or one door closes for another door to open. The Full Moon eclipse can also be a time of completion or significant achievement.

In my article, An Eclipse: How The Sun And Moon Came Together And Created The Stars, I listed the dates and times of this Gemini/Sagittarius eclipse cycle, plus gave you a brief insight in to which areas of your life are likely to coincide with the eclipse cycle.

I also talked about how eclipses often play a starring role in celebrities’ charts and over the last month I have been noticing those celebrities in the news who have key planets or angles close to 14 Gemini/Sagittarius and synchronised with this powerful eclipse. So in true Gemini gossipy form, here’s the lowdown on three sets of Gemini lovers. They are:


  • Angelina Jolie (b. June 4th 1975) – Sun 13 Gemini 25
  • Brad Pitt (b. Dec 18th 1963) – DSC (descendant) 11 Gemini 54


  • Russell Brand (b. June 4th 1975) – Sun 12 Gemini 44
  • Katy Perry (b. Oct 25th 1985) – Chiron 13 Gemini 59; Uranus 15 Sagittarius 36


  • Kanye West (b. June 8th 1977) – Sun 17 Gemini 44; Jupiter 14 Gemini 38
  • Kim Kardashian (b. Oct 21st 1980) – DSC (descendant) 13 Gemini 44


The question is what will the eclipse bring for our Gemini lovers and for those of you who have planets or angles on or close to 14 Gemini/Sagittarius?  You can learn a lot about astrology through being a celebrity voyeur, watching how celebs’ lives mirror what’s happening in the cosmic dance in the heavens: “As Above, So Below”. Here’s the latest Goss:

Angelina & Brad: They even have a Gemini twin name, “Brangelina”. I will be blogging about these two in a separate article as their astrology charts are fascinating together. They announced they were to marry on April 13th 2012. Recently, it’s been said that Angelina’s busy making 3 films back-to-back so there won’t be time for a wedding this summer. Brad’s also been quoted as saying they won’t marry until same sex marriage is totally legal in the States (great showing for Gemini on the Descendant; Gemini is dual-natured).

However, eclipses often signal events happening behind closed doors and Venus retrograde (the love planet giving the illusion of moving backwards) also suggests the theme of secret or hidden love events. One way or another, these two will keep the gossip columns busy for some time yet.

Russell & Katy: I rather loved this marriage combination and felt sad when they split up; the synastry between their astrology charts shows they’re very sweet together. Recent gossip suggested that Russell wanted to take Katy away to talk about their relationship. If it’s back on, I’ll be blogging about their romance, that’s for sure.

Kanye and Kim: Will it be a whirlwind romance, a marriage proposal or is their relationship a celebrity stunt? Anything’s possible for eternal romantic and socialite Libran Kim. No doubt, it will be big news and major gossip.

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