Football World Cup 2018: Rewind

World Cup Russia 2018Today, June 14, 2018, is the start of the football World Cup, which takes place once very four years and grips football fans for the coming four weeks. The final is on July 15, 2018.

I was asked to take a look at this World Cup from an astrological perspective, although really this is a major task.

If you think there are 32 countries taking place, which means 32 country charts, 32 coach charts (and there have already been changes – thank you, Spain), 32 captain charts plus other top players and the players who will emerge during the tournament. That’s a lot of astrology to consider.

In the event, I took a smorgasbord approach and looked at some of the astrology to see what leapt out.

As always, I’ve considered the astrology chart for the start of the tournament but I also looked back to the first match in the World Cup in 1930, which is quite extraordinary considering what’s coming up. Plus, I checked out some of the astrology for the big teams, the top seeds and the players I’ve heard of, which is by no means a full set.

World Cup 1930World Cup 1930

The first chart I looked at is for the opening match at the first World Cup in 1930. It was held in Uruguay and only 13 countries took part, just 4 teams from Europe.

This isn’t surprising if you hear that to get to South America, the European teams had to embark on a mammoth journey by ship. They deserved a medal for turning up! They were undoubtedly feeling a bit tired because in the end it was a South America final with Uruguay beating Argentina 4-2.

Check out the triple conjunction in Cancer, a star sign that’s perfect for the home team winning as Cancer rules home, family, your clan. The Sun is at 20 Cancer 36 and sits next to power planet Pluto, plus communication planet Mercury. Of course, back then, radio would have been the Internet of the day.

Note the degree of the Sun and then check out your planetary ephemeris because, on July 13, 2018, there will be a New Moon Solar Eclipse at 20 Cancer 41, almost exactly the same degree/minute as the Sun in the first World Cup chart. Plus, Pluto is currently at 20 Capricorn 40 (the World Cup is having its Pluto half return) and slow-moving Pluto will oppose the Solar Eclipse at 20 degrees Capricorn in almost four weeks time.

What does this mean for the current competition? Will there be a replay of the top two teams in 1930 but this time, Argentina beat Uruguay? It’s intriguing astrology and I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments. This is why I entitled the article, Rewind, as there’s a theme connecting both World Cups.

World Cup 2018World Cup 2018

So what does the astrology chart for the start of the current tournament tell us? Again, the star sign Cancer is prominent and this time it’s a Moon/Mercury conjunction.

This looks great for people coming together to cheer on their home team, although both planets are heading for an opposition with a retrograde Saturn in Capricorn (n.b. the World Cup is also having its Saturn Return this year – another ‘return/rewind’ theme). The Saturn opposition flags up a ‘my team, not your team’ symbol and brings the mood down.

What strikes me most about this chart is the fact that there’s a lot of reverse motion going on. Jupiter is almost conjunct the Scorpio Ascendant (allowing a 5 degree orb) which would be great for celebration and jubiliation, although perhaps a little intense in Scorpio. However, Jupiter is retrograde and running away into the 12th house [n.b. Jupiter will turn direct on July 10, 2018 – hoorah!]

Check out Mars, the chart ruler which is a good symbol for a competitive (Mars) team game (Aquarius). Mars is slowing down too and, on June 26, 2018, turns retrograde. Plus, Mars is retreating back towards the karmic south node, which can represent past pain.

Add to this an evasive Neptune on the IC, the point in the chart which rules roots, tradition, heritage and it’s potentially a mixed bag of secrets and underhand behaviour – the money sectors are also prominent.

It may well be that what goes on behind the scenes plays as significant a role at this World Cup as what we see on the pitch. This isn’t surprising, considering the host is Russia and, with its recent history, no doubt Russia’s hoping for this World Cup to boost its image on the world stage. Maybe that’s why Neptune (image) is on the IC, but looking at this chart, that may not be easy.

More thoughts on the astrology:

Belgium – The Dark Horse

Belgium are in England’s group, they’ve been called the dark horse of this World Cup and there’s already some intriguing astrology. Take the coach, Roberto Martinez (b. July 13, 1973). This makes him a Sun Cancer but more enticingly his Sun is at 20 Cancer, the degree of the Sun in the World Cup 1930 chart and the degree of the Solar Eclipse on July 13, 2018. He’s one to watch to see what happens. Eclipses either bring great fortune or downfall and it’s an extreme planetary energy.

The captain Eden Hazard (b. January 7, 1991, 12:05 pm, La Louviere, Belgium) is a Sun Capricorn. As there’s a time of birth, it means his Midheaven, success point, is 6 Capricorn which is where you currently find Saturn. Saturn tends to be a negative influence by transit, unless you’re a Sun Capricorn and Capricorn is strong in your astrology chart. It can then bring achievement.

Finally, one of their top players is Kevin de Bruyne (b. June 28 1991, 5:30 am unverified, Drongen, Belgium). Another Sun Cancer and, if the time is correct, his Ascendant is 3 Cancer, so the Moon/Mercury conjunction in the chart for the start of this World Cup ties in nicely with his birth chart.

I’m calling them the Cancer-Capricorn team.

Argentina – it’s all about Messi

Lionel Messi is a top footballer but he’s never won the World Cup. Could this be the year? You can see that he was always going to be a talisman for the Argentine team. The country chart I looked at for Argentina was May 25, 1810. The Sun is at 3 Gemini conjunct the Midheaven at 4 Gemini and Messi’s Ascendant is 2 Gemini, linking his destiny to his country.

He has his Sun at 2 Cancer, close to the Moon/Mercury conjunction in the 2018 World Cup chart. Plus, the Argentina chart has a very lively Jupiter-Uranus opposition at 14 Taurus-11 Scorpio and Jupiter is currently enlivening this opposition, even though Jupiter is currently retrograde and not at full strength.

Will they tango their way to success?

Uruguay – winners of the first World Cup

Luis Suarez (b. January 24 1987) is Uruguay’s most talented and controversial player. Like Messi, his destiny is inextrictably joined to his country. The chart I used for Uruguay is August 25, 1825 with the Moon at 3 Aquarius. Suarez has his Sun at 4 Aquarius creating a cosmic marriage, a heavenly connection.

And this is where the battle of the Aquarians begins. Mars, the football planet, is currently in Aquarius where it remains throughout the tournament, albeit Mars turns retrograde on June 26, 2018 for two months.

So who else is picking up on the Aquarius theme?

One of football’s top stars is undoubtedly Cristiano Ronaldo (b. February 5, 1985, Funchal, Madeira), who plays for Portugal. There are two differing times of birth for Ronaldo giving him either a Capricorn Ascendant (5:15 am) or an Aries Ascendant (10:20am). I favour the 10:20am time which was provided by his mother.

This puts a Venus/Mars conjunction in Aries on the Ascendant and Ronaldo does love to preen. He’s speedy too. Plus, glamorous Neptune is exactly conjunct his Capricorn Midheaven adding a fated quality to his destiny. He is an intriguing character when you read more about his private life. Ronaldo’s Sun is at 16 Aquarius.

Note that Neymar (see Brazil below) was born on the same day as Ronaldo, February 5th.

England’s Stars

Both the country charts I use for England (January 1, 1801 and December 25, 1066) make England a Sun Capricorn country. Good old stiff upper lip and all that privilege and tradition – perfectly Capricorn. The 1801 astrology chart puts the Moon at 19 Cancer, so close to the eclipse degree of 20 Cancer on July 13, 2018. I daren’t venture to think that we might still be in the tournament by the date of the eclipse. The quarter finals and Germany, our nemesis, usually decide otherwise.

Harry Kane (b. July 28 1993) is the captain and a perfect Sun Leo for the job (three lions on the shirt and all that, the lion being Leo’s zodiac symbol). His Sun is at 5 Leo so close to the karmic north node at 6 Leo. The north node, a potentially lucky point in the birth chart, is even closer to Harry’s Sun during the final, but again… that’s a long way off.

Coach Gareth Southgate (b. September 3 1970) is an uber-Virgo with three planets in the sign of precision. No doubt he’ll keep the boys in check and they’ll look great in their team photos. I’ll be cheering him and his team on.

Spain – Scorpio country

Spain’s country chart of November 22, 1975 is super Scorpio and they do  have lucky planet Jupiter currently transiting through their star sign. However, the country is also heading for its Uranus half return, which can be unpredictable. They’ve already changed their coach just days before the tournament begins.

Germany – Reigning Champions

I have a soft spot for Germany, as I studied German at university and lived there for 18 months. Their coach, Joachim Low (b. February 3, 1960, 12:45 pm, Schona, Germany) is another Sun Aquarius, his Sun at 13 Aquarius conjunct his Midheaven at 14 Aquarius.

The captain and goalkeeper, Manuel Neuer (b. March 27 1986) is a Sun Aries with his north node at 0 Taurus. Uranus is moving away from this point but he was injured previously and there was doubt that he would be fit for the tournament. Uranus can take away and bring surprises – it’s a tricky transit to predict as it often highlights the unexpected.

Big name Thomas Muller (b. September 13 1989, 9:13 am time unverified, Wellhelm, Germany) has some compelling astrology. He’s a Sun Virgo and, if the time is correct, his Midheaven is 20 Cancer, where the Solar Eclipse falls exactly on July 13, 2018. Plus, he has Pluto at 13 Scorpio 07 and Jupiter turns direct at 13 Scorpio 21 on July 10, 2018. Will he power to success or be eclipsed?

France – It’s All About the Team

The chart I like to use for France (October 6, 1958, 4:50 pm, Bayonne, France) has a stellium of planets in stylish Libra. Didier Deschamps (b. October 15 1968) has his Sun at 22 Libra conjunct France’s karmic north node – a stunning match.

His Ascendant is 12 Pisces so he’s recently had Neptune transits. The captain Hugo Lloris (b. December 16 1986, 4:15 pm, Nice, France) was born with a Sun/Neptune conjunction at 4/5 degrees Capricorn and big name Antoine Griezmann (b. March 21, 1991, 2:40 am, Macon, France) is a Sun Pisces.

They all rather perfectly have verified birth times and note the Pisces/Neptune theme. Whether this is helpful or not, I’m not entirely sure. Perhaps they’ll have lots of cultural soirees to entertain them and read poetry inbetween matches 🙂

Brazil – the coolest team ever!

Last but not least must be the coolest team ever. I mean, they don’t even bother with two names. Brazil’s coach is called Tite, then there’s Neymar, Miranda and they even have Jesus in the team!

Tite (b. May 25 1961) has his Sun at 4 Gemini trine lucky Jupiter at 7 Aquarius. Which means that on the day of the final, July 15, 2018, retrograde Mars will be almost exactly conjunct Tite’s Jupiter. It will be intriguing to see whether a retrograde Mars helps or hinders good fortune.

Neymar (b. February 5 1992, 2:15am, Mogi das Cruzes, Sao Paolo, Brazil) is the big star. Born on the same day as Ronaldo (see Portugal above) he is a Sun Aquarius. He does have a tricky Pluto transit this year over his natal Mars at 20 Capricorn 06. Mars rules athleticism and the first Pluto transit took place in February when he broke a bone in his foot.

The second retrograde transit of Pluto is exact on July 9/10, 2018 so you have to hope that’s not injury or getting sent off! Pluto transits have played out that way in the past.

Neymar has an extraordinary birth chart (worth a look if you know your astrology). He has nine planetary bodies within a 60 degree radius and an elevated Jupiter at 12 Virgo in his career sector. Traditionally, Jupiter isn’t strong in Virgo, the sign of its detriment, but as the World Cup chart has a Midheaven of 14 Virgo, maybe luck will prevail and he’ll be able to shine.

Mo Salah – Egypt

I know a lot of people will be hoping Mo Solah (b. June 15 1992) will be fit to play. I did note that on May 26, 2018 when he was injured in the Champions League final, Uranus was exactly conjunct his natal Mars by transit – ouch! He’s a nippy Sun Gemini, so hopefully he’ll be lighting up the world stage 🙂


This article is by no means an extensive coverage on the astrology of the World Cup. I do, however, hope it gives you a flavour of what to expect in the tournament and helps you decide who to bet on. I’ve gone for Brazil and Belgium but I would love it if the final was a complete reversal of the World Cup chart in 1930 and Argentina beat Uruguay! Rewind…






2 thoughts on “Football World Cup 2018: Rewind”

  1. Hi Sally! What do you think for the semifinals?

    Looking the 4 captains and the chart of the final Hazard has his natal sun and venus return conjuct part le Fortune of the final que modrid trine Fortune of the final with his natal sun. Also Modrid has his natal mars and Mercury by return conjuct with the Moon of the final. The DT of Croacia has Sun conjuct Júpiter in his solar return que the DT of belgiun has his Solar return with the eclipse! Looking the chart le the eclipse: fortun in the ascendant with Aries un the midheaven where its the natal mars le DT of belgium! The lord of the midheaven of the eclipse is Mars in acuarius, which is with the natal Júpiter of b belgium eclipse! Also ascendent and part of Fortune of the eclipse its 2 degrees from natal Júpiter of Hazard,the belgium captain. What do you think? I dont have experience with eclipses and Sports Astrology.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      I noticed the eclipse astrology around the Belgium team – I called them the Dark Horse of the tournament. Same, don’t have much experience with eclipses as they are shadowy and hard to predict. Someone wins, someone loses is an eclipse theme, which is what you’d expect in sport! My two top teams to win were Brazil and Belgium and Belgium knocked out Brazil. I know a lot of people like France and everyone here is rooting for our young England team. Sorry can’t be more helpful.

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