Five Things To Do When Mercury’s Retrograde

Wasted Time quoteMercury retrograde is possibly the most well-known astrology term with songs written about it and even the most verdant non-astrologers knowing what it means.

Three times a year the planet of communication, Mercury, gives the illusion of moving backwards in the heavens and chaos ensues for a three week period.

There are however things you can do that are highly recommended when Mercury’s retrograde and especially this time around with Mercury in the depth sign of Scorpio.

Our current Mercury retrograde period runs from today October 21st – November 10th 2013.

Here are five constructive things to do amidst the communication chaos that Mercury retrograde often brings:

1. Explore Your Psyche

Scorpio is a sign that’s naturally linked with the unconscious, the psyche and the deeper workings of our mind and intuition. Your unconscious is a place that’s rich with symbolism and meaning on a deep level and for psychoanalysts, healers and sleuths the hidden depths of the mind hold amazing potential. Mercury retrograde in Scorpio allows you access to your inner workings so actively engage with activities that help you gain insight and understanding into who you are.

2. Reach Out & Reconnect

People from your past often get back in touch when Mercury’s retrograde but why not reach out to others and reconnect with friends and family. In our busy lives it’s easy to lose touch and yet with a global network available via social media and the internet, connections can be remade at the touch of a button. As Scorpio is the sign of healing, it’s also a perfect opportunity to forgive wounds from the past and hold out the olive branch of peace in an act of reconciliation.

3. The Power Of Silence

Scorpio is one of the mute signs and the water signs in general (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) are not associated with words but with silence and intuition. Add to this the symbolism of Mercury retrograde and here’s your chance to go unplugged, embrace a media diet and enjoy being quiet. Four years ago, a Leo friend introduced me to the world of daily meditation and the benefits of silence are extraordinary. You can improve your health and your creativity when you practise the art of silence.

4. Let Your Mind Wander

I often say to people that when Mercury is retrograde it’s the perfect time to practise all the re-words: revision, review, revisit, rework, reconsider. Go back over past ideas and see whether you can do something with them in the present time or use this time productively to reflect on what’s been and what you want next. Give yourself the time to make an important decision and mull over all your options allowing yourself the freedom to do so without rushing. Often when Mercury turns direct, new information comes to light anyway or you realise you’ve changed your mind.

5. Do Nothing

Something which made me sit up and take notice about the habits of successful people is the way they work. It’s proven that if you focus solely on work for set chunks of time and also factor into your busy schedule time to ‘do nothing’, you get more done. As someone who can faff around for hours when supposedly ‘working’, this was a revelation and yet it makes perfect sense. Now Mercury is retrograde, give this a try. Focus in a concentrated manner on your work, then stop and enjoy a set amount of time just sitting, watching the world go by and you let your natural creativity kick in. You may be surprised by the results.

The quote at the top of the page has been attributed to John Lennon but it was originally a quote by Bertrand Russell. ‘The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time’ seems to fit the idea of Mercury Retrograde rather well.

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