Wimbledon Mens Tennis 2014

Novak DjokovicUpdate July 6th 2014: Thrilled that my prediction was correct and Novak Djokovic won his 2nd Wimbledon title. Plus Federer was my no. 2 and he played a stunning match in the final. Mercury Retrograde seemed to jinx both Andy Murray & Rafael Nadal as their fortunes changed once Mercury turned.

Two out of two for me – Djokovic to win Wimbledon 2014 & Nadal to win French Open 2014. If I’m going to stop predicting the tennis, I’m certainly going out on a high. Let’s see what the future holds…

So far 2014 has been a good year for my tennis predictions. Stanislas Wawrinka was one of my wild card picks who I thought was worth a punt at the Australian Open 2014 and I was right as he beat Rafael Nadal in the final. Then I chose Nadal to win the French Open 2014 and again a correct prediction.

Even the tennis tournaments leading up to Wimbledon have aligned with the astrology nicely as I’ve been saying for a while that I thought Roger Federer would have a stunning year in 2014. He won the Gerry Weber final on June 15th 2014  (see pic on left) and he’s become a father to a second set of twins and now has two girls age 5 and two boys born earlier this year.

I also picked out Grigor Dimitrov as one to watch this year and he won at Queens, again on June 15th 2014. Jupiter, the success planet, was in play in Dimitrov’s chart and applying to a conjunction with his natal Mars (exact on June 19th 2014).

So here goes for Wimbledon 2014:

There are a couple of ways of predicting sport using astrology. The first is to draw up a chart that symbolises the start of the tournament. It shows you where the planets are and you use this map symbolically to give you clues as to how the tournament may play out. Personally I also draw up the chart for the final and use that map in conjunction with the chart for the start of the tournament to make my prediction.

The second is to look at the transits for each of the top player’s charts, i.e. timing. This means you check whether the (mostly good) planets in the heavens are triggering key planets in a player’s natal chart which is deemed lucky. Now timing isn’t a given, e.g. you have a fantastic Jupiter transit, therefore success will be handed to you on a plate. As most astrologers working today would agree, success is a mixture of fate and free will. You can’t win a top championship if you’re injured or your motivation is lacking but when you have ‘lucky stars’, you go all out to make the most of them.

Here’s the chart for Wimbledon 2014:

Wimbledon Astrology Chart 2014

Mercury is a powerful planet in the chart as it rules both the Ascendant and the Midheaven and although it’s in Gemini, the sign most closely associated with tennis, Mercury remains retrograde as the tournament begins. It’s also void of course, i.e. it makes no further aspects before it turns direct at 24 Gemini 23 on July 1st 2014. It has to be said, this is tricky to interpret but I suspect that things may not go according to plan throughout the tournament. There may be more disruption than usual or problems with ticket sales/transport and even some freak weather.

Both Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray  have key planets at 26 Gemini: Andy’s Mars, the competitive planet, is at 26 Gemini 22 in his 10th house ruling his career and Rafael’s Mercury is at 26 Gemini 19. What’s really interesting about this is that on the day of the final, July 6th 2014, (see below for the Wimbledon final chart) Mercury at 25 Gemini 25 is returning to the same point in the heavens and is within 1 degree, i.e. within orb of their respective planets.

I can’t see this is good news for either player as Mercury retrograde caught out Novak Djokovic in the French Open tennis final on June 7th 2014 (see my recent article – Astrology of the French Tennis Open 2014). There’s often an ‘about-turn’ theme when Mercury is retrograde and there are rarely any guarantees.

You then consider the Moon and see what’s happening with her. The Moon is in Taurus, a safe harbour, and is applying to an opposition with Saturn. This can be interpreted in different ways, e.g. it may favour the older player (Federer?) or the established top four or it may be a boring Wimbledon (heavens forbid!).

The Moon’s next aspect is a sextile to Jupiter in Cancer, it’s last aspect before it leaves Taurus which is always significant. I wonder whether this gives a nod to the favourite and the no. 1 seed at Wimbledon is Djokovic. Plus the chart for the final has Jupiter slap bang on the Midheaven (see below) and again I suspect this points to the favourite.

The only question mark with Djokovic is whether his wrist is pain-free. He had to pull out of the Boodles tennis tournament which ran from 17th-21st June 2014 and this coincided with Uranus square his Ascendant by transit, exact on June 18th 2014. The Ascendant rules the physical body and Uranus is often a date-specific transit. I hope he’s fit because I think it’s his turn to win. He’s had so many runner-up spots over the last two years whilst Saturn has been in Scorpio, the sign on his Midheaven, and I would love for him to finally beat an opponent in a Grand Slam final.

Djokovic’ favourite surface isn’t grass and of course it benefits the grass court maestro, Roger Federer. As some of you know, I am a huge Federer fan and it was thanks to Roger (and an even bigger Federer fan, my friend Bianca) that my tennis predictions began in Wimbledon 2012. The astrology for Federer’s win at Wimbledon 2012 was stunning; Jupiter applying to a conjunction of his Gemini Midheaven on the day of the Wimbledon final.

It was only part way through the tournament that I realised that Murray had almost exactly the same Midheaven, although 1 degree later. As it transpired, they both reached the final but Jupiter reached Federer’s Midheaven first and he won.

Federer has some lovely astrology this year as mentioned but it’s slightly frustrating that the best astrology doesn’t coincide with the Grand Slam tournaments. I would love him to win Wimbledon one last time but with no stunning astrology for any of the big Four, I think the astrology favours the no. 1 seed so my prediction for 2014 will be Novak Djokovic. Let’s hope his wrist holds up and he can conquer the grass courts of Wimbledon!

Here’s the chart for the Wimbledon final:

Wimbledon Final 2014

Note also the Mars-Uranus opposition cutting across the Ascendant/Descendant axis of the chart. Mars/Uranus aspects have a similar feel to Mercury retrograde and you can’t count out injury/accidents marring the tournament. The plus side of Mars/Uranus is a super-aggressive final and he who fights hardest wins.

Bring on the tennis!

p.s. I haven’t had chance to check out other tennis players’ stars for Wimbledon. If I see anything outstanding, I shall post it in the comments section below.

Astrology Data

Novak Djokovic, b. May 22 1987, 11:25 pm, Belgrade, Yugoslavia

Rafael Nadal, b. June 3 1986, 6:20 pm, Manacor, Spain

Andy Murray, b. May 15 1987, 2:10 pm, Glasgow, UK

Roger Federer, b. August 8 1981, 8:40 am, Basel, Switzerland

[photo courtesy of the Roger Federer blog]

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  1. Hi Sally,

    Thanks for your analysis.
    So are you completely discarding Federer’s chance ??

    Best Regards,

  2. Hi Sally.

    Thank u for putting this astrology up for us. I will miss your astrology after Wimbledon.

    Could u please tell u me when u got time, will Roger win anymore GS? U said that his astrology is good but when G S come the astrology is not so good. Will 2015 be a good year for Roger? We all want good news for him and us as fans.

    Thank u so much

    1. hi Richard Krajicek, the astrology says his best months coming up are September 2014, February/March & May 2015. One last blast for a Grand Slam perhaps? best, Sally

      1. Sally,

        If he has good astrology in September, US Open falls in Sep and French Open Falls in May of 2015. So does this mean he has a crack at Grand Slam?

        1. I’d love to see Federer win another Grand Slam. It’s not 100% guarantee sadly as you can’t discount his age and therefore will he be as fit as some of the younger players? He’s playing brilliantly so far at Wimbledon so keep the faith, Federer fans! best, Sally

        2. Thanks Sally. Particularly interested in the Djokovic vs Tsonga match. Should prove interesting.
          Thanks for all your hard work!

          1. Deidre, I am almost beside myself waiting for the Djokovic/Tsonga match. I have a feeling it will be epic. Really interesting astrology going on. Becker, Djokovic coach, has Jupiter exactly on his Moon in Cancer today (is this his protegee doing well? will a Djokovic win give Becker a huge bonus as his Moon is in the 8th house ruling joint finances?). However, Djokovic currently has Uranus square his Ascendant and he entered the competition with news of a recent wrist injury, he then fell & hurt his shoulder in his last match. Plus another astrologer has pointed out that Mercury is turning direct right now opposite his Uranus. So he’s got it all going on and an injury is not out of the question!! Plus Tsonga has some beautiful progressions this year which either mean he’s doing really well in life or he’s going to win Wimbledon. Progressions play out over a few months so aren’t time specific and he doesn’t have astrology which leaps out for Wimbledon, but it’s possible. Phew… the heavens are keeping us astrologers on our toes. best, Sally

  3. Thank you Sally. Have loved your tennis predictions. Au revoir! I’m hoping that because you’re finishing on mercury retrograde it means you’ll get inspired to write again one day! 🙂

    1. hi Emely, thank you. You may be right! I’m sure if the astrology calls me, I’ll be sharing my predictions but no promises! best, Sally

  4. Thank you Sally have loved all of your tennis predictions. It’s not easy putting yourself out there for all to see. Readers have made mamy demands of you unfairly but unfortunately that is the the flaw of the human spirit. I think Murray should have a good tournament he is a great player but I’m hoping if Djokovic makes the final he takes the title. So glad to hear there is a glimmer of hope for him. Farewell, maybe there is a slim chance that this will not be your last prediction as many of us enjoy your tennis articles.

    1. Thank you, Shelley. Much appreciated. I’m not going away altogether so we’ll see where the stars take me… best, Sally

  5. Hi Sally,

    Rafa is highly thirst to win Wimbledon,Federer has a chance as rafa,Novak and murry does not have consistency on this year but again a age factor is biggest obstacle for fedex,he could wind up before quarter final.either djoker or murray in
    final.In other hand if rafa beat stan in semi final he has a chance to clinch title.Once again djoker is odd man in final.final. Rafa has a best chance for to win Wimbledon third time and will get a record of winning three different slam in three different surface. Already he holds the record of winning two slam in three different surface no one touch the record so far.The best player rafa will this slam.
    Thanks and warm regards,
    Saravanan G

  6. Hi Sally
    thanks for your analysis.. and the work you put into it…
    @Saravanan G…do you do astrology too?

    1. This is astrology?! If you mean consultations, yes. I’ve had a wee break due to astrology writing but I’m back next month offering readings. best, Sally

        1. double lol! I completely misread your second sentence. I thought you were questioning whether the tennis predictions were astrology!

  7. Thanks Sally for your post. I read somewhere that Wawrinka has the best astrology to win the US Open. I hope you can predict the last slam of the year.
    Ignore the people who are getting mad and dont like the predictions you give freely for us.

    1. hi Steve, not going there unless the stars call me closer to the time but thank you for your comment and support. best, Sally

  8. Xenia Madison

    Great post Sally! I always enjoy your tennis posts.

    My hubby just asked, “Now does Nadal have a natal chart or a nadal (wink wink) chart. ;O Smart ass.

    1. No time sadly so only half a prediction possible. Nothing outstanding from his ‘day’ chart. best, Sally

  9. hi sally saturn retrogade and exactly aspects nadals mc. on the day of the final moon is in the 8th house from djokovics natal moon. so i think that if nadal and djokovic meet in the final nadal has the edge

    1. Interesting astrology. I’m not sure Nadal will make the final but I may be wrong. Thanks for your comment, James. best, Sally

  10. Hi Sally.

    I will your predictions after Wimbledon. Thank u for all your hard work.

    If you got time Sally, will Roger Federer have good astrology next year? Will he win any more GS? We want good astrology for Roger at GS. Fans like me would love to have good news and something to cheer about.

    Thank u so much Sally. Much much appreciated.

    1. hi Federer fan, you Federer fans are keen. Just replied to another fan to say his best months coming up are Sept 2014, Feb/March & May 2015 so if the stars align well, he’s in with a good chance. best, Sally

  11. Hello Dear Sally!

    Thanks for the prediction. Rafa has made it to the second round now and will play his 2012 conqueror Rosol next. If Rafa wins that battle, how do you see his chances in the coming rounds? Will he be able to top Federer in the semis?

    1. Sorry, I don’t look at each match in detail just the general theme for the tournament. He has the toughest draw, I think? Grass not his best surface so it will be tough but then again he’s a fighter. best, Sally

      1. Hi Sally,

        I do remember that in one of the posts in French open, you said that Djokovic does not have stars to win a grand slam in 2014.

  12. Hi Sally!! Thanks for all your predictions on tennis. Hope to see your predictions again. They seem much reliable compared with anyone else.


  13. Hi Sally,
    Now rafa win the second round defently he has tough draw he needs to face nishikori or roanic,the more he get pressurized the more he will come up.He will win title when he face the tough player.to answer to one of your fan Getsemaneh im not a astrologer but I can predict based on the people potential,if rafa
    cross the second round no one can stop him until he clinch the title.Even Djoker has toughest draw then nadal He needs to face G Simon or STAKHOVSKY OR BERDYCH THEY CAN GIVE BEST RESULT AGAINST DJOKER.
    Thanks and warm regards,
    saravanan G

    1. Both Nadal and Djokovic have been tested so far. Can’t say the same for Federer and Murray but it’s early days. best, Sally

  14. Sally you said during the FO that Djokovic doesn’t have convincing astrology in 2014 for a Grand Slam win.

    So how can he win Wimbledon then?

    1. Hi Kendra, as I mentioned in the Wimbledon article, you can base your predictions on transits to the natal chart or consider the chart for the start of the tournament. I have been swayed by Jupiter in the Wimbledon charts but you can’t deny that Saturn still close to Djokovic MC could be his downfall. I’m hoping not but time will tell. best, Sally

  15. Greenstone Lobo predicted that Becker would not have fruitful results while coaching Djokovic. That his association with Becker would actually result in further decline in Djokovic’s form. That Becker will not be able to do with Djokovic what Ivan Lendl has done with Andy Murray. Also that Djokovic himself is going through a middling phase of Saturn and 2014 can’t be his best year in career anyway. Also that It wouldn’t be surprising if the Serb and the German have an ugly fallout by the end of year 2014.


    1. Becker’s Saturn is on Novak’s Moon so yes, Novak might find Becker too controlling especially as Becker is a Scorpio. He’s an intense character, Mr Becker, just depends if that’s what Novak needs. Having said that, Becker’s Moon is at 26 Cancer 47 so Jupiter is exactly on it during the tournament. Is this his protegee winning the title?

      Weird synastry between Andy Murray and Amelie Mauresmo too, his new coach. His Pluto is exactly conjunct her Ascendant. It can indicate control but as it’s very close within 3′ arc, it could be a ‘psychic’ connection between the two. Plus her Venus is at 29 Gemini and his Mars is at 26 Gemini so they’re going to have fun together. We’ve already seen them smiling and laughing. She’s a Sun Cancer.

  16. Hi,

    Mostly sally prediction is accurate,this time also If Nadal and djokovic in final the astology favours to nadal im sure in that.

    Thanks and warm regards,
    saravanan G

      1. as per the sidereal astrology that i follow mars transiting the 10th house in djokovics chart is very good for playing excellent tennis and normally good for sucess. but saturn transiting the 8th from the natal moon coupled with moon also transiting the 8th from natal moon on the day of the final is not good for final success. on the day of the final moon is transiting the 8th from djokovics natal moon as it did on the day of the usopen final and as it happened for nadal on the day of the australian open final. that is why i feel that if both reach the final nadal has the edge.

          1. tennis fan nadal reaching semis is not 100 percent sure but if he reaches the semis he is my pick to lift the title.

  17. lol,I feel funny that almost everytime Sally predicted a possible GS win for Novak Djokovic,this same group of people stood up and showed their unsatifactions for Sally’s prediction in every aspect. I think it’s Sally’s business to predict,not yours. If you want player you like to win,then you should pray for him,you cannot force Sally to agree with you.
    I followed Sally’s blog for a while now,everytime when prediction time comes,Djokovic haters come.

    1. It’s not surprising as I think when you love a particular player in any sport, you become devoted to them and want to fight off the competition for them. No worries… it’s the way it goes and it just proves that passion is a huge part of any sport which is marvelous!

    1. For me, Rafa never looks easy on grass. My prediction is that Mercury retrograde on Rafa’s Mercury as the tournament began would impede his progress. So far, he seems to be playing just like Mercury retrograde, i.e. he loses the first set then turns it around. That’s possible too that he keeps turning it around but he’s not my fave to reach the final. best, Sally

  18. Sally – A big Thanks for posting your predictions…I have enjoyed them, but sad you will not be doing them in the future.

    I was very surprised when you picked Djokovic as the winner, because you had said in your “French Open post” that he does not have astrology for a GS win in 2014. Does Andy have any chance of making it to the Finals? Thx again!

    1. I may be going mad but I cannot find where I said that about Djokovic in 2014?! I didn’t say it in this year’s French Open tennis article? Andy and Federer are both flying right now; Djokovic and Nadal have struggled more but all four are in the final week. We shall soon see who’s going to come out on top and then we will know more. Sorry to be so cryptic but astrology works in mysterious ways… best, Sally

  19. Michelle Brown

    Hi Sally.

    I have my fingers crossed for a Nadal win. If not Rafa then I would rather see a Murray win. I am not a Federer or Djockovic fan (although all 4 of these top players are gentleman). Rafa’s passion and warrior spirit and mentality always appeals most to the scorpio in me.

    1. All four are such brilliant players and it’s amazing how they’ve dominated the Grand Slams for nigh on 10 years. I have loved them all over the last few years. I don’t have one particular favourite and I think they all deserve a medal for making men’s tennis so spectacular. We will look back on this period and feel humbled about how great they all were! best, Sally

  20. Sally, A huge thanks for posting the predictions! You will be greatly missed!

    I was very surprised to see you have picked Djokovic as the winner as you had mentioned in the French Open Post that he had no good astrology for a GS win this year. Do you see Andy making the Finals. THANKS!!!

    1. Where is this prediction? I can’t find it! Andy and Roger have both played flawlessly so far. Neither have been challenged greatly. Rafa will always struggle on grass and Djokovic has sometimes shown his dominance this Wimbledon, other times he’s played too many errors, but he has the toughest matches. Tsonga is going to be tough, tough, tough on Monday especially as Tsonga’s progressions are brilliant and a fellow astrologer has a bet on for him to win the tournament. It’s so wide open but I am rooting for my fave to win, Djokovic! best, Sally

  21. Today again, Rafa came from behind to win the match in 3rd round. I think that he is purposefully losing a set in every match to get used to the grass, after all match practice is the best practice!!! Now he has played plenty of games on centre court, perhaps the most and will feel confident as he has started to find his feet on grass. The way he played today in last 3 sets was superb. He is just getting better and better with every match.
    With Federer also in devastating form, sally we request you to please comment on Rafa vs Federer match. I know I am increasing your work, but still as a tennis fan and of course your true follower, request you to please check this astrologically and tell us.
    Many thanks !!!

    1. Thanks Kendra. I’ve found it. Well, I stand by the comment that his astrology isn’t convincing in 2014 for a Grand Slam win. Saturn close to the Midheaven, no major Jupiter transits to speak of. However… the beauty of astrology is that you can use it to look for the chinks of light along the way of a tough transit and we can all do that. If you’re having a Saturn transit that lasts for 12 months, I wouldn’t suggest you go to bed and do nothing all year. I’d look at when you have periods of brilliance amongst the dark and focus on those. I hope that makes sense.

      My prediction for Djokovic is based on the position of Jupiter in the Wimbledon chart picking out the no. 1 seed and I’m suggesting that’s one of those moments for Djokovic. Whether that’s enough, we’ll find out soon. I may be proved wrong. best, Sally

  22. I am sure, Djokovic will be eliminated by either cilic or Murray. Djokovic will not be there in the finals.

    1. Where do you see the Taurus, Byron? I also wondered about Federer with the Moon picking up Saturn (the older person) as it’s first aspect in the Wimbledon chart, although it is an opposition so not easy.

  23. Hi..!!!
    How r u sally? …. In your prediction for wimbledon 2014, you said that it favors the older player slightly. So does that mean federer has a real chance ?
    I know you picked “the favorite” to win this year’s wimby. But don’t u think after winning halle federer was considered to be “the favorite” for wimbledon rather than Djokovic?

    1. Thanks for your comment. Well, the favourite means no. 1 seed so it’s Djokovic for me but Federer’s stars are looking fab this year. best, Sally

  24. Hi Sally,

    Today djokovic might face the tough match with Tsonga and otherwise he is safe till semi final,Nadal has tough match from quarterfinal,Fedrer has tough match from tomorrow,Murray has togh job from today………………on a whole nadal overcome his obstacles and he will clinch the title…
    Thanks and warm regards,
    saravanan g

  25. Hi Saravanan,

    I see that you like Rafa very much. However, you simply claim without any reasons that Rafa wins . All others including Sally back up their claims with some reasoning – be it astrological or otherwise. Your comments are rather putting off others. You might want to participate in the forum by sharing your insights and asking questions – rather than just unidirectional about Nadal’s winning.

    BTW I am also Rafa’s fan. However, I listen to others who are not Rafa fans:-)


    1. hi Chandra, sometimes the love of a player takes over… as we all know too well. It does help to back it up with insight or reasons why but I don’t mind really. I love the tennis comments, all of them! best, Sally

  26. Just reading all the comments being thrown at Sally and no wonder she is losing interest in doing astrology for grand slam tennis. If others think they are wonderful astrologers why don’t you do your own blog and stop trolling her! Anyway back to the tennis. Sally you were right freak weather has caused disruption to the tournament. Because of the rain there is now a back log and Federer, Wawrinka and others will have to play three days in a row. As great of a player as Federer is I think if he makes the final he will be exhausted. This must be the saturn opposition moon aspect playing out. Murray and Djokovic’s half have so far been unaffected. Luck is with the number one seed and Murray happens to be on this side. Also Murray’s next match is against Dmitrov. I would say that Dmitrov has no chance but with mercury retrograde in the mix and now that he is working with Roger Rajeed I think he has a good chance of taking out Murray or at least making life difficult for him. Murray has looked excellent so far but he has barely had any competition and with Mercury retrograde it can cause him to have a lapse in concentration. In other words strange things can happen. Also Dmitrov is a sun sign Taurus so the astrology is picking him out as someone to watch as the Moon is in Taurus at the start of the tournament. Also, Murray appointed Mauresmo during Mercury retrograde which is the worst time to try anything new or sign contracts. As for Djokovic, the astrologer Greenstone Lobo predicted in 2012 that Djokovic would win more grand slams and dominate men’s tennis for a few more years so his best is still ahead of him. With Saturn on his midheaven he has had to work harder and experience disappointments but Saturn always leaves a reward eventually. I have no doubt that he will be in the final because Sally is right about the the number one seed being protected. Astrology is a mysterious language. We may not always get it right but the astrology is always correct. I think Sally has done an outstanding job of reading this language. It’s ashame that others are ruining the fun that many of us have engaging in her astrological predictions.

    1. Thank you Shelley. No worries about other peoples’ comments. It generates interest one way or another! Nice take on the astrology from you there and interesting what you say about Dimitrov being a Sun Sign Taurus. You know who else is? The 19 year old Nick Kyrgios! However, as you say it’s going to be so tough for him especially today having played a 4 setter against Nadal yesterday and the same for Federer. I’m still not sure how that happened as I thought the top seeds continued to play under cover? Anyway, yes, Djokovic and Murray must feel fresher and up for it. I’m not sure about Mercury retrograde now as it turned direct yesterday. Whether this changes the picture again, we shall see. If Murray did appoint Mauresmo during the Mercury retrograde period, then this does suggest things won’t work out between the two of them. I agree Murray hasn’t been challenged at all yet and isn’t Federer flying too… Bring on the rest of the tennis! best, Sally

    2. … Andy Murray is of course a Taurus if we’re working on the Moon in Taurus theory! Interesting that there are a few of them in the quarter finals. best, Sally

  27. Hi Sally,

    I like your site–it is unfortunate I discovered it so late. What do you think of Milos’ chances? What about the women’s chances (like Eugenie Bouchard)?


    1. Thanks for your comment. No worries about discovering the site late. I’m sure I will continue to predict the tennis when the passion grabs me. No time of birth for Raonic so it’s only half a prediction but nothing outstanding this year. He does have some key progressions but with no time of birth I don’t know whether they pick up his career/success planets. I don’t tend to look at the women’s tennis as there are so many more players vying for the top spot. Glad you found me! best, Sally

  28. Byron T Houson-Frederick

    Well said Shelly. There is one thing I could like you guys to answer me astrologically, if djokovic is play federer in final, whom does astrology favours? Cause apparently astrology is supporting both of them

    1. Correct. Astrologically they’re my no. 1 and 2 but I would still go with the favourite Djokovic, if he makes it… best, Sally

  29. ok just as Sally predicted Nadal is out. We will have to see how it plays out with the big three now.

    Mr.saravanan, what do you have to say now? You were pushing your agenda about Nadal winning without any astrological explanation about your ramblings.

    1. No worries, Deepak. Yes, Nadal is out. Wimbledon isn’t his tournament, he’s a French Open boy! best, Sally

  30. Byron T Houson-Frederick

    I love federer lol
    Roger: “famous with the spear”
    Federer: “who made quill pens”

    Meaning of my boy’s name

  31. Hi Sally,

    Nadal is out from the tournament,im not sure what sun,moon and star doing on final day.But i can say Murray will retain his trophy whoever comes opposite to his net.its murray or wawarinka or new comer final.Novak is oddman in final and fedex age factors bring them down.Its again based on stars prediction on the ground not in the sky.

    Thanks and warm regards,
    G Saravanan.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I understand you’re not basing your predictions on astrology but your own judgement or what other people are saying about the top four. We will soon find out who’s the new victor at Wimbledon. best, Sally

  32. Byron twain Houson-Frederick

    Saravann I seems you personally hate Federer
    But if its meant for him no man can tear it asunder

      1. Agreed. We all have our faves! I really didn’t want Tsonga to do well against Djokovic but then I felt mean because I really like Tsonga and think he’s a great player (plus rather sexy too!) Still glad Djokovic won though. best, Sally

  33. Sally: You’re so kind! In spite of some not-so-great comments, you always have kind words to say! 🙂 God bless! and thanks for your predictions!

    Byron twain Houson-Frederick: Yeah! I hope Federer wins too! Am a huge RF Fan!

    BTW…..what was with Serena yesterday ? They called it viral illness! Hmph…I don’t think so!

    1. Thanking you for your comment. Serena has a full 6th house in her chart which does rule health. Mars is close to her Jupiter and Jupiter squaring her Pluto both in her 6th house so I believe the virus theory. Jupiter expands what it touches and Mars rules germs. best, Sally

  34. hi sally congratulations on your correct prediction that nadal will not make it to the finals. even i was not sure that he will make it to the semis based on sidereal astrology. my prediction was if he makes it to the semis then he will win wimby. because as per his sidereal solar return chart sub period or north node in the major period of venus was there till 03.07.2014. north nodes sub period will always mean final failure. jupiters sub period from 03.07.2014 was very good for his success as jupiter was his ascendent lord in his sidereal return chart. but unfortunately for him it was not to be. congrats again.

  35. Sally, I am so surprised that you gave a prediction for Wimbledon this year since I know that you stated that your heart was not in it anymore. I am glad that you decided to make your prediction or least what the planetary positions are or will be. Thank you again. Will you being a prediction for the US Open or will this be your last one?

    1. I always said I would finish with Wimbledon, my favourite tournament. I don’t know that I will be making a prediction for the US Open. There’s a shift in the astrology which will bring in the younger players now so it will be more complex. If I do, it will probably be on my Facebook page for anyone who follows me on there. Keep an eye out on the blog just in case. best, Sally

  36. Hola Sally!

    Soy fan de Roger Federer. Quiero que gane. Pero el transito de Saturno retrogrado en cuadratura a su Sol no es muy fuerte para impedirle que gane???
    Murray tiene en su RS la oposición de Saturno a Sol. Cómo Roger en la suya

    Y en la carta inicial del torneo está la oposición de Saturno a la Luna=Local=Murray? Creo que Murray pierde contra Dimitrov o en SF.

    Ojalá a Roger le alcance con las progresiones!!!


    1. Hey, thank you for the comment. I know a little bit of spanish so I gather that you’re a Federer fan. Plus I think you’re picking up on the Saturn which is square Roger’s Sun and opposite Andy’s Sun this year. The chart for Wimbledon has Moon opposite Saturn which means that Murray will lose against Dimitrov? Well, he did. And yes, Roger has fantastic progressions and so far they’re giving him a real boost. best, Sally

    1. I know. I was listening to it on the radio in the car. He seemed tired and below par. So astrologically the Mercury retrograde played out for both Murray and Nadal with Mercury retrograde on key planets in their chart as the tournament began. Once Mercury turned direct (July 1st – Tuesday), there was a change in form for both of them. Interesting. best, Sally

  37. Murray knocked out today. He looked really sad as I know he wanted to do well. So we now have a Dmitrov Djokovic semi final. Very exciting should be a hard fought match.

    1. Wow, won’t that be a match and a half. Can’t wait for the semis. I think Roger’s got a good chance of beating Raonic and I think Djokovic is going to have the harder job. Depends how they play on the day. I felt sorry for Murray too as he didn’t play well which must be more gutting than playing well and losing?! best, Sally

  38. Hi Sally,

    It’s just an astrology and there is nothing serious in that and all days are not Sunday,Nadal is not in wimby final and today is Murray out so its djokovic Vs dimitrov and Fedrer Vs Roanic semis,Its like a younger vs elder and younger vs elder.There is a chance for all younger hit in to final.You said nadal is French open boy im completely disagree in that.He won two wimby two us open and one oz open and six time he finished as finalist and he has proven track in all surface.He had good leading statstics with all his rival in all Surface.He loss this wimby but he not played bad.I hope this could be the younger slam. One thing you agree or Disagree if you predict nadal as winner then you loose many followers.,But we know there is no personal thoughts in your prediction so far.God know the best.

    Hi Getsemaneh Thanks for educating others that this is not a life.

    Thanks and warm regards,

    1. Thanks for your predictions but at the moment it’s astrology predictions = 1; earth predictions = 0. Predictions are just that – there are no 100% guarantees but what you want is to get a better percentage than simply picking a name out of a hat. I believe astrology increases that percentage. Don’t get me wrong re. Nadal – I love him and he’s a brilliant player but he hasn’t performed at his best at Wimbledon for a few years now whereas he is brilliant at the French Open. Just saying… I’m still hoping for a Djokovic-Federer final. best, Sally

  39. Djokovic versus Dimitrov semi-final. Did you look at Dimitrov chart since he is not among the top four. I suspect an upset like in Australian open considering his form on grass. what is your opinion. Thanks.

    1. I don’t have a time of birth for Dimitrov so it’s only half a prediction. To predict accurately you need the time of birth which gives you the angles of the chart and then you know where their Midheaven is (the success point of the chart) plus which planets rule the career. I’m fairly clueless without sadly. It’s one of the reasons why I am going to find it harder to predict in the future as newcomers start to put pressure on the top four who have dominated the Grand Slams for 10 years now. I imagine the information will filter in as a new player starts to dominate but it takes a while and the time of birth is not easy to get hold of. What I do know about Dimitrov is that he is a Sun Taurus and his Mars which is an important planet for tennis (aggression, speed) is at 24 Cancer. Jupiter was exactly on his Mars when he won Queens which is why I mentioned him in the French Open article as one to watch this year, but Jupiter is separating from the Mars now. His Jupiter is at 6 Leo so he will have his Jupiter return in mid-August. He also has a couple of handy progressions but again don’t know whether they rule his career. All in all, that’s pretty powerful stuff but not exactly accurate. It may be enough to propel him to the title and we will soon find out. best, Sally

    1. Thanks Byron. I have his date of birth but not his time of birth. Check out my comment in reply to Emmanuel for an update on Dimitrov’s astrology. best, Sally

  40. Hola Sally nuevamente.

    Esta es la Carta Eventual del partido Djokovic vs Dimitrov:

    Eventual parece favorable a Casa VII. Retador? Dimitrov? El que comienza recibiendo el service?

    Luna square Marte radix Djokovic. Creo que va a estar molesto Djokovic mañana.
    Parte Arabiga Buena Suerte en las Luchas 17º Capricornio conjunto Asc Djokovic natal. Positivo para el Serbio.

    Deseo que Dimitrov le gane a Djokovic, asi aumentan las chances de la peRFección Suiza.


    1. Byron, try google translate!! lol..it might help you,
      he is saying that Dimitrov is going to upset Djoko thus rising the chances of Fed to win the tournament

      1. Yup, I google translated it and I agree. I think that’s what is being said. Based on the chart for the event. I’m watching as I type – 1 set all. It’s going to be tight! best, Sally

  41. Hi sally, thank you so much for your predictions so far its right on spot, and hats off to your patience and calmness, the way you have answered many rude comments, made me change my mind. Please don’t stop predicting, and please give me your FB link so that I can follow you in future.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Rama Jai

  42. Efectivamente fue durisimo para Djokovic. Y se lo notó muy molesto, muy extraño. Como anticipé.
    Eso fue por la Luna de la carta cuadratura al Marte radix Djokovic.

    Se viene Raonic y el Maestro.

    Allez Roger!!!

    1. Thank u. Yes, tough for Djokovic but he does not give up and that’s the sign of a champion. I feel like Saturn is pushing him forward right now. best, Sally

    2. I know you’re a Roger fan but I’m impressed with Djokovic against Dimitrov. Bring on the final… best, Sally

  43. Hi Sally,
    Your prediction is amazing. I was abit scared for Novak today as the match was tight.
    He through to the final.
    Glad to see your blog. Keep up. Thanks

  44. Hi Sally thanks for your astrological predictions, i hope you will do it for US open as well…

    can you please confirm Fed’s chances in the final on sunday ? i know u mentioned Novak is the fav but is there absolutely no way that stars would align for Roger just one day or few hours lol ?

    percentage wise how would you tip them ?

    1. I think it is going to be close, close, close. My original prediction was always for the favourite to win which is Djokovic as no. 1 seed but Federer was my no. 2 and they’re both in the final. I can’t call it – if you want a percentage, it is very close to 50-50 with Djokovic edging it because of the ‘favourite call’. I want a Djokovic win but I will be happy with a Federer win too! best, Sally

  45. What about final predication can win wimboldan 2014 sally as u said roger have stunning year. Roger will beat novak in final. I hope so god gave him 8 wimboldan title sure

    1. If Federer wins then that will truly be the fairy-tale win for his superb year. I would be so happy if Roger wins but sad for Novak. He more than anyone deserves a Grand Slam trophy right now. I love them both – my fave two. best, Sally

  46. Well Novak didn’t look so sharp today but he has had the hardest draw so far. He’s had to really work for his wins with difficult opponents. Serve and volley Stepanek, baseliner Gilles, big hitters Tsonga and Cilic. Roger hasn’t been tested IMO. I am hoping Novak can win this on Sunday. I think he ‘needs’ it more than Roger right now.

    1. Novak struggled at times in his semi but he proved he has match-winning ability as Dimitrov was a tough opponent and had 3 set points against Djokovic and yet Novak came through. I thought he was amazing. I agree that I think he ‘needs’ it. He’s not going to give up easily, that’s for sure. Can’t wait for the final – my dream two! best, Sally

    1. Thanks for the predictions but now I’m not sure. Astrosage went for Bouchard for the women’s final and she crashed and bombed. Kvitova outplayed her. It was the battle of the Sun Pisces (and doesn’t Kvitova have Pisces eyes!) but there was only one fish swimming up-stream and that was Kvitova; Bouchard was swimming in the opposite direction. Astrosage plumped for Federer. We’ll soon find out if that prediction is correct. best, Sally

    2. Well it looks like the all picks so far were wrong. Here’s to hoping that at least one pick is correct. Go Federer.

  47. Hi Samarjeet,

    Both predictions for the Women’s game went exactly the opposite way. The winners absolutely controlled the whole match. I hope Federer wins his 8th. Fingers crossed.

  48. Hi Sally,

    I’be been a very big fan of your articles. I understand you do not want to make any predictions in future for Tennis. But I do have one request: Can you tell us how the stars are aligned for Novak and Roger, and what they signify for their play tomorrow (no predictions needed, just the vibes from their chart for tomorrow).

    Thank you very much. Look forward to your reply.

    1. I don’t have vibes for their chart tomorrow to be fair as no exact astrology plays out for either player. Federer is cruising on the back of brilliant stars for 2014 whereas Djokovic is fighting like a dog and proving that if Saturn = hard work, it can bring results. They both deserve their place in the final and in my opinion, it’s the right two. I know they both want it for different reasons and to be honest I’ll be happy for the winner yet sad for the loser whatever the result. My two favourite players right now. I have to back Djokovic because of my ‘favourite’ prediction. best, Sally

  49. Carta eventual del partido. 14:12 hs.

    Ultimo aspecto de la Luna a Jupiter. Es determinante.

    Jupiter = #1 = Djokovic?
    Jupiter = 7 veces campeon y favorito de la gente = Federer?

    (Si el partido empieza 1 minuto antes, el MC cae en 29º Cancer).

    Hay que estar atento a que hora empieza sacando y quien lo hace.

    Deseo que gane Federer. Pero está dificil por la cuadratura de Saturno(16º Escorpio) a su Sol natal a los 15º de Leo.

    Vamos Maestro. Fuerza!!

    1. Yes, Jupiter cnj. the MC can be interpreted in both ways as you suggest; the ‘favourite’ & no. 1 seed Novak Djokovic wins or the 7 times champion, Roger Federer wins. My instinct when making the prediction was this favoured Djokovic. Both Federer and Djokovic are having Saturn transits right now so they’re neck and neck. Tomorrow will tell one way or another! best, Sally

    1. Yes, there were two different birth times for Djokovic for a while. The most accurate birth-times are published on astrodatabank and it has now been confirmed that the birth time of 11:25 pm is correct for him as the data is from his birth certificate. See the link: http://www.astro.com/astro-databank/Djokovic,_Novak. This gives Djokovic a Capricorn Ascendant and Saturn still remains close to his Scorpio MC. I think this is correct for a few reasons but mainly because he has struggled whilst Saturn has been in Scorpio, the sign of his MC.

  50. When roger won his first wimboldan that time date is 25 june – 6 july now again same tagain same date and roger in 9th wim final overal aming for 8 crown what u think can roger can beat novak and as u said roger have good star

  51. Hi Sally,
    Since you are trying to split hair on their individual astrology, how about their country of origin astrology ie. Switzerland vs Sebia? Does their coaches’ astrology have any impact at all? Also since you say the favourite will prevail, if Roger is the people favourite, can it be taken on board?

    1. hi Mike, I wouldn’t consider the country but would consider the coach and Becker (Djokovic coach) has the best stars out of him and Edberg (Federer coach). Jupiter was exactly on Becker’s Moon in Cancer on July 1st 2014 and the Moon could be seen as his protegee. Jupiter is still very strong for Beckere even though it is now starting to separate from the Moon. I cannot wait for the match… thrilling! best, Sally

    1. That’s v. poetic and very sad. I presume this is because of Federer’s loss? I know many Federer fans will be gutted as he played phenomenally well. He is such a brilliant tennis player and deserves to win another Grand Slam. If anyone at 32 can do it, Roger can! best, Sally

  52. Bravo Sally for a fantastic prediction! Great to see Novak finally end his losing streak. Please, please continue with your tennis predictions they are always fun to read and it doesn’t matter if you get it wrong sometimes. You’re a great astrologer with lots of knowledge to impart. Kind regards.

    1. Hi Sally,
      Shelly is right! U should continue with the predictions! I started having a look to your predictions this january by Aussie open and let me say u are definitely very accurate!
      We are going to miss it!
      All the best for u!

      1. Thanks Sam. Time will tell… and if the astrology is worth passing on… that’s all I can promise for now. best, Sally

    2. Thanks Shelley. I’ve ended on a high for sure. Two wins out of two. I shall see how the mood and the astrology takes me in the future. I love my tennis though so will no doubt be taking a peek. best, Sally

    1. Wasn’t it close! Couldn’t have been tighter. A brilliant five setter and it was sad that one had to lose. best, Sally

  53. Hi,Sally,I totally agree with shelley that you should continue predicting. You did a near perfect job for the last 3 Grand slams. Hope it will be an extra motivation for you to reconsider stop or not.

    Thank you anyway for believing in Nole. We love him and we love you.

    A Happy Nolefam

    1. Glad you’re happy. Me too this time. My heart and my head were with Novak to win although I have backed Federer in the past as readers of my blog will know. In fact, I could say I love all the top four in different ways at different times. 🙂 best, Sally

  54. Bravo for your outstanding prediction -right on as usual. I am happy for this result. I think novak really ‘needed ‘ it more. Fed may have another in him and that’s fine with me

    1. Agreed. Novak needed it after being runner up so many times. He would not give up today but boy did Federer push him hard. I hope he wins another Grand Slam. I love the Fed! best, Sally

    1. Thanks Juan. Don’t cry but I do understand your sadness. What a game. Exhausting and exhilarating to watch all at the same time. best, Sally

  55. Hi Sally. Started following your blog just a month back and I must say that you are a genius! I respect your choice of not predicting any more tennis grandslams but I would have liked you to continue. Just wanted to say thanks for the amazing work. 🙂

    1. Thanks Vamesh. I’ll take being called a genius! Time will tell. I’m feeling rather good about the tennis predictions right now as you can imagine. It may not be my last… best, Sally

  56. I hope you don’t stop predicting tennis because you are spot on! I recently discovered your site and I have to say I love it! So… is it too early for us to get your prediction on US Open?? Keep up the good work! Thank you!

    1. 🙂 Way too early for a prediction on the US Open. Not sure yet whether I’m offering one but it only makes sense to predict much closer to the time. Glad you like the site. best, Sally

  57. Thanks for your prediction Sally. I hope that you would grace us all with one more prediction for the rest of the year, I mean I think that the last prediction should be at the last Grand slam of the year. Well. I know that you only predict for the Grand Slams but I can’t help but ask if Switzerland will win the Davis Cup this year, Switzerland meets Italy in September and if Switzerland makes through the final match would be in December. It’s probably a difficult prediction to make but if Roger and Stan could win a Davis Cup together this year, that would be great, Thanks again.

    1. hi Lisa, will decide on the US Open nearer the time. Depends on whether the astrology shows clearly. Re. the Davis Cup. I’ve always said that this was going to be a great year for Federer and it has been. The arrival of twin boys, winning Gerry Weber and now the Wimbledon final. Pretty good going so far I would say. Plus he has Jupiter (success) on his Mercury & Sun in Leo in September so I’d say that has got to boost Switzerland’s chances. Hope that helps. best, Sally

  58. hi sally once again you have hit the bulls eye in your tennis predictions. in the last 4 majors from 2013 usopen u have correctly predicted the winner in 3. i think if u had wawrinkas horoscope before the aussi open u would have got all 4 correct. my heartiest congratulations.

  59. Again spot on !!! Sally, you are just brilliant. Congratulations !!! Very happy for Novak that he eventually came out from that grand slam finals jinx !!! He badly needed one and got that in style beating the master on grass….
    Sally, please continue posting the articles as theye are just not accurate but also entertaining…also a big thank you for all your hard work 🙂
    Will wait for your prediction on US Open 2014 now 🙂

    1. Yup, Novak needed that win badly. So pleased for him & sad for Federer too but there can only be one winner. best, Sally

  60. Hello Sally!
    Wonderful your predictions, but I would have preferred not to be. lol. I love immensely Roger, so I am very, very upset today.
    I hope you change your mind and you’re going to share your predictions in the future, I wish you all the best. I look forward to telling us that Roger will win Wimbledon 2015 🙂
    Thank you!

    1. Thanks Lili. A lot of people are sad for Roger, a truly talented player. One of the all-time greats, if not the best. 🙂

  61. Hi Sally,
    Very extraordinary prediction and you hit the target.The final was so tight again the young people like Dimitrov and Roanic missed their oppurtunities.Its an excellent performance by both the player and real excellent showing by fedrer under high pressure game.Novak finally broke the oddman name in Grand slam finals.In the last seven attempt in the Grand he made it two.Yesterday fedex had an opportunity but he missed out.if fedrer continues this level of tennis again he will get one more good year I think nadal,djokovic,stan and fedex will dominate the next two year.sally im hungry for your US open prediction and im sure your stars will work for your fan.
    Thanks and warm regards,
    G Saravanan.

  62. Wonderful match and yes it was sad that one had to lose but Roger looked to have accepted what happened and appeared relaxed and cheery in his presser.

    Congrats to Novak and he has his wedding and a new baby to look forward to!

    Thanks for all the effort you have put into this Blog Sally and all the best in your life .

  63. Hi Sally
    Don’t stop the prediction and you make this universe in a single point………I hope I will check your blog on when American hard court season starts and its tough for us to follow you in face book.
    Thanks and warm regards,
    G Saravanan.(By the way who is maria spova)

  64. Hi Sally, Kudos to you ! for getting the prediction right!

    As a Federista , I’m heart broken… I’m sure he’ll have a great year starting July 16th when Jupiter moves into Leo.

    A general query for you: When will Jupiter move into Capricorn next ? Which year?


  65. Thanks Sally! Ur such an amazing person 🙂
    U respond to all our queries with so much zest and zeal 😀
    Take care!

  66. Sally you just have to look at US Open. The top guys are falling like flies in Cincy so anything can happen in NY….??

  67. Byron twain Houson-Frederick

    Sally……….the us open is here….waiting……. Lol
    Federer my favorite
    How are you doing

  68. If I consult other astrologers the US Open winner will be found between Ferrer, Raonic, Wawrinka and Federer. What do you mean, Sally?

  69. Hiya. sally.

    I.hope u are keeping well. Well done with your prediction on Roger Federer going to hhave a great year. I hope 2015 will be good for Roger too. It is a shame that you are not going to anymore predictions on Tennis. I was hoping that you will do USO. I.understand that it is too much for for u.

    I would like to say thank u for all your hard work.

    Best wishes for the future.

    Federer Fan

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