Full Moon Virgo: Trying To Do It All

Full Moon Virgo

There seems to be a common theme at the moment that 2017 is whizzing by quickly. A lot of my clients and friends are finding it tricky to keep up or pay attention to anything other than what’s urgent. This has a lot to do with the recent dominance of the fire sign, Aries, first sign of the zodiac, dynamic and fast.

Full Moon [22 Virgo 13] – March 12 2017 (14:54 GMT)

Therefore today’s Full Moon in Virgo feels very different as the Sun, Moon and communication planet Mercury are all square to Saturn, the planet that can’t help but slow things down. Plus for a short while only, the ‘introvert’ earth and water signs are in charge and this Full Moon is a timely reminder to stop, rest and spend more time thinking (Virgo) than doing (Aries).

A Full Moon by itself represents completion, the culmination of the lunar cycle when the Moon shines brightly in the night sky. This is intensified because of the square to Saturn, the planet of endings.

Equinox Fever

Plus in just over one week’s time on March 20 2017, it’s the Spring Equinox, the start of a new solar cycle when the Sun leaves Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, and enters Aries, the first sign of the zodiac.

So now is the ideal time to contemplate what you’re wrapping up in life, what you’re ready to complete or bring to a close. This is important to do so in order to make way for the fresh energy feel of the Equinox in a week’s time.

The Law of Opposites

During the Full Moon, the Moon is in the analytical sign of Virgo, ruled by Mercury, and the Sun is in go-with-the-flow Pisces, ruled by Neptune. Opposite signs in the zodiac have opposite natures and they can learn from each other.

Virgo is the sign of analysis and is excellent at paying attention to detail. At its best a perfectionist, orderly & precise; at its worst a worrier, overly critical & demanding.

At this Full Moon of order (Virgo) v. confusion (Pisces), perfectionism (Virgo) v. go with the flow (Pisces), the first step is to consider what you could let go of, which decisions you can postpone for a while, what’s urgent, what’s not.

There are times when you need to actively download your mind, to stop, to empty it out. How can you slow down, relax, chill out? Any activity where you can stop the chatter in your head and tap into your intuitive instinctive nature is of huge benefit now.

So whilst the Full Moon is in Virgo, do get your life in order, attend to your diet, tweak your daily habits, stick to your deadline but don’t try and order your life so meticulously that there’s no room for flow and ease.

Saturn’s Silence

In addition, the square aspects to Saturn pulled into the Full Moon may not be easy for some. Today, Sunday 12th March is Mercury’s turn to run up against Saturn. If Mercury rules communication and Saturn rules limitation, this is when someone is likely to say ‘No’, enough is enough.

In fact, this feels like a common theme at this mid-way point in the month. New rules or guidelines need to be drawn up, efficient systems put in place so a sense of order prevails. If there are too many demands on your time and energy, love yourself enough to say No.

If you’re ‘trying to do it all’, now’s the ideal time to look at what stays and what goes.


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