2017 Top Tips For Your Year Ahead

2017 Horoscopes.coverWe are now two weeks in to a new year. If you’re still finding the pace slow, then you’re in sync with January’s astrology.

Everything is building towards a future-oriented New Moon in Aquarius on January 28 2017, the same day that action planet Mars leaves behind go-with-the-flow Pisces and enters its sign of rulership Aries. This is the time to move up a gear, to leap into action.

All this week, I’ll be posting articles covering the key astrology for the year ahead. If you want to know more about what 2017 has in store for you, my 178 page ebook, 2017 Horoscopes, is a comprehensive guide to your year ahead. £10 for all 12 star signs. You can purchase it by clicking on the 2017 Horoscope page above.

Here are some top tips for your star sign in 2017:


  1. Lust is out and love is in. Whether you learn this lesson quickly or not, depends on you and the people you encounter.
  2. It will be hard to turn your back on inequality or injustice. You are drawn towards a new role as a union rep, activist or peace fighter.
  3. From October you’re ready to take some big risks with money. Learn more about your money mindset and delve into finance trading.


  1. Get the basics right and focus primarily on areas of your life that require restorative and nurturing attention. Aim for less stress not more.
  2. The stars are lining you up for a year in which to get your relationships right, i.e. find the relationship that works for you.
  3. Being open to what’s new and different can benefit you financially. Trust technology and use the internet to good effect.


  1. You are more than ready to have some fun. Whatever brings you enjoyment and pleasure in life, do more of it.
  2. Children play a key role this year, whether you’re giving birth to them or you enjoy being around them to either learn from them or teach them.
  3. Close relationships benefit from lessons learned over the past two years but things can’t remain the same. Be progressive and forward-thinkingin your 1-to-1’s.


  1. Foreign connections are calling as you visit long-lost family or check out a new life abroad.
  2. Sweeping changes within your family or career act as a catalyst in other areas of your life. Restructure your everyday life to suit the new you.
  3. When it comes to work, look at ways of reinventing the wheel and updating your skills or job to be more closely aligned with all things modern.


  1. Your communication sector is buzzing and this is a wonderful year to talk, connect and make an impact. Become a spokesperson and share your ideas.
  2. This isn’t a year when you’re going to complete everything you start and some projects will fizzle out. Enlist the help of other people to keep you on track.
  3. Your love life is filled with big events, whether you fall head-over-heels in love or you decide to get hitched or start a family.


  1. Money is in magnificent form. You have a chance to earn big or release money in a way that’s freeing and empowering.
  2. You recognise that love comes in many shapes and forms and you’re open to seeking Love on a spiritual and physical plane.
  3. You’re not completely free of an attachment to a home or family situation but you are ready to experiment and do things differently.


  1. Whether you want to see the world or save the world, a clear vision and purpose help you to achieve your goals in the year ahead.
  2. Love is a huge area of learning especially when you’re on your own or without the one you love.
  3. You’re happy to give as well as receive. Becoming involved in a charity or fund-raising event could prove beneficial for all, yourself included.


  1. 2017 is about tying up loose ends to prepare yourself for a momentous move later in the year. Make time to reassess where you’re heading and why.
  2. You need to be free to do your own thing and a freelance or online business ticks all the boxes.
  3. There might be frustrations if you’re playing a waiting game or you have to be patient while you heal, either emotionally or physically.


  1. Your group connections will shift and grow throughout the year both on and off-line and it’s here where opportunity lies.
  2. This is the year when you get your mojo back. Whether you enjoy a lively romantic scene or throw yourself into a creative skill or talent, do more of what you love.
  3. You recognise the power of people and what you can achieve when you work together towards a common cause.


  1. Success is there for the taking as long as you’re able to juggle responsibilities at home and in your family with your greater calling.
  2. Open up to your emotions. A soul-mate encounter leads to love or a long-term attachment that can’t be broken.
  3. Learning to surrender to life is rarely easy but it’s important to clear away what’s no longer of value to you, so you can commit to a new project 100%.


  1. Travel is on the horizon and your adventurous, restless spirit is in full flow. Your desire to learn more or teach others increases dramatically.
  2. Close relationships provide you with lots of drama in the year ahead. You can’t resist the call of destiny and the desire to follow your heart if love is meant to be.
  3. Money and career are inextricably linked in the year ahead. This enables you to pursue your dream job in the last few months.


  1. Dealing with large amounts of money is a risky business. Yet you have a chance to benefit from other people’s generosity or your own strategic money moves.
  2. A romantic dalliance puts a spring in your step but love and relationships fare best when you aim for equality.
  3. Keep focused on your future goals. Once you get to the end of 2017, you can finally complete or let go of a job or project that’s demanded a lot of you.

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