Capricorn Horoscope September 2023

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Earth signs dominate for most of the month which is great news as your star sign Capricorn is earth. This is when you’re in your element and you can take steady and safe steps towards a long-term goal. 

Your zodiac symbol, the mountain goat, is a good ambassador for your star sign Capricorn. Resilient and determined, it leaps its way from rock to rock, until it finally conquers the mountain.

Plus, there are key turning points taking place this month. Firstly, the planet of love and money Venus turns direct in Leo and your joint finance sector on the 4th. This could be helpful for you financially as Venus has been retrograde, i.e. on go slow, since July 23rd. You could receive a gift or bonus. Or, perhaps some good news comes your way.

Alternatively, a shift in earnings may be linked to spending less elsewhere. Perhaps, a payment around a child stops. Or, you’ve finally paid off an expensive course, related to a hobby or creative activity.

Be wary of extravagance on or around the 17th & 29th. Ensure you know the difference between generosity and over-giving.

Long Term Goals

This month, long-term goals are foreground. This is because of the Sun’s move through Virgo and the sector of your horoscope which rules travel, study and the bigger picture up until the 23rd.

If you’re travelling or studying this month, you’re in tune with your stars. Also, it’s a good time to be looking ahead to next year’s holiday or to line up a trip away. If you’re a typical Capricorn, you like to have a schedule or plan, sometimes years in advance.

The key to your success this month is to be true to your earth sign roots. Don’t take on too much, don’t get overly carried away and keep your feet on the ground. Deal with the practicalities, at the same time as nurturing your dreams. Ensure you can deliver what you promise.

You may benefit from learning to trust your luck and being open to abundance and good fortune. Ditch your ‘glass half empty’ attitude and learn to practise gratitude and be open to the bounty of life. Learn to adopt a positive mind-set and believe that your dreams will come true. This will benefit you, especially on the 4th, 8th, 16th, 25th & 30th.

Mercury Turns Direct

There’s a significant turning point mid-month when the planet of communication Mercury turns direct. Mercury’s been retrograde since August 23rd and it’s been an unusually chaotic Mercury retrograde phase.

Mercury turns direct in your fellow earth sign Virgo, the part of your horoscope linked to travel and study, the bigger picture in life. This is where you find meaning and purpose. Sometimes, news or information comes to light once Mercury is back up to speed. Or, anything that’s been delayed finally gets moving.

Plus, on the same day as Mercury turns direct, the 15th, there’s a New Moon in Virgo, a symbol of new beginnings. This would be a wonderful date to book a holiday or course. Alternatively, you may decide to sign up to a new religion or tread your spiritual path. Whatever helps you expand your experience of life, it’s here where you’re wise to be open to a new cycle of opportunity and growth.

Career Peaks

There’s another influence calling you in September as the planets are peaking at the top of your horoscope in the star sign Libra. Libra rules your career and vocation, your status and reputation. On the 23rd, the Sun enters Libra, the day of the Equinox.

This month, however, you don’t have to wait until then to get a confidence boost or find your career moving in the right direction. This is because action planet Mars is in Libra throughout September. Therefore, this is a top month to focus on your future path, aim high and rev up your ambitious nature. In fact, you may be so busy with your career or long-term goals that you have little time for your personal life. 

Do what’s right for you but, as Libra is the sign of balance, it’s important to think carefully about where your priorities lie. Instead of solely speeding ahead with career and big picture goals, find time to communicate with your loved ones so they’re supportive even if you’re extra busy.

The Full Moon could be pivotal which falls on the 29th. This Full Moon cuts across the Aries/Libra axis of the zodiac and the foundations of your horoscope. You may feel pulled in different directions during the Full Moon phase.

Alternatively, you may recognise where you need to say yes to a new role, position or job to support your family. Whatever issue is foreground for you personally, make an intuitive decision on your next steps during the Full Moon phase.

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