Aquarius April 2021

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It’s a lively start to April. The Sun is in fire sign Aries and your communication sector until the 19th. Venus, the planet of relating, is here until the 14th and talk planet Mercury is in Aries from the 4th to the 19th.

Fast Talk

Aries is a speedy sign, forthright and direct. Therefore, it might be hard to hold back this month, especially when Mercury is in Aries. Instead, you’re ready to speak up and find your voice.

Community matters as both Mercury and Venus are social planets. If you’re looking to network or sell, think about how you can tap in to your local community to find contacts and connections.

Together you’re stronger is a key theme of the social planets moving through Aries. Make new friends on or off-line, find your tribe and get together with people of like minds. Aries is the activist and your star sign Aquarius is humanitarian – make your mark.

It’s also important to notice who or what is holding you back. This is because of the planet Pluto which is the last of the slower-moving planets dragging its heels through Capricorn, the most hidden sector of your horoscope.

Pluto’s active on the 12th, 16th & 17th when it clashes with the inner planets in Aries. This coincides with a New Moon on the 12th, a symbol of new beginnings. Therefore, you need to ask what’s coming to an end or where you have to close the door on the past before you can start afresh. 

Pluto’s influence can be useful if you harness it constructively and focus on personal development and inner transformation. In this way, you may get rid of negative thoughts that hold you back.

You could encounter opposition from other people during this period in the month. If so, choose your companions wisely and veer away from anyone who drags you down.

It’s one thing to be there for other people and help when you can. It’s another to end up feeling swamped by another’s person’s challenging emotions. It’s important this month to pay close attention to your own energy levels and do what you can to raise your positive vibes.

The 10th could be a key date in this respect when talk planet Mercury aligns with your ruling planet Saturn in your star sign Aquarius.

Making the right kind of connections can help you to feel more grounded or stable. Have those all-important serious discussions and be thorough in your reading, learning and research.

Play Time

For a good part of this month, the focus is on play rather than work and it’s here where you’re wise to focus your energy. This is because action planet Mars is in Gemini and your fellow air sign until the 23rd.

Gemini highlights the sector of your horoscope that rules romance and love affairs, children and pregnancy, entertainment and fun. You might feel at your best when you’re involved in high jinks and good times, so make the most of Mars’ move through Gemini and throw yourself into life. Do more of what you love.

If you’re looking for love, events could move swiftly this month, especially when Mercury and Mars are in mutual reception from the 4th to the 19th. This means they are in each other’s sign of rulership and working together. This would be a good time to ask someone out on a date and start talking.

There’s humour and lightness in this combination so seek more laughter and comedy and be around people who are good for you. Children are included here, younger people, teenagers. Line up some social events, reach out to others.

This is not a month to go it alone. Instead, there are huge benefits from teaming up with others, whether in the name of a good cause or to further your own interests, your own learning. 

If you’re a typical Aquarius, you navigate towards groups and playing your part within society, activism, politics, the world. This is where fulfilment, purpose and meaning can be found.

Home & Family

Home and family affairs become more prominent as the month progresses. Venus, the planet of relating, enters Taurus and this sector of your horoscope on the 14th, followed by the Sun & Mercury on the 19th.

Taurus is a slow, steady earth sign encouraging you to put down roots and do what you can to feel grounded and secure. It’s a key period in the year to pay more attention to loved ones.

Yet, there’s a theme of the new when it comes to these areas of your life and this is because of your co-ruler, Uranus. Uranus in Taurus is an odd combination as Uranus represents change and Taurus wants and needs roots in life.

Uranus is active this month from the 23rd to the 30th. Your living situation could change suddenly during this period. Or, perhaps you choose to move into a commune or a collective living space. When Uranus is in the mix, anything goes and you’re more likely to enjoy an unconventional or alternative style of living.

During this same period of the month, your traditional ruling planet Saturn is involved and square to the inner planets in Taurus. This mirrors the major planetary aspect of 2021 – Saturn square Uranus.

It suggests that you have one foot in the past and one foot in the future but there’s conflict between the two. Ideally, you want to move forward and embrace progress without throwing out or getting rid of what’s of value and what’s already in place. It may feel like a tricky tightrope to walk, especially on or around the 25th.

Career Crossroads

Finally, new developments at work could be one reason why you’re thinking of or changing where you live. This is because action planet Mars moves into Cancer and your work and lifestyle sector on the 23rd. Plus, a few days later, the Full Moon falls in Scorpio and your career sector on the 27th.

This feels lively, thanks to Uranus. See what opportunities come your way and think outside of the box when it comes to your career and vocation.

You might find yourself at a crossroads and have more than one option ahead of you. If anything, you’re likely to choose the path which gives you more freedom and space in your life. Yet, it may also mean saying goodbye to something or someone which isn’t easy to do.

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