A Full Moon & The Solstice

winter solstice

SOLSTICE – December 21st 2018 (22:23) 

Full Moon [0 Cancer 49] – December 22nd 2018 (17:49)

Happy Christmas.

As this weekend brings us not only the Solstice but also a Full Moon, now’s the ideal time to wish you all a Happy Christmas. It’s rare to have the Full Moon falling within one day of the Sun’s move into Capricorn, celebrating the Solstice.

Honour The Solstice

This feels like the perfect festive cheer. The Solstice is one of the four markers of the zodiac, when you reach the shortest day and longest night or longest day and shortest night, depending where you live. Either way, it’s a symbolic move from the dark to the light or the light to the dark, the eternal pattern of nature.

This is an ideal time to honour the light, whether through candle-light or burning a fire or basking in the heat of the sun. Plus, how lovely in the northern hemisphere that the Moon is at its fullest, shining a light on the darkest time of year.

Full Moon Wishes

This Full Moon cuts across the Cancer/Capricorn axis of the zodiac reminding us all about family, whether we’re close to them, estranged from them or they’ve passed and gone. The Cancer/Capricorn Full Moon reminds us that we have a choice to bond with people close to us, create our own families, stand side-by-side with other human beings, give love, be compassionate and take care of one another. This is the Cancer Moon at its best.

Alternatively, you might want to stride up a mountain, take yourself off somewhere quiet and be in silence. The Sun in Capricorn makes us think of work, duty and responsibility. Yet, Capricorn is also the shaman with hidden depths, who finds fulfilment and meaning by being alone, not lonely.

The astrology over Christmas week is unusually quiet but kicks in with a bang on New Year’s Day. Therefore, make the most of this weekend’s lovely astrology and prepare yourself for the festive season.

Honour the Solstice through meditation, be quiet, journal or plan ahead. Find time for loved ones, snuggle by the fire, cook nourishing food and share what you have with others.

Enjoy the Solstice and Full Moon in Cancer.

Be loving and be loved.

Wishing you a wonderful festive season.

May it begin peacefully this weekend.

Happy Christmas.

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