Wiggle Your Nose: It’s a Bewitching Eclipse

Fairy with a wandThe Scorpio Solar Eclipse is almost upon us. Can you feel the energy building? I am so overly-excited at the moment but then Scorpio season is birthday season in our house.

The Solar Eclipse takes place tomorrow Thursday 23rd October [exact 22:57 BST] not long after the Sun enters Scorpio.

This means that the Sun and Moon come together to initiate a New Moon phase at 0 Scorpio 25, a powerful point in any of the 12 signs. 0 degrees is known as a critical degree, the door has closed on one sign, Libra, and we start afresh. It’s the beginning of a new chapter.

So this New Moon/Solar Eclipse is especially powerful as it’s the beginning of new beginnings. It’s a ‘wipe the slate clean and start over’ moment. What are you ready to let go of? What do you want to rid from your life?

Eclipses often represent dramatic change in your life because one door is firmly closed in order to allow a new door to open. You clear out the dead wood so new energy can sweep in or life lends a hand.

Tomorrow’s Solar Eclipse is especially witchy and enchanting as it’s in the sign of Scorpio, representing the hidden world. Scorpio is a feminine sign plus at the time of the eclipse the Sun is conjunct not only the Moon but also Venus, the two feminine planetary bodies. This feels deeply intuitive and instinctual but this isn’t a gentle feminine energy by any means. The Moon and Venus are powerful in Scorpio and this is a strong female force. Think passion, desire, potency.

Plus Neptune in Pisces makes a trine aspect to the Scorpio trio and this adds dreams, magic and enchantment. Anything’s possible now as long as you’re ready to take hold of the reins of your life, shout your warrior roar and charge into battle. These ladies of the night, the Moon and Venus, mean business.

Beware the strength of your emotions as the Moon and Venus in Scorpio can represent obsession, infatuation, jealousy, craving and even a hint of wickedness. Instead channel those obsessions and desires into magical thinking and creative intentions.

Where can you focus your feminine power? What dreams can you conjure up? Wiggle your nose and create some magic like Samantha in Bewitched. It’s a bewitching Solar Eclipse that’s full of potential and power.

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