Wimbledon Tennis 2022

Update: The astrology was well and truly stellar this time around. Two Geminis lifted the trophies, Novak Djokovic (b. May 22 1987) in the men’s singles & Elena Rybakina (b. June 17 1999) in the women’s singles. The chart of the tournament pointed to the favourite winning – Djokovic is the reigning champion of Wimbledon & no. 1 seed. Plus, it suggested an older champion with trine aspects to Saturn – Djokovic is 35 & Saturn is his ruling planet (Capricorn Ascendant). Rafael Nadal’s injury concerns were always going to be a worry – see astrology below – and Mars conjunct his Moon in the 6th house of health was the minor factor that triggered his withdrawal from the competition. The final chart was intriguing as it indicated a surprise, very different from the chart for the start of the tournament. A walkover in the semi-finals for Nick Kyrgios was a definite surprise and his colourful character dominated the final. Challenging to watch him at times, I did love his comment about the woman who was distracting him who ‘looks like she’s had 700 drinks’ – and yes, she was evicted from Centre Court! What a tournament 🙂

Wimbledon Astrology

Mercury is the important planet at Wimbledon – the planet that rules the hands & arms and a key significator in the astrology charts of tennis players. Gemini is the star sign linked to tennis. I wrote about this back in 2015. You can read the full article here: Why Geminis Make The Best Tennis Players.

Both Nadal & Djokovic are Sun Gemini – see dates below. Plus, Iga Swiatek, the winner of the women’s tournament at the French Open is also Sun Gemini, b. May 31 2001.

Mercury is Gemini’s ruling planet and is important during this Wimbledon tournament because it rules the Virgo Ascendant, a key angle in the birth chart, and the Gemini Midheaven, the success angle in the birth chart. Plus, Mercury is strong in its sign of rulership Gemini as the competition begins.

The Moon in Gemini is just separating from Mercury in the 10th house as the tournament gets underway. This is an intriguing symbol as it may suggest the Moon is running away from the favourite. Or, perhaps this is affirming the favourite? Moon, Mercury & Venus all in Gemini at the top of the chart could see the Geminis doing well. It may be as simple as that.

The Moon’s next aspect is a strong trine aspect to Saturn in Aquarius which often suggests experience or an older player. Mercury is the ruler of the tournament chart and will also make a strong trine aspect to Saturn.

Lovely Venus is in Gemini and conjunct the Midheaven – will this be a strong tournament for the women perhaps? Venus is about to make a helpful sextile aspect to lucky Jupiter, again favourable.

Jupiter is slowing down getting ready to station retrograde at the end of July and won’t move far away from 7 Aries. Jupiter turns retrograde at 8 Aries. These may be key degrees to note in players’ charts.

The Players

I’m currently on holiday in Greece and return as Wimbledon is underway. I’ll look at the astrology for the players on my return and will post the information when it’s ready. It’s always a labour of love poring over the charts but posting this before the tournament begins will give other astrologers a chance to add their comments. See you soon 🙂

Update: I’m writing from Greece. The world no. 1 Medvedev is banned from the tournament as he’s Russian – sport is becoming increasingly political. Medvedev’s date of birth is February 11 1996, no time of birth. He has the two planets that represent rules (Saturn) & control (Pluto) active in his chart. They are both retrograde, Saturn conjunct his Sun/Mars conjunction in Aquarius & Pluto conjunct his Mercury in Capricorn. You would expect one of the combinations to be linked to his career. Both planets suggest no rather than yes.

Federer is not playing, Zverev is also out which means the Big Two, Djokovic & Nadal are no 1 & no 2 seed respectively & can’t meet until the final.

Novak Djokovic b. May 22 1987, 11.25pm, Belgrade, Yugoslavia no. 1 seed – Sun Gemini

Djokovic is the reigning champion. He went out in the quarterfinals of the French Open which was obviously troubling for him. His astrology looked favourable as Jupiter is now in Aries & Djokovic has the Moon, north node & Jupiter in Aries. Jupiter in Aries is active again now & close to his north node, a destiny point in astrology. Theoretically, a good sign.

Yet, the astrology suggests there may be something going on behind the scenes that’s unsettling him & affecting his tennis. His career planet is Mars in Cancer caught up in a T-square with the Moon in Aries & Neptune in Capricorn in the hidden 12th house. The Moon rules his 7th house of partnership. The only exact aspect of Jupiter during Wimbledon is a square aspect to Neptune which doesn’t look like dreams coming true.

Add to this a testing Venus-Saturn progression & the eclipses in Taurus/Scorpio plus Uranus in Taurus triggering the foundations of his horoscope this year & it’s not a stable picture. He’s going to have to use his experience & will to win.

He does start the tournament with the Moon & Mercury on his natal Mercury in Gemini, a nice minor factor. Plus, the chart of the tournament gives a nod towards the older, experienced player doing well – Saturn – and it doesn’t show a shock but let’s see.

Rafael Nadal b. June 3 1986, 7.10pm, Manacor, Spain no. 2 seed – Sun Gemini

Nadal has had an incredible start to the year winning the Australian Open & the French Open, meaning he leads in Grand Slam wins at 22 – an incredible feat. This is Nadal’s Jupiter Return year which happens once every 12 years when you often do well. He has Jupiter in Pisces & the Return was exact on March 28.

He’s also having some powerful Pluto transits – Pluto quincunx Mercury in Gemini, his career planet, & Pluto sesquiquadrate his Sun Gemini. They are tough aspects but Pluto co-rules his Scorpio Ascendant. And, he’s winning but having injections in his foot so you have to ask at what cost – that’s not easy.

Nadal is born on a Sun/Chiron conjunction & he’s carried his ’wound’ for some years now, apparently since 2005. The Moon/Mercury in the tournament chart falls close to his natal Chiron so his ankle could be an issue. Plus, the tricky south node is exactly on his Ascendant on July 4. The Ascendant is often about the physical body.

Like Djokovic, the Taurus/Scorpio eclipses fall across an important axis of his chart but it’s the personal Ascendant/Descendant axis. This is where you would expect change in Nadal’s life and fittingly his wife is pregnant with their first child. Mars co-rules Nadal’s Ascendant & his 5th house of children.

Romantic Neptune is making a supportive sextile aspect to his Mars at the end of the year for an extended time. If all goes well, it looks like a dream come true. I do wonder if he’ll put his personal life first & retire, especially if his foot problems don’t improve.

Rest of the players

Matteo Berrettini b. April 12 1996, time unknown, Rome, Italy no 8. seed – Sun Aries

You’ve got to take notice of the Aries players with Jupiter in their star sign. Berrettini is born on a wide Sun/Mars conjunction in Aries – Sun at 22° Aries and Mars at 14° Aries. Jupiter will reach both planets next year. He does have Venus at 8 Gemini on the Midheaven of the tournament chart and Jupiter in Aries is picking up a nice sextile aspect to his Venus.

Carlos Alcaraz b. May 5 2003, 3:00am?, Murcia, Spain no. 5 seed – Sun Taurus

The wonder-kid Alcaraz beat Nadal, Djokovic & Zverev to win the Madrid Open earlier this year when Uranus, the surprise planet, was exactly on his Sun Taurus. Interesting that he has Uranus exactly on his Mercury Taurus during the tournament. Also, Jupiter in Aries is exactly sextile his Mars at 7° Aquarius 43 so he has some nice astrology. It’s going to be a big stage for him at Wimbledon but he has some helpful stars.

The other youngster who’s often mentioned, Holger Rune, is also a Sun Taurus born only a few days before Alcaraz. Rune’s birthday is April 29, 2003. He has Sun at 8° Taurus and Mercury at 20° Taurus.

Often in the tennis, we see that the two most important planets are Jupiter (opportunity) and Uranus (upsets/the outsider). Uranus has been in Taurus since 2018 and remains here until 2025/2026. Jupiter will enter Taurus next May 2023 where it will remain for one year. Not surprising that new Taurus players are emerging.

On that note, the other big name Taurus is Andy Murray who was back on Centre Court yesterday. We do have birth data for Murray b. May 15 1987, 14:10, Glasgow, UK. This gives him an almost identical Ascendant/Midheaven to the tournament chart. His Midheaven (success point) is 7° Gemini 45 (the tournament Midheaven is 7° Gemini 07. Murray has the tennis players’ planet Mercury at 3° Gemini on the Midheaven – born to be a tennis star! I hope he does well back at Wimbledon.

The other Taurus player who sometimes seems to stir up more controversy than wins is Nick Kyrgios b. April 27 1995. No time of birth for him and Uranus has already been over his Sun at 6° Taurus.


With so few birth times available, the astrological prediction is less than satisfying. We can only comment if there is a major planetary influence and even then we don’t know if it’s about their career as you need a time of birth to reveal the houses – areas of life – of the horoscope. I’ll take a brief look if anything leaps out in a day or two.

As regular readers of the tennis/astrology predictions know, I too am contemplating retirement from this side of my astrology. It’s going to take a lot for me to continue after Wimbledon with so few birth times of new players in the public domain.

Chart for the Final

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  1. Hello Sally thank you very much for your blog on Wimbledon 2022.My humble request please don’t retire from posting your blog on the the major tennis tournaments. This is very useful and educative and very interesting. I shall now give my predictions on this Wimbledon from the sidereal astrology point of view.

  2. At the time of the tournament start 20th degree of leo rises and 14.22 degree in Taurus is the MC making sun the ruling planet and venus the ruler of success point. Sun is placed in Gemini in 11th house and venus is just 2degrees away from MC giving a strong nod towards the favorite. Saturn in the 7th house with directional strength gives a nod towards an older player winning the tournament. The no1 seed is Djokovic and the Jupiter of the tournament chart is close to his natal moon but separating. His career planet venus is also the MC Lord of the tournament chart and close to tournament MC. The moon and mercury of the tournament chart is on his natal mercury. So Djokovic has some very good astrology and will go deep into the tournament. But can he win it can be seen only after assessment of his rivals. The no2 seed is Nadal and he is the 2nd favorite as he is the 2nd seed. From the natal chart South node is exactly transiting over his point ascendent which can bring trouble to his body. But as his ruling planet is placed in Taurus it’s own sighn it may not hinder him during the tournament. Nadal’s secondary progressed career planet is mercury and the Jupiter of the tournament chart aspects his progressed mercury (trinal) almost exactly. Moon and mercury of the tournament chart are in almost exact sextile to his secondary progressed moon. These factors gives a nod towards nadal. So taking the tournament chart which shows favorite doing very well and older player winning the tournament and taking the astrology of Djokovic and nadal my prediction is Nadal and Djokovic will reach the final and Nadal will beat Djokovic for the trophy.

    1. sujith muttineni

      Unless djokovic injure himself before final,nadal has no chance of beating him on grass with 5 sets to go

      1. There is nothing as “no chance” in sports.. even in 2018 semis rafa was a point away fr breaking Novak in the decider.. anything could have happened..

      2. @sujith muttineni You have forgotten so easily !
        It’s not even a month yet when absolutely no one had given Nadal a chance to win at FO 2022 , most particularly in his QF match against Djokovic .
        Wimbledon 2022 has exactly the same scenarios . All the pundits , tennis experts and betting sites have ruled out Nadal and unanimous in picking Djokovic as the overwhelming favorite , just like in FO 2022 .
        Now , with the turn of dramatic events unfolding in the tournament , Nadal’s draw has opened up for him .
        A twist of fate !

          1. I don’t think that’s what Amado meant. On paper at least, wouldn’t it be logical to assume a higher seed = more difficulty to overcome? Or that the top players would make matches much more challenging and exhausting, which could affect the players ability to recover for the next match.

            That being said, I agree seeding is not everything. I’m sure not many players would rejoice at meeting Federer over another Top 50 player, even though Federer is now ranked outside 100.

          2. @ LUCY Nadal has almost always had tough and brutal draw . He has proven it so many times that he can beat any one of them if he is healthy and fit . He is NOT relying on luck to win . But sometimes fate would step in and would make his path to the title a little easier.
            Nobody can control it , even if you wish you could .

        1. And yet if that twist of fate happened to another player, people would say winning the title was a meaningless fluke! Sorry, but that has happened to others players in the past. Look at the US Open when Thiem won with a weak field. People were unkind and said it didn’t mean much. No player can choose who they play but a lot of players get flak when they win with a weak field.

          1. Haters will always hate. I’m sure you’ve heard of “Rafa winning AO is meaningless since Novak is not in the field” twisted logic.

            Casper Rudd, one of the sweetest player I’ve seen, being mocked for losing the FO to Nadal badly. I thought he did very well. Haters forgot that the great Roger Federer got beaten 6-1, 6-3, 6-0 at the 2008 French open.

            It happens to all players; no one player is immune to this type people.

    2. Dear Mr James Green,

      Thanks-a-lot for the prediction from the sidereal astrology.

      I have one question.

      Mr Alexander has posted that Djokovic is going through the First Rising Phase of Shani Sade Sati which brings losses and misfortune.

      What do you have to say on this ?

      We would like to know your opinion ?

      Thanks and regards

      1. Dear Raman sade sati means saturn transiting the 12th 1st and 2nd house from moon. As per sidereal astrology moon is in pisces for Djokovic. So saturn transiting Aquarius pisces and Aries means Djokovic is having sade sati. This is generally not a good period which shows lot of mental tension domestic problem career not going well etc. So i can say Djokovic domination of tennis is over though that does not mean he will never win at all during this period.

        1. Federer’s Shani Sade Sati started in september 2009 and for the next 7 years until 2016, he only won 2 slams, in 2010 and 2012.

        2. But has the period started for Djokovic? I vaguely remember you said previouly that it wouldn’t start for Djokovic until December this year.

          1. Shani Sade Sati started earlier this year for Djokovic.

            Read what I posted in the FO.

          2. The message I posted during the French Open

            Djokovic’s Shani Sade Sati

            27th May 2022 at 2:59 PM

            Rising April 30, 2022 July 12, 2022

            Rising January 18, 2023 March 29, 2025

            Peak March 30, 2025 June 3, 2027

            Setting June 3, 2027 October 21, 2027

            Peak October 21, 2027 February 23, 2028

            Setting February 23, 2028 August 9, 2029

            Setting October 5, 2029 April 18, 2030

          3. 26th May 2022 at 8:00 PM

            Moon Sep 23, 2015 – Sep 23, 2025
            (10 Years)

            Moon Sep 23, 2015(0years 10m 0d)

            Mars Jul 23, 2016(0years 7m 0d)

            Rahu Feb 23, 2017(1year 6m 0d)

            Jupiter Aug 23, 2018(1year 4m 0d)

            Saturn Dec 23, 2019(1year 7m 0d)

            Mercury Jul 23, 2021(1year 5m 0d)

            Ketu Dec 23, 2022(0years 7m 0d)

            Venus Jul 23, 2023(1year 8m 0d)

            What I posted. It means Nadal is going through Mercury dasa. His Ketu dasa begins in December of this year.

          4. Nadal

            Moon / Moon Sep 23, 2015(0years 10m 0d)

            Moon / Mars Jul 23, 2016(0years 7m 0d)

            Moon / Rahu Feb 23, 2017(1year 6m 0d)

            Moon / Jupiter Aug 23, 2018(1year 4m 0d)

            Moon / Saturn Dec 23, 2019(1year 7m 0d)

            Moon / Mercury Jul 23, 2021(1year 5m 0d)

            Moon / Ketu Dec 23, 2022(0years 7m 0d)

            Moon / Venus Jul 23, 2023(1year 8m 0d)

            Moon / Sun Mar 23, 2025(0years 6m 0d)

          5. Hi JC saturn has turned retrograde and will renter Capricorn on 3rd August. Saturn turns direct on 23rd October in Capricorn and renters Aquarius on 4th january. So sade sati for Djokovic is in full force from 4th january 2023.

          6. So, Novak’s shani sade sati has two Rising phases

            Rising from April

            30, 2022 until

            July 12, 2022


            Rising from

            January 18, 2023

            Until March 29, 2025

            And then the peak and setting phases after that until 2030.

          7. So the humble fisherman from Mallorca may end up as the goat. All the other metrics that djokovic has in his favor only come into play if they have a equal number of grand slams. Nadal will take the lead in the gs race and he also has a favorable h2h in grandslams. Federer is clear number 3 no matter what his fans say or believe. Who would have thought that it would turn out like this? Djokovic fans are so upset that they are throwing doing accusations left and right to try to tarnish Nadal legacy. I can see the ugly nature of the human ego coming out. Nadal will win everything in the end. Humility always defeats arrogance and ignorance.

    3. I know this is an astrology blog but the planets do not compel; they only bring influence. There is such a thing as free will and in any event, on a common sense view, there is the covid factor – and apparently Saturn has connections with illness….
      Berretinni is already out due to testing positive for covid and others might follow. Is it possible for the appearance of Saturn to be an indicator if illness, rather than being an indicator or an older player winning? It’s just a thought, from an intuitive Piscean!

  3. Thanks Sally for opening the forum again.

    Looks like Rafa can finally reign in Wimbledon again. He is older than Djokovic and does not have major negative transits!

    Have a feels ng Djokovic may not even reach final. He has some big servers in his way!

    23rd is coming!!

    1. Why does everyone just assume that because Nadal is slightly older than Djokovic, he is the one is will win this? Nadal has some banana skins in his path – including Felix Auger Alliasime, who is a young talent waiting in the wings.

      1. @ LUCY Sorry to inform you ….
        FAA was eliminated today in four sets by Maxime Cressy in the first round . Nadal’s draw was very tough and brutal when first released , but it has opened up for him by some dramatic events in the tournament .
        Berrettini is out with Covid , so is Cilic . Now , FAA is out , too .
        These guys could certainly give Nadal challenges .
        This may be unsettling to you , and certainly not good news , but fate / destiny has stepped in .
        Nadal has still a lot of challenges ahead , but his draw has become more assailable now .

        1. So Cressy may be a challenge then. That’s how it works! If Cressy can take out someone like FAA, he is capable of taking out Nadal. No such thing as an unassailable draw either.
          Any player can take out a top seed at any point, as history shows. I like Rafa – just being realistic. Nadal fans seem to think it will be plain sailing now – but remember Rosol?
          Anything can happen and that is what makes it exciting and why we watch, otherwise it would be dull no? Even Rafa said his performance wasn’t up to scratch yesterday against Cerundolo….

  4. Hello Sally and James,
    Thanks Sally for tournament chart. Thanks James for your prediction. Hope it comes true.

    Waiting for prediction from rest of the astrologers.

    1. You may still get your wish. Plenty of quality players left in the draw. I too would like to see a new face in the final, if only to keep things interesting and fresh. It does get a bit repetitive when the same players win all the time!

  5. The Moon is not VOC when Wimbledon starts, points to favorite not winning the tournament.

    Djokovic is going through the First Rising Phase of Shani Sade Sati which brings losses and misfortune.

    1. hi Alexander, the Moon void of course means ‘nothing new will come of it’ – therefore it can be interpreted as the reigning champion will win again. To consider the situation of the favourite, you look at the ruler of the Ascendant – this time Mercury – also the Moon. They are both well-placed in the 10th house of success. They both make a positive trine aspect to Saturn – which can suggest an older player – although Saturn is rarely a breeze. You often achieve through a slog or hard work – so we’ll see how it plays out.

        1. Sally Kirkman

          Neither has textbook astrology for a win and both seem to be dealing with other issues as laid out in the article, so it’s not obvious this time around. The tournament chart does suggest that the ‘Geminis’ – Rafa & Novak – might both make the final but I’m not sure. I wonder whether the Moon/Mercury conjunction in Gemini could indicate two younger players coming through. Sorry not to be more definite. I’m just back from holiday and I may get a clearer sense once I’ve looked at the astrology of the other players.

  6. Hello Sally
    Thank you very much for this blog. Thank you James for your post. Eager to hear from other astrologers too.

  7. Sally,
    Thanks for continuing this blog. You’re talking about something behind the scene is troubling Djokovic and his Mars in Cancer t-square Moon in Aries. You also said Moon rules his house of partnership. Could it be his having marital problems? He and his wife had problems before. Supposedly, they patched things up. It’s possible that things get tense again. Djokovic’s not winning on court may affect his temperament off court.

    BTW, Nadal’s foot issue isn’t his ankle. Muller Weiss Syndrome affects the bone on the back of his left foot. The bone is degenerative. It’s a rare diseases. He had injections during French Open to numb the nerves. He didn’t want to do it again for Wimbledon. He had radiofrequency treatment several weeks ago. It also stops the pain but no one knows how long that effect will last since it’s a experimental treatment. Let’s hope his foot won’t bother him that much and he can continue playing.

    1. The sciatica nerve runs from the buttocks region to quite some way down along the length of the leg. That was causing him pain, He burnt (part of the nerve) as part of the treatment he underwent (I think). Don’t know if he burnt part of it or the entire nerve.

      It also goes in and around the tarsals region, which is somewhere near the ankle. Ankle could be involved. But he is fine at the moment from what I understand.

      1. This is a foot doctor’s explanation of Nadal’s Mueller Weiss Syndrom:

        This is the doctor’s explanation of the injections Nadal got during French Open:

        The injections he got were to numb the sensory nerves on top of his foot instead of the main nerve that controls the mobility of the foot. I think you’re referring to the latter rather than the former. If his main nerve was numb, he wouldn’t be able to run around.

  8. Yes, don’t retire please. I don’t go deep into the astrology, but interesting to read.

    This may well be the last good chance Nadal has, of doing well at Wimbledon. He mentioned theres been no pain in the last fortnight. Doesn’t always happen with him, in lead up to this tournament.

    Let’s see how things unfold.

  9. Hi Sally – I was interested to read what you said about Nadal having a Sun/Chiron conjunction and therefore carrying a “wound”. Please can you give a bit more explanation as to what this generally means? I know that Chiron is the “wounded healer”, and I ask because I have my Sun at 29’ 58” of Aquarius and Chiron at 1’ 52”, which I assume is effectively conjunct.

    I hope you’re enjoying your break (you’re missing the rain today!).

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Hi Rachel, holiday was lovely – I got back late last night. It’s a dissociate conjunction for you, i.e. in different star signs so not as strong. And, as always in astrology it can play out in different ways depending what house, other aspects, etc. Remember that a symbol doesn’t always mean one thing. Yet, when Chiron is conjunct your Sun, there can be a physical wound or illness that impacts who you become (the Sun) in your life. It’s also powerful if it’s on one of the angles. You could look at it another way – who or what is your Achilles heel? Age 50 is often important as that’s your Chiron Return which can reveal more. Also, Chiron is the asteroid linked to healing and sometimes you develop your healing because of what you experience in your earlier life.

  10. The chart for the final has the south node in the First House (favorite) and the north node with uranus in the seventh House (the Challenger). Wonder what that means?

      1. Yeah, north node (Destiny, Fate) conjunct Uranus (Surprise, Unexpected) in the seventh House of the final = the Challenger is destined to win in an Uranian way.

      2. Sally Kirkman

        Yes, the chart for the final is intriguing as it’s so different to the chart for the tournament. The Sun rules the Leo Midheaven and makes a sextile aspect to surprise planet Uranus on the day of the final. The opposite to the more steady Moon/Mercury/Saturn alignment in the tournament chart 🙂

        1. ESPN’s expert picks are overwhelmingly for Djokovic. Berretini is the 2nd favorite based on his recent grass court records. No one picked Nadal to win. They all would like to see Nadal win but no one thought he would. So the favorite is definitely Djokovic and Nadal will be a surprise.

          *For non-American, ESPN is our 24-hr sports network. Its tennis expert panel is pretty big, from both former tennis champions to sports journalists.

          1. Nadal would not be a surprise on his past achievements this year! Are you sure you’re not jus trying to make that fit the ‘Uranus’ aspect?

          2. @LUCY Nadal was the surprise winner of the French Open 2022 when almost everyone had ruled him out , even the tennis experts and betting sites .
            This Wimbledon 2022 has exactly the same scenarios .
            Will the result be the same ?
            Let’s wait and see .

          3. As I said, none of those 11 ESPN experts picked Nadal to win. Most picked Djolovic and to a lesser extent, Berettini. Bookies in the US place Djokovic (-145) and Berettini (+550) ahead of Nadal (+650) as well. Their reasons are simple:

            – Nadal hasn’t won in Wimbledon for 12 years.
            – Nadal has the foot issue that may flare up any time.
            – Grass is supposedly Nadal’s worst surface and Djokovic’s strength.

            Plus, from astrology standard point, he’s 2nd seed so obviously he’s not the favorite.

          4. Nadal may not be the firm ‘favourite’ but it would not be a surprise if he won on this year’s results surely?

    1. Hi Sally,
      I’m surprise you pick Novak because the tournament chart fo the final says a surprise winner. If he meet Rafa in the final, Rafa would be the surprise winner. The way things are going, it look like the tennis god is creating a highway for Rafa to win this by removing all toll booths. Cilic, Berrenti, Auger, Grigor all down & out with Covid & other issues. My dark horse to do well was Cilic in this tournament but somehow the tennis god gave him a Covid present. It look like a foregone conclusion that Rafa will win this tournament.9

      1. There is no foregone conclusion where tennis is concerned! Why does everyone think it’s an easy path for Rafa now some top seeds are out? Are you saying Rafa can only win if there’s no one decent in the draw? Not very flattering! Also, any player can bring it to the top guns on a good day. Remember Rosol taking out Nadal a few years ago? Rosol was outside the top 100 at the time. And there was Darcis and Kyrgios….both took Nadal down unexpectedly.
        I’m not dissing Nadal by the way, just being realistic….

      2. Sally Kirkman

        Hi Mike, I always use the symbolism of the tournament chart plus the players’ astrology to make my predictions. I think the symbolism of the final chart is evident on the day but we don’t know yet who’ll be competing in the final 🙂

  11. Hi everyone!

    Sally, i saw someone share here that Carlos Alcaraz was born at 3:00 am, and its true (sayd but her mother and also i make predictions and studied his chart, and its true (even i missed RG, because i was thinking he can win at the final to Nadal). So at least, one chart more with hour. He can have a very good year, i think in winbledon if he meet Djokovic he will loose, but for us open 2022, OA 2023, and US2023 he has very good astrology to win a grand slam (specailly US open 2023; i made a video about that). Holger Rune has a similar chart and also have skills, and sometimes looks very intelegigent the way he play tenis, so also he can have good 2022-23.

    Here is a prediction to Wimblendon (i forgot to put the sinastry of the players that born same day):



    1. Sally Kirkman

      and yes, we heard about the 3am time for Alcaraz during the French Open – still not confirmed but definitely worth testing.

  12. Good to hear you had a good time in Greece, Sally.

    I know not having the birth time of the younger players is frustrating for you astrologers. Here is a suggestion:

    Could each astrologer “adopt” 1 or 2 players in the top 10 and try out different birth time? Then you follow said player through some time to see which birth time aligns the best with his performances on court. If you all choose different players, it’s not going to be as much work. Then everyone shares the result next year. This is the only way we can find out these players’ birth time without any confirmation from the player or the player’s family.

    Let’s make it a group project! 🙂

    1. Sally Kirkman

      That doesn’t work for me at all. It’s not the way to find out a birth time with any accuracy. You’d be more successful approaching the players’ management and ask them personally.

  13. Cilic trained with Djokovic just days before testing positive for COVID:
    Cilic has been in the news during the first day of Wimbledon 2022 for having tested positive for COVID, something that leaves him out of the British tournament and radically changes the table, causing a lucky loser, in this case, Nuno Borges, to take his place. However, one aspect that has not gone unnoticed by anyone is that on June 23, that is, four days before the positive, Novak Djokovic held a training session with the Croatian on Center Court, with effusive greetings and pleasant conversation between both before and after practice. The possibility that the Serbian has been infected flies over the environment and it will be necessary to see if there are more close contacts of Cilic that can be seen in this situation.

    1. This is stunning and shocking news. This will certainly ease the path for Rafa as he was scheduled to meet Cilic which would have been a tricky match on grass.

      1. Sally Kirkman

        I’m not sure why it’s stunning & shocking? Cilic will no doubt have been in contact with lots of players/staff on the run up to Wimbledon. Yes, Cilic may have passed it on but everyone will be tested – that’s fairly sure as covid is on the rise again in the UK.

        1. What I post is news that came out on the tennis blog https://www.puntodebreak.com/
          This would have to do with what you mentioned:”Yet, the astrology suggests there may be something going on behind the scenes that’s unsettling him & affecting his tennis”.

      2. Being unvaccinated, Djokovic certainly has potential to get COVID and pass it on, just like he did on the tour he organized. Why is this “stupidest comment”?

        1. Same as vaccinated players/staff – there is no difference when it comes to getting it/passing it on.

          1. You are right Sally. It is a respiratory virus ; anyone can get it ; if someone is vaccinated, the impact may not be severe ; anyone affected can also pass it on. It is non-discretionary and non-discriminatory so to say.

        1. @ LUCY FAA is out now , defeated by Maxime Cressy in the first round in four sets .
          Cressy was playing magnificent tennis against Felix Alliasime .
          He is very dangerous , that is my impression .

          1. No, the courts slow down once the grass is chewed up. By the third or fourth round serve and volley is no longer a winning formula on grass since they changed the grass formula back in 2002

          2. @ David Good to know !
            I feared that Maxime Cressy could trouble Nadal , should they meet in later round .
            He was so good against FAA .

          3. Cressy can trouble anyone on a good day. No such thing as an easy draw and any player can take out a top seed. It’s happened in the past, so don’t be complacent about Nadal. He didn’t look exactly imperious against Cerundolo yesterday.
            I like Rafa but take nothing for granted.

          4. @LUCY
            Everyone above, including me, said Nadal needed to watch out for Cressy and Friz. We’re all long-time tennis watchers. We may be fans of 1 or 2 players but we recognize talents and good performances when we see them.

            Not sure whom the “complacent” comment was intended to? There’s no need to be condescending/confrontational in tune.

    2. Interesting. Is there a possibility that Djokovic infected Cilic? Are all players tested daily? Or they’re only tested if they show symptoms? Cilic is in Nadal’s quarter IIRC and he’s in good form at FO and Queen’s. Sorry to see him withdraw.

      Another one who’s pegged by experts as potential dark horse, 7 seed Hurkacz, lost. Djokovic needed 4 sets and Alcaraz needed 5 sets to win their match today.

      1. Sally Kirkman

        I wondered whether that was the implication – Djokovic passing it on? I’m hoping that the comment means Cilic could have passed it on to Djokovic not the other way around.

    3. Sally Kirkman

      I’m not sure what you’re saying here?! Djokovic will not have been the only person in contact with Cilic. The worry is that Cilic may have passed on covid to other players but I’m fairly sure they’ll be testing players/staff on a daily basis, as we have more cases again in London. It’s important to remember that covid isn’t a normal virus and you don’t automatically get it or pass it on if you have it. It can be a bit random in that respect. There are copious examples, in my personal experience too.

      1. Yes, Covid can be random. Cilic got it from someone. Anyone he contacted with could pass it onto him. And Djokovic was one he not only contacted with but had close contacts based on the description. I was just asking whether it’s possible that he passed onto Cilic. I don’t understand why some people took offense. Djokovic, as we know, has not taken Covid seriously. He can get infected again and pass it on.

        1. You are right. Anyone can pass it on – and it’s not offensive to suggest that Djokovic is in the same boat as everyone else in this regard….

  14. Sally Kirkman

    I’ve updated the article after looking at the astrology for the other players. If Djokovic can overcome the personal issues that may be going on, I do favour his astrology over Nadal for Wimbledon. The updates also point out that Berrettini and Alcaraz have nice astrology taking place this tournament but no definite time of birth for either player.

      1. Wow – thanks for sharing. This may not be the last player out with a positive test then as I’m sure they’ve not all been segregated beforehand. It’s not obvious in the chart for the tournament except that Saturn is retrograde in the 6th house of health. Both the Moon & Mercury meet Saturn and sometimes Saturn can play out in a detrimental way even in a more positive planetary aspect. Saturn is often associated with illness.

    1. Interesting that you say that. I felt Djokovic was more convincing in the first 2 rounds.

      But then again, Nadal is the kind of player if he survives 4 rounds at Wimbly, can be quite omnious.

      Let’s see what happens.

  15. Sathia (Mr.Sathiamoorthy)

    Berettini is also out of Wimbledon with Covid ! Very unfortunate as he was a serious contender for the title.

    1. All of a sudden, Nadal’s half is opened up. Berettini’s out. Querry is out. Cilic is out. Karma is paying him back for his tough French Open draw? He has to watch out for a couple American guys.

      1. So you are saying that Nadal can only win if all the top players are out? No such thing as an easy draw my friend! Even the lower ranked players give it their all and anything can happen!

        1. @LUCY It’s NOT Nadal’s fault that his draw has opened up .
          His draw was very tough and brutal when first released but dramatic events had happened in the tournament , a twist of fate !
          I don’t think you like it nor happy with it .
          If destiny is with Nadal , nothing or nobody can stop it , even die-hard fans of other players .

          1. No one is saying that it’s Nadal’s fault! What I am saying is that there is no guarantee of him winning and I think some of his fans are disrespectful to other players’ chances. That’s not what sport is about. I really don’t care whether he wins or not. I am a tennis fan first and foremost and don’t obsess about particular player…

          2. @LUCY I’m NOT saying that Nadal will win this tournament . Nobody knows .
            I was just pointing out that his draw had considerably changed with the dramatic events lately.
            Even though you’re not admitting it , you don’t want him to win this tournament .
            Your comments said so as you particularly pick on him every time .

      2. Indeed. Fritz or Cressy are very serious oponents. Specially Fritz. We don’t have details of his astrology though but i anticipate he will reach QF at least. He won in Eastbourne couriously against Cressy. They might encouter again in 4th round.

        1. Lesley Jackson

          Cressy is a big server and on grass is very dangerous to Rafa. Fritz too so we have to hope Rafa can deal with them. Maybe fate/destiny is playing a part in this. We can only wait and see.

          1. Cressy and Friz are in the same quarter so only one can advance. I just studied the draw again after the 1st round. Six quarters have clear favorites: Djokovic, Alcaraz, Norrie, Tsitsipas, Friz and Nadal.

            The other 2 are toss-up. I have bo idea who will come out of those 2. This could be a year that Americans and/or Brits could be in contention in quarterfinals.

    1. Serena is out , defeated by Tan in three sets in the first round.
      She really fought hard but her age showed that winning would be very hard for her now.
      The last time she won a single match was in June , 2021 .

    1. Ignore John Macenroe. He is attention grabber. Nadal is legend. If he is right gander but can learn to play left handed then improve speed is minor technical adjustment.

      1. Agreed, He is a Legend.

        But his serve was like Pete Pistol in 2010 US Open. He was firing down aces at 210-215 KMph. He attributed that to certain tweak in the grip but after the Championship, he has very very rarely touched 200 kmph. Normally his first serve range is 185-195 down the T.

        1. Nikhil,

          Be brave and be upfront on what you want to say.
          I know you are probably an Fed fan and Nadal hater and what you want to say.
          So Fed by changing racket can suddenly play magical backhand but obviously you are not suspicious.
          There is no room for hate on this forum unless you back with some proof.

          1. I am not any particular players fan, I enjoy tennis. Be it Djkovic, Nadal, Federer, Sampras, Agassi, Medvedev, Zverev , whoever plays good tennis on that day, I enjoy.

            The link I shared was to say that how different is tennis from other sports.

            Do you know Richard Gasquet case ?

        1. Amit,

          Tests are not mandatory in Uk and voluntary in Wimbledon. Now COVID-19 is treated as like any other flu.
          Carry on with life as usual.

          1. Yes and thats the reason many players are just keeping quiet even if they have symptoms

  16. Agreed, He is a Legend.

    But his serve was like Pete Pistol in 2010 US Open. He was firing down aces at 210-215 KMph. He attributed that to certain tweak in the grip but after the Championship, he has very very rarely touched 200 kmph. Normally his first serve range is 185-195 down the T.

      1. Nice article. Good to know.

        Even one of the Greatest Serve player Roddick was not so tall , 6 feet.

        But why didn’t he continue with that same grip after 2010 US Open.

  17. Did someone said “surprise winner”. That would be good for tennis. Tired of watching the same guys win again and again.

  18. I Respect every kind of Astrology because it’s a science.

    At present, one of the so called Best Astrologer in India is Sanjay Rath. You should one of the video on his home page. “If Astrology says it will rain , then definitely it will rain. But it’s upto you whether you will get wet or not. You can carry an umbrella or not. It’s all in your mind to overcome the obstacle”.

    Mind plays an important role in adverse conditions and Djkovic knows how to tune his game even if he has personal adverse situations.

    1. Nick Kyrgius has very good astrology for Wimbledon.

      His Moon-Venus has Jupiter transit 🥇
      Mars, a Saturn transit

        1. Patrick Rudolf

          Very interesting, Alexander. Uranus currently is conjunct Isner‘s North Node – soon matched by transitting North Node, the special conjunction of this Summer. At final, the Sun builds a sextile to.

      1. Alexander shade sati is the transit of Saturn in the previous sign,the same nd the next of the natal moon.sade sati is more noticeable when Saturn passes through the natal moon ND the Djoker is a long way to go.
        On the other hand Nadal last Wimbledon win is 2010 when Nadal moon had mars,rules of the ascendent in the natal mideven bt this timemoon goes with mar square mars.
        Your thoughts 💬💬💬 plzzz

  19. WOW! There will be 8 American men in the 3rd round! That’s a full 1/4 of all remaining in the draw. When was the last time American men did this well in a GS tournament?

  20. A very interesting match is going to be the Kyrgios vs tsitsipas match not only from the tennis point of view but also astrological point of view. A birthtime of 12.40 is available for tsitsipas which means 10th degree of libra rises and 14.40 degree of cancer is MC making venus the ruling planet and moon the career planet. Jupiter of the tournament chart is in an exact trine to his MC which is an excellent planetary position for success. But the Mars of the tournament chart is in exact square to his tournament chart which may prevent tsitsipas from winning the tournament. Krygious birthtime is given as 18.00 PM when 27.14 libra rises and 9.31 degree cancer is MC making venus the ruling planet and moon the career planet. Jupiter of the tournament chart is on his natal ruling planet venus and going towards a conjunction with his natal ruling planet moon. But Jupiter turns retrograde before he meets up with his natal moon. He has got very good astrology but may not go on to win the tournament. But who will win the match between tsitsipas and krygious will probably depend at what time the match is played.

    1. James, I don’t know where all the birth times are 🙂 … please let us know …
      All of us including Sally are going crazy because we don’t have this data for most tennis players, which therefore makes any prediction practically sterile.
      But I tell you that for Tsitsipas I am absolutely convinced that the time is right, because I have always said that in my opinion he is certainly a Scorpio ascendant. Sally I think she will remember.
      You too can see it only physiognomically, and in attitudes.

      And the same goes for Kyrgios! …
      I have always believed that he too was the same Scorpio ascendant, so with Mars in Leo dominating the MC.
      And in fact if the time is the right one it is so. The same applies if he too was born 30 minutes earlier or later, so here we go.
      Difficult to find a more suitable combination for someone like him.
      Arrogance, bravado, a pinch of wickedness but also masked insecurity, all mixed in a mix that cannot fail to be the true astrological portrait of him.

      I will now look at their astrological possibilities, although I believe we both have little chance of victory.

      1. Andreas I got the birth time for krygious and tsitsipas from someone who wrote in Sally’s blog during previous slams.

        1. Well, I’ve never seen anything.
          And in fact we discussed with Sally what Tsitsipas’ ancestry could be.

  21. Rafael Nadal is going to win this years Wimbledon. He is destined for great things this year.
    If Nadal and Djokovic meet in the final, Nadal will emerge victorious

    1. Based on gut feel ?

      He surely has not played well at all in first 2 rounds ..yest 4th set was all that he played well..first 3 sets were just rubbish.

      1. I think in French Open before quarterfinal with Djokovic you asked the same question,
        My answer is same it’s not gut feeling you can read my comment
        Nadal is destined for win at Wimbledon this year.
        There are things which is greater than astrology. Astrology is nothing but prediction of your destiny your future
        Nadal wins Wimbledon that’s his destiny this year

        1. I hope he does for sure beating Djokovic no less in the final ..fingers crossed ..but he needs to really improve his level .current level won’t cut it

          1. @Sanju Nadal is still adjusting his game to grass . He needs more match plays .
            Hopefully , he can find his form and rhythm in time . His draw will not get easier as the tournament progresses .
            Should Nadal survive the first week , he would be harder to beat .

          2. Nadal always struggled in the 1st week of the Wimbledon because he had to adjust from clay to grass in a short time. This year, he didn’t play in any warmup tournament so it’s not surprising that he struggled a bit. As Borg said before, once the grass wears off, it resembles clay.

            This year. Wimbledon allowed some players practice on center court before the tournament started. The grass should be wearing off faster. Once Nadal gets to the 2nd week, he’ll be fine. I watched his game yesterday. By the end, he fired ace after ace. He’s getting into the grass game now.

          3. @ J.C. I think you are right . Nadal had his first straight -set match win this fortnight against Sonego. He is finding his form and rhythm now .
            His next match against the Dutch will be tougher , then most probably against Kyrgios
            in QF next.
            But one match at a time . Let’s focus on his next match first . The good thing is , Nadal is into the second week of Wimbledon now .

  22. I meant this, extra Wimbledon.
    If astrology makes sense, as everyone who writes here obviously thinks, Djokovic will play the US open.
    Because at that moment the transit of Jupiter on the natal moon will be contracted to the maximum.
    It seems too contradictory that such an aspect, given the very negative premises to date, does not reveal itself in all the inner fullness of him.
    And objectively otherwise it would not be understood how it can be read, because clearly it would be another hard blow to this so far troubled year. It would seem more like the crescent of Saturn than the expansion and joy of Jupiter … I really don’t think his mood could be happy.
    So I assume that in New York it will be, and obviously it will be one of the favorites if not the main one.

      1. Retrograde but after Jupiter had already exceeded the monomer of perfect conjunction by a few degrees.
        And in fact in September she almost returns to that point.
        I don’t think retrogradation could be a negative sign in this case.

  23. The wild card Van Rijthoven has beaten 22nd seed Basilashvili.in straight sets.

    Will he be the surprise element ?

  24. James Green posted below that because of Shani Sade Sati, Novak’s dominance is over and I agree. He will win more slams BUT the years of him winning multiple slams are over. Ten years ago, when he went through another Saturn Transit, Ashtama Shani, he won only ONE SLAM Per year, in 2012, 2013 and 2014. These Saturn Transits to his Moon are like that. I think he can win ONE SLAM Per year again like during the 2012-2014 period in the upcoming years, 2022, 2023 and 2024 but as soon as 2025 begins his Shani Sade Sati enters the peak period and it will be almost impossible to win slams at 38+. The oldest player to win a SLAM in the open era was Rosewall who was barely 37.

    Nadal has some funky numerology thing going on

    Won SLAM # 13 in 2013
    Won SLAM # 14 in 2014
    Won no slams in 2015 and 2016

    Won SLAM # 19 in 2019
    Won SLAM # 20 in 2020
    Won no slams in 2021

    Won SLAM # 22 in 2022
    Wins SLAM # 23 in 2023?
    Wins no more slams after that?

    I think they will finish close in SLAM numbers when all is said and done.

    1. It would be hilarious if both Djokovic and Nadal finish their careers tied with 23 slams.

      Tied like Navratilova and Evert with 18 slams.

    2. Alexander shade sati is the transit of Saturn in the previous sign,the same nd the next of the natal moon.sade sati is more noticeable when Saturn passes through the natal moon ND the Djoker is a long way to go.
      On the other hand Nadal last Wimbledon win is 2010 when Nadal moon had mars,rules of the ascendent in the natal mideven bt this timemoon goes with mar square mars.
      Your thoughts 💬💬💬 plzzz

          1. We won’t but you surely do take it so that once it does not come true ,you can have a good laugh at what you wrote 🙂

          2. Nikhil Bora says

            1st July 2022 at 6:42 PM

            Djkovic will end his career with 26 Grand Slams. Take screenshot of this.


            LOL, this is not going to happen, ever.

            BEST case scenario, 23 slams for both of them.

    3. Dear Mr Alexander,

      This is becoming very interesting.

      Who in your opinion is likely to win this Wimbledon ?


    4. Agree max 24 for rafa…likely 23…key is if he wins one more this year .if one more this year then 24, else 23.

      I read somewhere that this year for him is like 2010 ..anyone has a view on it? It was only year he won 3 slams.

      1. Sally Kirkman

        Same placing for Jupiter – the lucky planet. It has a 12 year cycle. It was in Pisces & Aries in 2010 – same as this year.

        1. When Nadal won Wimbledon in 2010 Jupiter was in exact trine to his secondary progressed MC Lord mercury. The same this year.

          1. Bt James in 2010 nadal moon had mars rules of the ascendent in the natal midheaven bt this time Nadal moon goes with mar square mars.your thoughts 💬💬💬????

          1. Sally Kirkman

            Why do you say Nadal astrology is too strong? Because it’s Nadal’s Jupiter return year? Both Djokovic & Nadal have some astrology that could knock them off track & Jupiter is actually stronger for Djokovic right now but they both know how to win – and that has been the key ingredient for years now.

          1. He won’t.

            He’s going through Shani Sade Sati now, unlike 2011.

            In 2012, 2013 and 2014, Nole went through Ashtama Shani which is another Saturn Transit to his Moon, like Shani Sade Sati, and he only won one SLAM Per year in 2012, 2013 and 2014. When Federer went through Shani Sade Sati, he only won 2 slams from september 2009-september 2016…

            Which is why I predict one SLAM Per year for Nole from 2022-2024. After 2024, he will enter peak period of Shani Sade Sati and it will be very difficult to win slams.

      2. I agree. If he wins one more slam this year then he could end up with 24, otherwise 23. I was checking Nadal’s solar returns for 2023-2025 and in 2024 he has Pluto in the First House which means Big changes and transformations in his life while in the 2025 he has Sun in the First House which means new beginnings… So his retirement from the sport looks like will happen in 2024 at the earliest… 2023 looks like his last season on tour…..

        1. I was replying to this message

          Sanju says

          2nd July 2022 at 3:19 PM

          Agree max 24 for rafa…likely 23…key is if he wins one more this year .if one more this year then 24, else 23.

          I read somewhere that this year for him is like 2010 ..anyone has a view on it? It was only year he won 3 slams.

        2. I think he will play no longer than Olympics 2024 n i think it’s right. Whats point of dragging on unnecessarily with so many physical issues. Even if he stops right now he is surely amongst the top 2 of the sport in men’s field with 22 slams ,however I think he wants more and may try for 24( record by Margaret court )

          1. Yep, from his solar returns, 2024 looks like his retirement year and Olympics 2024 Could be where It all ends.

      3. If he wins one more slam this year then he could end up with 24, otherwise 23. I was checking Nadal’s solar returns for 2023-2025 and in 2024 he has Pluto in the First House which means Big changes and transformations in his life while in the 2025 he has Sun in the First House which means new beginnings… So his retirement from the sport looks like will happen in 2024 at the earliest… 2023 looks like his last season on tour…..

      1. Lesley Jackson

        Are you serious?? Nick Kyrgios’s behaviour was disgraceful. I wanted him to win at the start of the match but after his obvious cheating tactics to break his opponent’s concentration I wanted Tsitsipas to win and I don’t care for Tsitsipas. I hope Kyrgios gets dumped in the next round.

    5. Nadal will finish with 25 or more Slam, Djokovic will finish either with 22 or 23 slam not more than that. He will not win any slam this year

  25. Tsitsipas is out! Universe is clearing Rafa’s way!!

    Alcaraz will defeat Djokovic and Rafa, the older player, will defeat him in final!

    1. Fedal,
      Rafa path is very very dangerous. It’s better to play sitsipas than Kyrios and Fritz is very very dangerous.

      1. Nadal’s draw is the toughest and most brutal , even with the ouster of Berrettini and Cilic due to Covid. But his astrology is good. It’s also good that Nadal has found his form and rhythm in his last match , and the court is becoming more and more like clay as the grass wears off .

  26. I finally compiled Nadal’s astrology based on Chinese Tse Wei. Tse Wei has 12 houses: self, luck, parents, sibilings, marriage, children, career, money, property, friendship, moving and illness. Its stars are completely different from Western astrology. They’re placed into these 12 houses based on birthday, which has to be converted to lunar calendar and China time zone.

    I’ll just pointed out several major points:
    1. Nadal has a strong Warrior star in his natal career house. It means he’s physically strong. He can endure hardship and overcome challenges. Ideal career for him? Military and ATHLETE. This fits him to a T.

    2. He has various adverse secondary stars in his main houses such as self house, fortune, luck, career. That explains the up and down in his career. He has a weak Sun in his illness house. That isn’t good for his health.

    3. This year (and 2010), he has the Emperor star and the Treasury star in his self house and trines the Minister star in career house. His career house also has a secondary Promotion (ascension?) star. However, he has a secondary Wounded star in his illness house. I think his year is playing out exactly like this.

    4. For this month, his self house and career house both have good main stars but the secondary Wounded star is in his career house so his foot remains a concern. It also has a secondary Broken star in his career house. It could mean dream gets broken. I think those strong lucky main stars in the self house and the career house can overpower the secondary stars. We shall see.

        1. Can he get into final though?

          Sally n James green had predicted he can go far in this tournament.

          Thank u

          1. I don’t see why no one is considering Janik Sinner (only considering Nadal and Djokovic). JS is a Leo August 16, 2001. Sun at 24°. The tournament’s pof is at that exact degree, 12 house (dreams, destiny), in sextile to Gemini from what I can see (and he has been compared to Federer) Djokovic will not get pass him…

          2. Sally Kirkman

            Thanks for your comment – yes, interesting that the part of fortune is on Sinner’s Sun in the tournament chart. It’s a minor factor but without any other major astrology – and again we have no time of birth – there’s nothing major showing from an astrological perspective.

      1. https://horoscopes.astro-seek.com/calculate-dasha/?send_calculation=1&narozeni_den=22&narozeni_mesic=5&narozeni_rok=1987&narozeni_hodina=23&narozeni_minuta=25&narozeni_city=Belgrade%2C+Serbia&narozeni_mesto_hidden=Belgrade&narozeni_stat_hidden=RS&narozeni_podstat_kratky_hidden=&narozeni_podstat_hidden=Central+Serbia&narozeni_input_hidden=&narozeni_podstat2_kratky_hidden=&narozeni_podstat3_kratky_hidden=&narozeni_sirka_stupne=44&narozeni_sirka_minuty=48&narozeni_sirka_smer=0&narozeni_delka_stupne=20&narozeni_delka_minuty=28&narozeni_delka_smer=0&narozeni_timezone_form=auto&narozeni_timezone_dst_form=auto&aya=lahiri

        1. Djokovic is going through Sun dasha and then enters Moon dasha on july 31st

          Sun Jul 31, 2021(1year 0m 0d)

          Moon Jul 31, 2022(1year 8m 0d)

          Mars Mar 31, 2024(1year 2m 0d)

          1. Last time he went through that period

            Sun Oct 27, 2012(0years 4m 6d)

            Moon Mar 5, 2013(0years 7m 0d)

            Mars Oct 5, 2013(0years 4m 27d)

            Rahu Mar 4, 2014(1year 0m 18d)

          2. Hello Alexander Djokovic is right now going through the major period of venus and sub period of Mars upto 4/12/2022.

          3. James,

            So you’re saying Djokovic is going through the major period of Venus and subperiod of Mars up to April 12, 2022 or December 4, 2022? Are you saying this period good for Djokovic’s and Alexander said it’s bad for Djokovic?

            I’m lost in you two’s comments. You two seem to disagree but I can’t tell what or how you disagree. Some explanation will be appreciated.

        2. Previous period

          Sun Oct 27, 2012(0years 4m 6d)

          Moon Mar 5, 2013(0years 7m 0d)

          Mars Oct 5, 2013(0years 4m 27d)

          Rahu Mar 4, 2014(1year 0m 18d)


          And now

          Sun Jul 31, 2021(1year 0m 0d)

          Moon Jul 31, 2022(1year 8m 0d)

          Mars Mar 31, 2024(1year 2m 0d)

          Rahu May 31, 2025(3years 0m 0d)

      1. I’m not predicting how many GS titles he’ll win for the year or whether he’ll win Wimbledon. I’m not seasoned enough to do prediction.

        But he has great astrology for the year, just like 2010. Tse Wei has a 12-year cycle. It’s probably his best astrology during the 12-year cycle as evidenced by his results from 2010. With the Ascension star, he’s now ahead in the GS race. There’s also abundant financial rewards this year based on his Fortune house. Whether he’ll win Wimbledon or US Open will depend on the astrology of his opponents and the secondary or even 3rd level stars on the day.

        Due to my relocation, all my Tse Wei books are in boxes. I can’t chart his daily fortune and the app I used to chart this doesn’t go lower than monthly chart. The secondary Broken star I wrote about could be dream or it could be relationship. But he has strong and helpful 1st level stars in his career chart so he may overcome it. We’ll see.

    1. Chinese tied Tse Wei with historical figures from ~3000 years ago so the stars were named after the imperial order from that period. Of course, Chinese astrologers and Western astrologers observed the same set of stars. I now wonder how to equate the stars in these two systems.

      Tse Wei has Sun and Moon. The Emperor star may be Jupiter (both Sally and James Green said Nadal has Jupiter return this year) and the Warrior star may be Mars. But I can’t get the rest.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      No times of birth for either so we don’t have a lot of information to go on. If we had an exact match time, then we could look at the match to predict but that rarely happens in tennis.

        1. Sally Kirkman

          Thanks – I did see – I think the chart leans towards the favourite – Libra Ascendant so Djokovic is Venus Gemini (tennis sign) going to a positive trine aspect with Saturn Aquarius. Aries Descendant so Sinner is Mars Taurus – in its sign of detriment – doesn’t feel sporty to me, a bit stuck. Also, Chiron on the Aries Descendant – there’s that ‘wound’ again – I’m not sure why Chiron is suddenly appearing but maybe injury/keeping fit & healthy is going to be a factor moving forwards. So yes, from the chart of the match, you would have to go for Djokovic.

          1. Hi sally,

            Nadal vs Fritz match will be at 3.30 pm local time. Is it still tricky to predict the match? What’s ur thought please?

            Thank you

          2. Thanks for the correct prediction. Djokovic managed a comeback against a spirited Sinner. Was a good match.
            Sinner had a nasty fall in 4th or 5th set and clutching his ankle. He was fine afterwards though, but it could have been serious.

  27. Can someone predict on Nadal Fritz match ?

    The latter had defeated him at Indian Wells 2022 final and also won the Eastbourne title.

    Thunderstorm forehands n decent backhand, serve as well.

    1. Nadal is past his most concerning transit, South Node on his Ascendant which was exact today. I know opponents are going to be slightly tough from now on, bad astrology appears to be behind him!

      I say either 3-0 or 3-1. I know Fritz defeated him at Indian Wells but he is a different beast in Grand Slams and best of 5!

      1. Historically speaking also, when Nadal is past the 4th round at Wimbly, always reaches semis or finals or wins and it has always taken Federer or Djokovic to beat him. Bodes well for him. Has been more convincing in 3rd and 4th rounds.

    2. Lest we forget , Nadal was injured throughout his Indian Wells Final against Fritz , the rib injury he got during his SF match against Alcaraz . He could have just walked over .
      Now Nadal , though still has foot issue , can play as normally as possible .
      He is now in the second week of Wimbledon , and I believe he has found his grass form and rhythm after his last two matches .
      Moreover , Center Court is resembling like clay as the grass is wearing off .

      1. Sally Kirkman

        Just been reading about Indian Wells final – Fritz was also injured and had injections in the final – his left ankle I believe. Both Taylor Fritz and Rafa Nadal are born on a Sun-Chiron conjunction – Rafa in Gemini, Taylor in Scorpio. The battle of the ‘wounded’ ones – Chiron is the wounded healer in astrology/mythology. Not sure what that tells us about their encounter – but hopefully they are both fit and well to play one another.

        1. Yes Sally he had an issue and was considering pulling out. However he played without any pain in the final as he said the doctor worked some magic. These were his own words .

          1. Must the same injections that Rafa was getting for his foot at the French Open , anaesthetic injections to numb the pain .

    3. Just saying rafa played Indian wells final with a fractured rib n terrible pain ..let’s not forget it…he took 6 weeks off the tour post that n missed his fav Montecarlo n Barcelona

    4. Sally Kirkman

      Will they be first on court, do you know? We don’t have enough information to go on without a time of birth for Fritz but it’s helpful to have a start time of the match – you can use that chart for prediction. If they’re first on, you could go for a time of 1:30pm as that’s when Centre Court gets going. Harder to predict if they’re last on as you don’t know what time that will be.

      1. Hi Sally,

        Basing on the fact that Nadal played his 4th round last, likely his quarter final will be second on Center Court. Can we do an analysis with 3 or 3:30 pm start time as quite likely ladies quarterfinal will precede men’s match. Thanks

        1. Sally Kirkman

          If the match starts around 3/3:30 it is trickier astrology. A late Libra Ascendant puts Mars in Taurus on the Descendant – does that give the underdog the advantage? An early Scorpio Ascendant would mean the favourite is ruled by Mars in Taurus – that might favour Nadal as he is such a warrior with his own Mars strong in Capricorn but it means his opponent has the easier Venus-Saturn symbolism. The pain factor is worrying me for Nadal – Mars at 0 Taurus is bang on his Moon in Taurus in the 6th house of health and he still has the South Node on his Ascendant – physical body. Plus, Venus has just gone over his natal Chiron – all three minor factors focusing on health/body in his astrology. Nadal seemed to have another issue yesterday with bandages over his abdomen? He’s obviously going to be playing in pain so it just depends how invincible he is. The Moon in Libra is on Nadal’s part of fortune which is helpful and he’s going to need some luck if he’s dealing with pain issues.

          1. Hi Sally,

            Hope you are doing well. Nadal vs Fritz is scheduled to start at 16h.

            All the best

          2. Sally,

            In the US, it’s showing both men’s QF will start at 9:45 AM. That’s the EST. London time will be 2:45 PM. So the match will probably start at 3 PM.

            Sam, where did you get 4 PM?

          3. Yes, official time is 14.45 in Central Court meaning in practice close to 15.00. Probably Sam used CET time but in official website wimbledon.com is 14.45 schedule of the day

          4. Lesley Jackson

            I think you are spot on Sally. Rafa definitely injured in some way and in pain. I think he’ll have to retire from the match.

      2. Sally. Qf is always a tricky round for rafa at any slam. He calls it the transition round which means if he clears it, hes in the final weekend and has a shot at the title. Historically qfs have always been issue and he is always nervous in the qf. We saw what happ in shapo match at ao – 5 sets.

        The loss in ao in 2020 and 2021 came in qf to thiem n tsitsipas.

        Come to think of it, it seems the qf are an issue at ao more. Max losses in qf at ao compared to just 1 in rg and 0 in wimby and uso.

      3. Todays men’s qf are split between centre n court 1. Maybe the same will happen tomorrow. However I am sure the women will play first on Wednesday as their SFS on Thursday. So it will be a 330 start

        1. Sally Kirkman

          Nothing sure time-wise when you’re second on court! It all depends on how long the first match lasts and there’s no way to know that. I hope Nadal does it but I am concerned about the minor factors I mentioned in earlier comment. I think it’s going to be a battle with his own health/fitness that is the key. If the match starts after 3pm it switches around the significators that were my correct prediction for Djokovic’ match. Djokovic had the easier Venus-Saturn trine aspect, Sinner had Mars in Taurus its sign of detriment – after 3pm would give Nadal Mars, Fritz Venus. So, based on that, you would have to say Fritz has a good chance. Yet, as mentioned Nadal is Mars personified and he will fight. It’s going to be an interesting match to watch 🙂

      1. @ Alexander
        I read it differently though. It’s the other way around .
        She predicted that Nadal would win either in straight sets or in four sets .
        She even predicted that Garin would win against Kyrgios .

  28. Talking of pars fortuna in the French Open start chart pars fortuna was on nadal’s natal moon and in an almost exact trine to his natal MC. In the Australian Open final chart pars fortuna was in exact sextile to nadal’s natal moon and MC.

    1. @ James Green How about in Wimbledon ?
      I know you predicted him to win all the way .
      Could you please give more details and explanation ?
      Thank you so much !

    2. curious says

      4th July 2022 at 8:51 AM

      I don’t see why no one is considering Janik Sinner (only considering Nadal and Djokovic). JS is a Leo August 16, 2001. Sun at 24°. The tournament’s pof is at that exact degree, 12 house (dreams, destiny), in sextile to Gemini from what I can see (and he has been compared to Federer) Djokovic will not get pass him…

      Sinner to reach the Wimbledon final?

      1. So far, match is going as per your prediction Alexander. Djokovic is in serious trouble and is on the verge of losing 2nd set as well. Sinner leading 5-2 and will now serve for the 2nd set!!!

      2. Jeez, even with Sun conjunct part of Fortune might not be enough. To think that worked at other slams…

      1. Hello sanju i am still sticking with Nadal to win Wimbledon. In converting the tropical zodiac to sidereal the Ayanamsa is deducted from the tropical position of planets. Unfortunately there are lot of Ayanamsas in Vogue with lahiri Ayanamsa being the most popular. But in my research and experience I have found Raman Ayanamsa is the correct one. Moreover in calculating dasas only 360 days year should be used and not the conventional 365 days year. That is why there is difference in the calculations submitted by Alexander and those of mine. I hope this answers J C also.

        1. So as per you James ,djokos bad period starts from Jan 2023 is it and chances to win slams significantly reduce from next Jan?

          1. Sanju Djokovic will start sadesati in full force from january 23 and so his domination will not be there anymore but that does not mean he will not win anymore slams.

          2. That is why I’m predicting Djokovic and Nadal to finish with 23 slams each of them. Shani Sade Sati for Djokovic and Nadal turns 37 Next year. Oldest player to win a SLAM in OE was Rosewall at 37. Ominous.

  29. Sinner, standing to the expectations… After being down 1-4 and a break point in the 1st set, came back roaring to take it 7-5. Add to that, he is now up a break in the 2nd. Has complete control so far over Novak!!!

  30. Can Novak do it for the 7th time in his career, winning the match after being down two sets to love!!! He is very much capable of doing it but looks completely distraught and in disbelief at the moment.

  31. Taylor Fritz has a chance. My prediction he will win against Nadal. I am rooting for a new unexpected champion.

      1. It would be a tall order to beat Nadal, who never gives up, no matter what the situation! I doubt whether Fritz can do this – but from a tennis perspective, he does have some good pedigree on grass and has also beaten Nadal at Indian Wells….

        1. I thought Nadal would lose. Both players played amazingly – now, I read Nadal pulled out. Nick just might be the one this year.

  32. Mr James Green,

    Your thoughts on Nadal vs Fritz QF ???

    We are all looking forward to reading your points.

    1. He ain’t going anywhere!!
      Him and Djokovic need to reach final so Nadal can be the upset older winner!!

    1. I don’t believe on 90% of Indian Astrologers n particularly Tarot Card Readers. Saying that there are very good, honest genuine astrologers as well.

      I checked the link and couldn’t see the date of her post. It might be a gimmick to atract more customers.

      If you see the prediction of Sally, Juan, Javier, you can see the date when they have predicted. In fact, we all await for their predictions desperately.

      1. By the way, the date is 3rd July, mentioned at the bottom of the article. But I don’t know a thing about tarot reading. She doesn’t really pick between Novak and Nadal.

        I think it is less to do with Indian or non-Indian. In general, there are quite a few astrologers out there whose accuracy is maybe not that good or consistent. There are some pretty good Indian astrologers. All of them may not be interested in sports.

        It’s not an exact art or science and depends on individual ability to understand, interpret and probably a lot also depends on presence of mind and experience.

        Just think of it as a forecast. Just like weather forecasts are not always correct, nor are astrological predictions. 😀

        1. Absolutely agree with you. It’s a forecast n we have to behave based on that.

          What surprises me is thar some of here has put Jsmes Green on Top of the Pedestal. These same people used to admire Sally n now changed their colors.

        2. Updated by Vishal on the bottom of the page, lol…

          Check the website, completely fishy…no contact details….selling amulets, talismans…

          Being an Indian, I’m sure you must be aware of these kind of millions of fraud sites….

  33. Nadal is going against fritz in today’s quater finals
    As it is the 2nd match on center court one cannot say when the match will start. Moreover fritz birthtime is also not available. But with these limitations I do make a prediction that nadal will win the match because moon during the approximate time of the match will be close to nadal’s progressed MC and Jupiter will be Aspecting nadal’s natal part of fortune very closely. Mars exactly over nadal’s natal moon can cause an injury to flair up or it can give tremendous mental energy to fight. Mars is also in an exact trine to nadal’s Natal MC. So unless fritz has some extra ordinary astrology nadal will win the match.

      1. Lesley Jackson

        I honestly don’t know how he managed that. Vamos Rafa!

        What do you see for the match against Kyrgios James and Sally? You were both right about injury flare up. Great work.

    1. Wow what a specific prediction. Injury did flare up and he did also show tremendous mental energy to fight.

  34. Hi Sally,

    Just wanted to know that does the astrology of Nadal helps him to become so lucky n get some support from chair umpires.

    At the 1st game of 2nd set, commentators including Nadal’s good friend Feliciano Lopez said that he is taking 30 seconds between serves (even though umpire starting the stop watch late for him) and still no warning, the umpire is lenient to him.

    And the same was said by commentators during AO & FO and many other tournaments.

    Does any particular planet helps you to be lucky n get biased support.

    1. @ Nikhil Bora There is always an umpire to decide about the time clock . His / Her decision is official.
      In my honest opinion , it is much better and less annoying than taking lengthy “ washroom breaks “ when in the verge of losing a match .

      1. You mean to say violating time between serve rule from the day it was implemented, is fine ????

        I know it’s umpires call but fo you know who appoints the umpires ?

        And finally, do you mean to say the time clocks are also wrong?

        1. Lesley Jackson

          Oh dear you obviously dislike Nadal and you’re annoyed he’s won through. Why not pick up on the fact he doesn’t argue with umpires or smash racquets etc?

          Regardless he’s fantastic. A real champion and without doubt the GOAT 😀

          1. @ Lesley Jackson You must also add , and this is very significant ….
            always taking lengthy “ washroom breaks “ or MTO when in the verge of losing a match !

          2. @ Lesley Jackson Sorry , correction please .
            I must say …..
            …. NOT always taking lengthy “ washroom breaks “ or MTO when in the verge of losing a match !

        2. I think shot clock is just a guideline and not a mandatory violation. The umpire considers all circumstances and then takes a decision. Probably.

        3. @Nikhil Bora You can complain to whoever runs ATP or ITF . They are the right avenues / people to vent your anger and disgust about the their rules .
          Meanwhile , we are NOT the ones to decide about it .
          What are the umpires for ?
          Maybe you can ask yourself the same question .

      2. @Nikhil Bora Even Federer is NOT friends with Djokovic or his family. It is well known that their families dislike each other , most especially Djokovic’s dad. Maybe Federer can’t bring himself to believe that Djokovic has been sent by God to rule the tennis world and that he is Jesus . This is according to Djokovic’s dad .

        1. Djkovic is the GOAT…The Legend…..

          Astrology predicts but will power is beyond Astrology. And Djkovic has proved that.

          1. Will power of Rafa is out of this world, Novak is no where near him, Rafa is a gentleman, does not show his frustration by breaking rackets, Novak can win matches but cannot win hearts. More importantly, he is one of the GOAT but not the only one. At the moment, Rafa is way better than him.

            Talking about serve time, count the number of bounces Novak gives before serve, you will understand he is also taking equal time as Rafa.

            Same with medical breakouts, even Federer also used medical breakouts for his benefit. Novak also used it against Rafa in one of the slams final while he was losing but after that break he came out winning.

            So keep facts with you and then speak!!!

  35. Nadal won the thriller. What a match? As Sally predicted it was an exciting match to watch. Thanks Sally. Congratulations for the prediction of this match’s winner James.

    1. Lesley Jackson

      Pretty much like Novak yesterday. Being thrashed and li and behold off for a ‘comfort’ break and comes back a different player. Incredible!

      1. Lesley Jackson

        Yes Djokovic. He used to be known for retiring injured. He now takes breaks when losing and returns and wins. What you are attempting to say about Rafa applies to Novak. Put your bias aside and just enjoy the tennis.

      2. No, but Nadal comes back serving 100 mph for the rest of the match, Fritz just did nothing with those softball serves. Djokovic on the other hand comes back and all of a sudden is able to read player’s serves when he is butchering second serves for 2 sets. I can’t stand this bias, whichever side of the fence people sit on (with the big 3) it is like they are completely blind to what their player miraculously does and quick to judge the other for the littlest thing. I am not saying Nadal can’t or doesn’t fake or more like over blow some ailments. But today he was consistent, he served badly for the rest of the match besides 4 to 5 serves late in the 5th. He went for a few in a tight game but they were only 115, not 125 like he can do. The rest of his game was solid before and after the timeout but he was never working the point with his brute force as he can point in and point out. He just went after some opportunities when they presented themselves. But the groundstrokes never seemed hindered as much by the injury even at the peak just before the injury timeout. I would say maybe the first 3 games after coming back from the timeout he was careful but nothing seemed abnormal. And let’s see what he does (what happens) for the rest of the tournament before we cast judgment.

    2. Stop talking non sense, if you are taking medical time out, it is not affecting the rhythm of the opponent, you still have to go there and fight.. rather than hating anybody, admire how he managed to win from the jaws of defeat.

      1. Accept you are talking nonsense.

        Which player on the planet takes more than 30 seconds for serve ?

        Even his friend Feliciano Lopez commented about it.

        1. @ Nikhil Bora Your idol Djokovic is also taking way too long to serve .
          Why not comment on that so argument can have credibility and truth ?
          Right now , all I can is that you are so bitter and upset that Nadal won .
          Look in the mirror first before judging someone .
          If you are an astrologer , I will NEVER believe your predictions as you’re extremely biased and discriminatory .

          1. Amando,

            Nikhil idol is Federer not Djokovic. He is not able to digest that Nadal and Djokovic success as they will be much ahead of Fed especially Nadal. Hence he is bitter and accusing them left right centre w/o any proof. This is highly low level fanaticism.

  36. Dear James green,

    what a spot on prediction about Rafa vs Fritz match, the match was played the way you predicted!!! Hats off to you.

    I am really concerned about Rafa’s injury, he himself confirmed after the match that he was thinking to withdraw many times during the match but as you said, it gave tremendous mental strength to him and he successfully came through.

    Do you still stick to your prediction that Rafa will win this Wimbledon? How do you see his injury? Can he be ready to step out on court in the semi final or he will withdraw before the match??

    Practically, as we all know, he is the greatest fighter and I don’t think he will give up. Still want to hear from you based on your astrological prediction, can he still has luck in his favour to go all the distance?

    1. As John McEnroe has said recently , we are tired of hearing about his injuries. He actually wanted to say something which he couldn’t.

      And he had also doubted during 2010 US Open.

      1. What about me? 🙂 I also pointed out that Nadal has a secondary “Wounding” star and a secondary “Broken” star in his career house this month based on Tse Wei astrology.

        I’m glad he pulled off a win. As I said, he has some strong, helpful main stars in his self house and career house and those should help him to overcome the challenges. It’s proven right for this match. We’ll see whether it will continue.

          1. 🙂 I haven’t predicted him winning the Wimbledon yet. I haven’t charted everyone else. I’ll chart the other player if Nadal reaches the final.

            What I see in Nadal’s chart is that he has great astrology this year, the best astrology in the 12-year cycle. For this month, he has very good astrology as well but those two stars will bother him. The Wounding star clearly means injury. I’m more concerned about the Broken star. It can be interpreted in many different ways. I hope it doesn’t mean broken dream.

            OTOH, he has a pair Ascension stars, one in this month’s self house and it trines the other one in his career house. That’s great for elevation of status. He also has a pair of talent stars, one in self house and it trines the other one in the career house. This means his talent will shine and he can pass any “test”. He also has two Helper stars in these two houses, one in self and one in career. So there are a lot of great stars to help him overcome those two pesky stars.

          2. @ J C Today was the biggest test so far for Nadal . As you mentioned and James green , too , the injury would not be a hindrance for him to winning all the way as he has more powerful and stronger stars/ planets in his astrology.
            Hopefully, the injury is a muscle strain and not a tear . He will know tomorrow after the scan and will make the decision about the SF.
            Can you see anything about it ?

        1. Congratulations to you , James Green and Sally ! Even injuries can be predicted by astrology .
          Spot on !
          Hopefully , his abdominal injury can be fixed in time for the SF on Friday .

  37. Hi James,

    Nadal scrapped through but said he has an ab issue ,took medical timeout, also said ‘ let me see if I am able to play the semi ‘

    Are u still standing by him winning Wimby ? Do you see him withdrawing ? I don’t know how an injured rafa with 95 mph serves can get past kyrgios or Novak

    1. Don’t worry, he can…

      There are medical miracles in tennis which is hardly checked. Like Agassi who had medical miracles.

      1. @ Nikhil Bora How about Djokovic’s use of EGG CVAC to recover faster and regulate the oxygen content of his blood ?
        I bet he will be using his EGG CHAMBER again after his 5-setter against Sinner.

  38. Tennis as a sport has become really predictable and dare I say boring? Woof. The good news is that Djokovic and Nadal won’t be winning slams after 2024 for age and astrological reasons. So, just a couple more years and their reign of terror will be over. Like I read on another forum, Tennis needs CPR!

    1. Lesley Jackson

      Boring Sampras – serve volley, point over? I don’t think so. Agassi yes but everyone was so bored with Sampras on grass.

    2. Don’t agree with the “PED injected players” comment, Nikhil. It’s not proven, and supposedly WTA and ATP and grand slam organizers test players very routinely.

      It’s not fair nor respectful to the players to cast such allegations without proof. They all work so hard behind the scenes and deserve much better than to be accused of doping.

        1. I refresh but can still see it? I was referring to Nikhil Bora’s 6th July 2022 at 8:26 PM post re “Not PED injected players, standing near the linesman.”

          1. Sally Kirkman

            Yes, I know. I’ve just opened the site in a new window and it’s gone? It wasn’t the only comment I deleted.

  39. So, let’s take stock of the situation for Djokovic.
    I consider him, as I believe all of us, already in the final because it seems very unlikely that Norrie could worry him too, he had a better astrology.
    But observing the transits of day 10, that is to say that of the final at 15, we see that for Nole the transit Moon falls at 3 ° 22 of Sagittarius, that is almost exactly opposite to his natal Sun.
    It clearly seems to me a rather bad symptom for him, regardless of who he faces in the final.
    When two cards are drawn, in my opinion the calculation should always be made for both “extremes”, ie beginning and end. Obviously to have a more complete picture possible.
    True as we have repeated a thousand times that he has a transit of Jupiter on his native Moon, but I would not swear that this is enough.
    Although clearly, making an academic speech, transit Jupiter on the luminaries can only bring abundance, expansion and serenity.
    But in the light of the facts, unfortunately I myself have verified that this is not always the case.

    Then, regardless of astrological considerations, Nole is clearly not in a good moment, meaning herself mentally and psychologically.
    So, I have serious doubts that he will be able to take the trophy home.
    I sincerely hope I’m completely wrong, being a fan of him.

    1. I have a completely different view, Andreas, and I don’t know how you can see Djokovic in a mentally bad moment? What makes you think so?

      A win after 0-2 gives tremendous confidence and when you look at all his 5 performances, Djokovic fully convinced. You have to admit Sinner played his part to win two sets and Novak showed several times in recent Slams that this kind of comeback can mentally excel him to even greater highs.

      Regarding the Moon, we will see how he will handle the Opposition to his Sun which vanishes in the run of the final and makes place to a Moon Moon trine. Nadal on the other sind has the Moon run into Saturn during the match. Djokovic for me clear Championship favorite.

      1. Of course, both has to win another match before. We should show respect to Norrie and Kyrgios. Sinner and Fritz showed us what can happen.

      2. It makes me think because I think I know him well enough, even psychologically.
        And I can assure you that he is not in a good state of shape, obviously meaning mental.
        And just remember how he lost to nadal at the RG, practically resigned despite all the opportunities he has had.
        Never seen in that state, and in front of a nadal certainly not irresistible.
        Even with Sinner he was absolutely not a great Nole, but not even in the last 3 sets.
        He won only by experience and because he certainly has more mental strength than Sinner. But he is a long way from that very high standard of him.
        Everything that happened to him this year, at the AU open and from then on, it is clear that he had an impact on him and a lot in every sense, it was inevitable.
        However, I did not say that he will lose for sure, mind you … I said that I have no good forebodings and the astrology of the final with this moon in opposition seems to confirm them.
        Delighted to be proved wrong.

  40. Hi Sally,
    my opinion is that you are the best, and thank you very much for the predictions.
    Can someone predict Nadal Kyrgios match ?

  41. Let me astrologically analyse yesterday quarter finals between nadal and fritz. The match started at 3.09 pm with 10degrees of libra rising and 21.21 degree of cancer as MC. The favorite is denoted by Ascendent and venus the ruling planet placed in the 8th house but own sighn. The challenger is denoted by 7th house where it’s Lord Mars was placed denoting a formidable challenger. At 1st glance it looks like the challenger should win. But the MC ruler moon is directly aspected by Jupiter giving a nod towards the favorite. So nadal won after a mighty struggle.

    1. Fritz had the Sun entering 1,0 degrees orb of a square to natal Saturn. I knew he would fail in spite of 5-4 up Set 4 with that transit.

  42. This is an astrology blog and comments should be only on astrology aspects or other occult science as to why a player may or may not win. I have noticed fans of players making bad remarks of other players and fans of each players fighting it out among themselves. I give my astrology predictions purely based only on astrology factors whether the predictions turn out to be right or wrong. I hope the fight among the fans of different players stop.

      1. Hello sanju I cannot say whether nadal will withdraw or play. But in case nadal plays nadal is more likely to win. But i would like to know the start time of the match.

        1. According to spanish media, he decided to play the SF despite having a 7mm abdominal rupture (early tests revealed). His doctor is with him in Wimbledon so I guess they will find a way to protect the muscle so that it doesn’t tear the muscle much longer. I suppose he will need to modify his serve. Still he has quality enough to win from the baseline. Let’s see

          1. Ahh, James. About the start time it’s not defined yet but in principle it should start after the first SF. I calculate around 16.30-17.00.

        2. Lesley Jackson

          His dr is with him. He was sat in his box yesterday but not allowed to tend to him during a match as that has to be one of the tour medics.

          Match is 2nd semi final tomorrow as just seen order of play.

        3. @ James green It’s 3:30 PM , London , UK . It’s the second match in Center Court ; hence , it may be delayed depending on the first match.
          How will Nadal’s injury affect him ? It’s 7mm tear in his abdomen.
          According to your original prediction , he could overcome it .
          His doctor is with him . Nadal is using everything , fighting hard for his chances .
          He has two more matches , but those are the most important and dangerous ones .
          How is astrology seeing it ?

  43. Patrick says

    6th July 2022 at 9:23 PM

    I have a completely different view, Andreas, and I don’t know how you can see Djokovic in a mentally bad moment? What makes you think so?

    A win after 0-2 gives tremendous confidence and when you look at all his 5 performances, Djokovic fully convinced. You have to admit Sinner played his part to win two sets and Novak showed several times in recent Slams that this kind of comeback can mentally excel him to even greater highs.

    Regarding the Moon, we will see how he will handle the Opposition to his Sun which vanishes in the run of the final and makes place to a Moon Moon trine. Nadal on the other sind has the Moon run into Saturn during the match. Djokovic for me clear Championship favorite.

    I agree

    Djokovic to win Wimbledon.

    1. The official start time for Nadal’s match is 10:30 EST so it’s 15:30 London time. That’s if the earlier match can finish in time.

    1. Djokovic will win Wimbledon.

      US Open winner will be one of the younger players:


        1. We may find out tomorrow – Norrie could win. He meets Nick – one of these two players is a surprise. If Novak wins tomorrow, Nick is the definite surprise. What’s your take?

          1. Saw Marjorie Orr’s analysis of Nick’s chart on her website. She says transiting Uranus will be square his Mars in Leo. Could he be the surprise winner?

    2. Hallo Sanju. Yes, it is there in Wimbledon. It is in Spanish sport press media. Even today he was following the training this morning. His name is Dr. Ángel Ruiz Cotorro. cheers.

    3. But who can now believe in nadal’s injuries … but let’s not joke, let’s have a laugh on it.
      If what he and his staff stated were true, he would practically be a cripple who should be held up with a stick, and I mean a “normal” person.
      And instead we are talking about one that has been going on since 2005, the year they say about the detection of the disease, at the highest sporting levels running as hard as I can !!! …. We are not ridiculous, please.

      This is the declared problem of nadal to the foot, diagnosis made by a distinguished doctor:

      “Müller-Weiss syndrome is a very particular degenerative disease, as well as rare:” It is so rare that even in the scientific literature many publications are case reports or case histories of a few patients (4-5); among the best known there is one study of the 1950s with 56 cases and two studies by Maceira of which the most recent and most important reported in the literature in 2004 of 191 cases out of 101 patients “, explains Dr. Alfieri Montrasio, who adds:” What little is known is that generally, women are more affected, with an incidence of 70%, again according to the few studies conducted to date. The average age of onset of Müller-Weiss syndrome is around 45 years, and more generally between 40 and 60 years “. For this reason, Nadal’s case is even more particular, given the male sex and his young age. “This disease is characterized by the fragmentation and necrosis of the tarsal or navicular scaphoid which over the years leads to an arthritic process of those joints that rotate around the scaphoid itself”, explains the orthopedist.
      But post-traumatic osteonecrosis has also been hypothesized, perhaps after repeated microtraumas. Or a slowing down of the ossification process of the scaphoid. All bones, in fact, start from a cartilage phase and then, with growth, they ossify. In the case of Müller-Weiss syndrome there is a significant slowdown in the maturation process of the scaphoid. In the long term, the scaphoid, subjected to stress, loses its elasticity and fragments, collapses, dislocates itself “.

      Now tell me how it would be possible, since 2005, to have only been able to take the field once, not to continue for another 17 years! …
      Let’s be serious and reasonable, not just hardcore fans, thank you.

      1. Lesley Jackson

        You are still carrying this on when you have been asked not to. Unless you wish to discuss the astrology of the matches and maybe learn from different techniques you should take your comments elsewhere.

        We will lose this brilliant and fun forum because of all this arguing over favourite players.

        Myself and others would be very interested in the astrological predictions for the upcoming semi finals, not having to read various conspiracy theories regarding the top players.

        1. It is you who come here and never, ever have I seen you make comments on astrology and predictions of any kind, and instead now you tell this to others … curious as what. This is to be clear.
          I’ve always done them, and everyone knows it.
          I only did this to clarify those things, of which I am more than sure.

      2. Muller Weiss is a “degenerative” disease. It’s not breaking of the bone at once. The particular bone dies slowly because it can’t get enough blood into that bone. This American foot doctor explains the condition in this video:


        In earlier stages, it can be helped with shoes. Last year Rafa’s doctor injected blood directly into the bone. That seems temporary. The last resort will be fusing the bones so that bone can get blood from other bones. But if he has surgery like that, he’ll not be able to play tennis again. Tennis requires flexibility in the foot. He’s trying everything in order to avoid the surgery.

        This is not a medical site. For a non-medical person, which I believe includes all of us here, to second guess a medical diagnosis is disrespectful and excercise in futility.

      3. @ Andreas You are making an embarrassment of yourself with your hatred for Nadal and your biased analysis .
        Tell me , who would still believe you ?
        Your credibility is shattered now and posters here know it .
        I wonder if you could fix it , which I seriously doubt .
        I , for one , will NEVER believe anything that comes from you .

        1. 691 / 5.000
          Risultati della traduzione
          Hate for nadal ?! 🙂 .. you really make me smile.
          Rest assured that if my credibility does not exist for you, let alone mine for you.
          Never seen an astrological comment of some kind made that made sense, if you ever did it anyway.
          It is you who are a nadal fanatic and you prove it with this comment, because you do not accept the slightest criticism against him and you get upset instantly.

          Read the comments of the experts and hear what they say: it is impossible not only to do sports, and at the highest levels then, but even to walk with such a syndrome.
          So your idol certainly has some foot problem, but certainly not serious, this is all too obvious only you can deny it.

          1. @Andreas I’m NOT an astrologer , so I don’t do predictions.
            I follow astrology/astrologers and their predictions . Hence , I know who are biased and who are credible … not letting their preferences and emotions get the upper hand in making predictions. I don’t count you as one of them , that is , if you are truly an astrologer .
            I’d say its sad , better yet , cruel to laugh at Nadal’s injuries . It’s a pattern of behavior among Djokovic’s fans .
            You have just proven it more !

          2. @ Andreas You are implying that Nadal is faking his injuries .
            Laughing at and making mockeries out of it is not only cruel but brutal !
            And it will never be considered the “ slightest criticism “ .
            Hope you find peace in your heart not hatred , especially now that Nadal has withdrawn from the tournament with his “ fake “ injury .
            I totally lose respect for you .

          3. Just because you talked about astrology here doesn’t excuse you for trolling Nadal fans. Why don’t you asked the foot doctor who made the YouTube video I posted above whether Nadal “fakes” his foot injury? Impress him with your doctor degree and medical knowledge. Don’t show it off to us. We’re laymen. We can’t recognize medical genius when we see it.

            BTW, have you worked out this basic question: What’s the benefit for Nadal to fake an injury for 17 years? Since 2005, he had to be absent from 9 Grand Slam tournaments and withdraw from another 2 to “fake” an injury. That’s 11 chances he missed. He didn’t get free games for being injured. So what’s the benefit to “fake an injury”? Gaining sympathy? He’s already one of the most popular tennis player ever. With Federer out, he’s THE most popular player in ATP. Why does he have to fake injury to gain sympathy? Plus, he can win far more popularity by winning GSs.

            If you can’t answer this simple question, don’t be surprised when no one takes your conspiracy theory seriously. Yes, it’s a conspiracy theory. Nadal would have to have all those clinics, doctors in on the plot in order to keep faking it for all these years without any press finding out about it.

  44. Just gone through the posts since Rafa’s winning moment. Time and again it’s been said that this is a forum where one’s astrological views on GS winner are shared and discussed. We as a regular reader of this blog really respect and support the astrologers even when they aren’t right.
    I request all to not respond to the hatred comments of players especially Rafa. Let them (Rafa haters) shout as they can’t digest the fact that Rafa’s determination and dedication towards the sport had made him a likeable personality. We (Rafa fans) respect Roger & Novak for their contribution to the sport. Doesn’t matter what others have for Rafa. Rafa is Rafa. THE LEGEND.

    1. I disagree. There are plenty of sports sites and Twitter for partisan fans to trash talk or debate who’s the GOAT. All sport site covering tennis are like that. This is Sally’s blog. She provides a place to forecast based on astrology. She didn’t set this up as another sports blog. This is NOT a “public forum.”

      And that poster in question disrespected Sally. After Sally deleted his posts, he came back in and posted similar comments even though he knew Sally deleted his earlier posts. That’s desrespectful. He’s clearly trolling. He deserves being banned. BTW, Sally may retire this blog exactly because managing trolls like this is too much for her.