Who Will Win The US Tennis Open 2013?

Big Green Tennis Ball[Update: 10th September 2013.

Rafael Nadal won the US Tennis Open 2013 as predicted. Yeah!

I think the ‘outsider’ (see below) also showed in the chart for the start of the competition as Wawrinka the no. 9 seed knocked out the reigning champion, Andy Murray, in the quarter finals. He also nearly knocked out Djokovic in the semis with the match going to 5 sets. Chuffed with my predictions!]

I have formed quite a following with my astrological predictions for the tennis Grand Slams and next week sees the start of the US tennis Open in Flushing Meadows, New York, won last year 2012 by Andy Murray.

So can Andy make it second time lucky off the back of his epic Wimbledon win? Will Roger Federer come back from his recent drop in form? Can Rafael Nadal continue to prove he’s virtually super-human in one of the most bionic comebacks of all time? And what about Djokovic? Does he have the fight to add to his Grand Slam total this time around? Or will there be a new boy on the block? Here’s the astrological skinny on the coming fortnight.

Jupiter on the move

Jupiter, the success planet, spends roughly one year in each sign of the zodiac and it left Gemini at the end of June 2013. Jupiter in Gemini favoured the top four as both Nadal and Djokovic are Sun Geminis and both Murray and Federer have Gemini Midheavens. Jupiter is now in the sign of Cancer where it remains until July 2014. It’s not the only planet to consider when making astrological predictions but it often shows in player’s charts, e.g. Wimbledon 2012 – Federer won with Jupiter conjunct his Midheaven; French Open 2013 – Nadal won with Jupiter conjunct Mercury.

Uranus & the outsider

I suspect this change of sign for Jupiter will bring changes in the up-and-coming Grand Slams and make the fortunes of the top four a tad more unpredictable. In addition, the chart for the start of the US Open 2013 (see below) has Venus, the chart ruler, hidden away in the 12th house opposite Uranus, the planet that often favours the outsider as Uranus represents shocks and surprises. Here are the predictions for the top four plus a quick glance at the rest of the pack:

Novak Djokovic b. May 22 1987, Belgrade, Yugoslavia, 11:25pm

As you will be aware if you follow my tennis blogs, there are two possible birth charts for Djokovic, one has a Leo Ascendant (11:00am), the other has a Capricorn Ascendant (11:25pm) and neither time is confirmed. Djokovic’s nickname is the ‘Djoker’ but as my astrologer friend Joanna Watters pointed out, Djokovic looks a little like a mountain goat, the zodiac symbol for Capricorn, and the Ascendant sign is often how you’re perceived by others. So I’m leaning towards the Capricorn Ascendant chart once again.

Either way, Djokovic’s stars don’t stand out for this year’s US Open. He has the last Saturn transits of his natal Venus Taurus-Pluto Scorpio opposition on 23rd August and 10th September 2013. He did win the Australian Open in January 2013 but otherwise since early 2012 he’s been runner up more times than he’s been able to clinch those elusive Grand Slam titles. Saturn tends to slow you down and halt your progress so hopefully for Djokovic, things will begin to improve once Saturn moves on but perhaps too late for this year’s US Open.

I predicted Djokovic to win Wimbledon 2013 because of a spectacular Jupiter transit to his natal Mars that was almost exact on the day of the final but Andy Murray who’s born just a week earlier than Djokovic pipped him at the post and here’s why.

Andy Murray b. May 15 1987, Glasgow, UK, 2:10pm

On the day of the Wimbledon final 2013, Andy Murray was experiencing his Mars return which takes place approximately every two years when Mars returns to the exact place it was when you were born. This was important for two reasons: firstly because Mars is in Murray’s 10th house of success and secondly Mars is the attacking planet and if you’re going to win a Grand Slam title, you need to prove you’re a fighter. Jupiter was also in Murray’s 10th house backing up his Mars return although Jupiter was not conjunct any planet.

This is where things get a little complicated as in my opinion this was not a strong enough testimony for his epic Wimbledon win becoming the first man in over 70 years to win Wimbledon, an iconic British institution. It was another astrologer who pointed out that Jupiter did in fact play a key role but in Murray’s progressed chart.

This technique is popular in astrology as it ”progresses’ the planets and angles of the natal chart as a tool for predicting the future.On the day of the Wimbledon final, Murray’s progressed Midheaven was at 2 Cancer 52 and Jupiter at 2 Cancer 36 was applying to a powerful conjunction with the success point of Murray’s progressed chart. An unusual technique but a brilliant result.

The progressed chart also reveals an interesting picture for the US Open as at the start of the tournament Murray’s progressed Mars is at 13 Cancer 25 and transiting Jupiter is again applying to a key planet being at 13 Cancer 03. Will this be enough to see him retain his title?

Otherwise, there’s not a lot in Murray’s natal chart that shouts winner. Jupiter is hanging on in his 10th house but moving away significantly from the Midheaven and like Djokovic born only one week later Murray has the final transit of Saturn over his natal Pluto on 12th September 2013. Pluto doesn’t dominate in Murray’s chart so it doesn’t seem to have been as limiting, except for the injury which saw him unable to play in the French Open earlier this year. We’ll find out soon enough whether Saturn’s going to trouble him over the coming fortnight.

Rafael Nadal b. June 3 1986, Manacor, Spain, 6:20pm

Yes, Nadal did crash out in the first round of Wimbledon this year and Saturn again played a part as it transited Pluto conjunct his Scorpio Ascendant the day before Wimbledon began, but this year Nadal’s story is truly the story of the comeback kid. Out of tennis with a serious knee injury for a significant amount of time from mid 2012 to March 2013, Nadal has since then won nine titles and risen to no. 2 in the tennis rankings.

Nadal’s astrology looks superb for the US Open with transiting Jupiter at 15 Cancer 28 on the day of the final applying to a conjunction with Nadal’s natal Venus at 15 Cancer 40. He also has a stunning progression this year as Venus, one of the benefic planets, is exactly conjunct his natal Midheaven this month, August 2013. Progressed planets have a slower time-frame than transits and tend to be of benefit six months beforehand and six months after the exact conjunction, which would coincide approximately with his return to tennis in March 2013.

Yes, Nadal has more difficult astrology to come with Saturn’s final transit of his Ascendant on 29th September 2013 followed by an eclipse conjunct his Ascendant on 3rd November 2013 but considering the form he’s in having just won in Cincinnati backed up by some lovely astrology, he’s got to be a hot favourite for the US Open title.

Roger Federer b. August 8 1981, Basel, Switzerland, 8:40am

It’s been a tough year for Roger Federer with some shocking defeats and astrologically this shows in his progressed chart. Mercury, the agile planet, rules both his Virgo Ascendant and his Gemini Midheaven and by progression Mercury has been slowly working its way towards an exact conjunction with Federer’s progressed Saturn, exact on 1st November 2013. This feels like everything grinding to a halt and slowing him down. As Mercury is his career planet, this has to be significant.

I have mentioned before in my blog posts that next year looks sensational for Federer when Jupiter in Leo conjuncts both his natal Mercury and Sun in Leo in September 2014. There are some key progressions that back up the theme of success, e.g. Sun progressed conjunct Venus in October 2014 and Jupiter progressed sextile Mercury in March 2014. Whether this corresponds to more Grand Slam titles or a shift of career, we’ll have to wait and see.

What happens may hinge on how Federer performs now and over the next few months. During the US Open, Jupiter, planet of success, is conjunct his natal Mars which falls at 13 Cancer 57, and the transit is exact on 31st August 2013. This has to be helpful as Mars is the attacking planet but whether this can speed things up quick enough for a US Open victory remains to be seen.

The Outsiders

I have glanced at the charts for Tsonga, del Potro, Ferrer, Berdych and Gasquet, although I only have birth times for Tsonga and Gasquet, which is frustrating as it leaves huge gaps in what’s going on astrologically. The astrology isn’t amazing for any of them however and perhaps it will be someone outside of the top seeds who will surprise us all.

Astrologer’s Prediction to win the US Open: Rafael Nadal

Astrology Chart of US Open 2013
US Open, August 26 2013, 11:00am, Flushing Meadows, New York, USA


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113 thoughts on “Who Will Win The US Tennis Open 2013?”

  1. Hi Sally,

    Happy to see Rafa as the favourite. Hope it comes to pass.

    Any idea what Rafa may end his career with , number of slams, does he have more excellent years like 2008, 2010, 2013 ?

    Will Rafa end this year as No 1? If he wins USO, I feel hes locked the No 1 safely.

    Your blog also mentions Feds charts are excellent next year onwards, however remember readin earlier that you had sad this was going to be a turning point year for him and he will be making few critcal decisions aout playing? Are you saying he plays for more years and accumulates more slams?


    1. Questions, questions. Sorry but I tend to look at the astrology for one Grand Slam at a time rather than making sweeping predictions that I can’t back up. Astrology shows the potential of what may come to pass rather than a set path that’s determined and unchangeable. That’s the beauty of astrology that you can work with it and at any moment in time look at the options available to you. I think a lot of people misunderstand astrology and what it can and can’t do. I’m as intrigued as anyone to know what Roger Federer is going to achieve next year and whether Rafael Nadal can continue to play at a top level without his knee injury flaring up again. A lot depends on them individually and the choices they make over the next few months.
      best, Sally

  2. Hi Sally

    Thank u for doing astrology for US Open. Roger said that he will be practicing with a new racquet after US Open. Will Roger win more GS next year? Will things get better for Roger?


    1. Thanks for your comment. Next year’s stars look great for Roger but I’m not yet convinced that will correspond to him winning more Grand Slam titles. Sorry for not being more specific but I do feel he’s on the up after a tough time of late.
      best, Sally

  3. Thanks Sally! I hope Nadal goes on to win the USO title and reclaims number 1 spot. Do you tend to mean that Djokovic will not even make finals by saying “Either way, Djokovicโ€™s stars donโ€™t stand out for this yearโ€™s US Open”

    Also, how do you see for the players like Jerzy Janowicz, John Isner and Milos Raonic? Do they have the potential to take out Nadal? Just hope that Nadal will win this year without any sort of trouble ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thanks for your comment. No, I didn’t mean that Djokovic won’t make the final. I’m sure he’d be the first to admit that he’s been in too many Grand Slam finals this year and last where he’s been the runner-up. It’s a good result but nothing beats being champion! I meant that the astrology doesn’t stand out for him winning the US Open title.
      I haven’t looked at any of the players you mention. I may do so once I see who’s progressing and I will be keeping an eye out for a likely outsider.
      best, Sally

  4. Well… I’m glad Nadal’s stars are good for the time being. And the results say the same. He’s probably never been in better hard court form. Hope he wins this one. Make hay while the sun shines… etc

  5. Byron T Houson-Frederick

    After Nadal does Federer has best astrological reading? Some other astrologer predicted september 2013 will be great for Federer (remember Sally I forwarded you the link earlier). He is my pick for the US open 13

    1. Well, I’m hoping Federer’s on the up with Jupiter transiting his Mars. Astrologically out of the top four he does have the second-best natal transits but Murray’s been intriguing with the transits to his progressed chart. We shall find out soon enough. Exciting!


      1. Thanks for your comment, Amit, but no worries. You don’t have to believe in astrology to discover whether it works or not! I’m happy for everyone to come and visit my blog. best, Sally

    1. No way, I don’t want Nadal to win anymore. It is getting rather boring seeing Nadal in alot of finals.

      Sorry Please God no Nadal in the final.

      Thank you.

  7. Yes Byron, got it ….even he had predicted of Murray’s wimbledon long time back …but he is not an astrologer but a numerologist ….Being one of the Greatest Fedex Fan,I wish his predictions come true …..

    @ Sally….Thanks a Ton for your prediction ….just wanted to know , is there any similarity in the chart of Nadal & Lance Armstrong ??

    1. Thanks for your comment. I don’t have a birth time for Lance Armstrong but he has four planets in Virgo and very different to Nadal. They do both have Pluto strong – Armstrong conjunct Sun & Nadal conjunct Ascendant – Pluto gives an obsessive nature which is great for focus. That’s all I can see that’s similar. Why do you ask?

    2. Typical Fed fan. Actually can’t digest that nadal has huge upper hand over fedrer hence think that nadal wins by doping like Armstrong.

        1. Not confirmed! Someone with a lot of evidence that speculates on Nadal’s performance & behaviour. I can’t see that it does the sport or the players any good at all. Each individual player knows the truth of the situation and if rumours are true that player will be found out. Until that point, the rumours are likely to do more harm than good and I for one hope they’re not true.

        2. hi Samarjeet,
          I meant to point you in the direction of this article by the excellent astrologer Paul Saunders at Solaris Astrology Reply

  • Catching up on what the media are saying at the moment, I think there are questions about all of the big 4 and doping! It’s also important to recognise that there is no confirmation of doping and therefore all the speculation does the sport more harm than good in my opinion.

  • I’m glad it looks great for Nadal. I think over the years he has been overlooked when compared to Federer. I think Novak is due a break as he seems overburdened and tired. I’d rather not see him in a final he will lose. Hopefully, he will rebound later in the year and into 2014. He has a lot more to give in his career. I’d prefer to see Nadal win over Murray or Del potro get into the mix. It should be an interesting two weeks.

    1. Thanks for your comment and the link. Quite a few tennis fans out there know this guy and some of his predictions have been spot on. Interesting what he says about Nadal’s form in 2015. He thinks that 2014 will be his last big year. best, Sally

      1. Whatever he is predicting starts in the 2nd half of 2014. Many astrologers are predicting 2014 to be a good year for Federer. If he is right about Nadal then why not federer.

      2. Actually dude… his tennis predictions are pretty good. I wouldn’t bet against him.


        He is more or less accurate. Since mid-2011, Djokovic has been more or less ATP World #1 consistently. Also, like he predicted although Federer beat him in 2011 French Open Semi-Final, he won the 2012 French Open Semi-Final with Federer.


        The comeback has been nothing less than stunning. Winning 9 of 12 tournaments (including 5 Masters 1000 events and a Grand Slam) heโ€™s played and making it to finals of 11 tournaments.


        Has been a great year with a Grand Slam victory and several other important ones.


        Again, like he said Federer didnโ€™t pose problems for Nadal at US Open 2013. Whether Nadal wins remains to be seen.


        So, given his track record in tennis predictions, how do you bet against this?

        1. Thanks Anish. You’re right they’re good predictions. I’d love to see Federer win 20 Grand Slams. What an amazing achievement that would be. The US Open’s shaping up. Nadal v. Gasquet in the first semi-final and you would expect to see Djokovic v. Murray in the second semi-final. Come on Nadal! best, Sally

  • Interesting points. What exactly do you mean by Murray’s interesting transits…? Are there any indications of a repeat of last year, in spite of Nadal’s good prospects?

    1. hi Toni, just re-read the paragraphs on Murray and I’m not sure what you’re referring to ‘interesting transits’? Murray had better astrology in his natal chart for Wimbledon than for the US Open but as I mentioned he had stunning astrology in his progressed chart for his epic Wimbledon win. Not as stunning this time around for the US Open but again it’s his progressed chart that’s on fire and as Mars is involved, he has to have a fighting chance. I will be interested to see how he does. If I was judging his natal chart only, I’d say no to a repeat of last year’s success.
      best, Sally

  • Hi Sally, now that draws are announced, Nadal and Federer could meet in the quarter final. Can you comment on that match and the winner? Also, instead of only day of final, 9th September, can you comment on Nadal’s astrology during the entire US open period, i.e. from 26th August to 9th September? Can we compare nadal’s progress chart with Murray’s?

    Also, comparing Murray’s astrology to Djokovic, who do you think has better chance to win their semifinal calsh and progress to final?

    1. Sally has predicted Nadal to win this year US open. To do so Nadal will have to beat anyone who comes on the other side of the net. Hence I presume it would be Nadal winning anyway.

    2. Oh bless, so many questions! Sorry but I haven’t the time or the inclination to be more specific. You can draw up sports charts for each individual match but it takes a lot of time and I’d rather go with the flow and see what happens. It’s a free service I offer and I know people enjoy what I write which is why I’m so keen to keep offering it for the Grand Slams. I will continue to comment as the tournament unfolds especially when I feel that the astrology is relevant to what’s happening. Thanks for your interest and sorry I can’t be more helpful.
      best, Sally

  • Hi Sally,

    I am really worried about the overyhype Quarter Final match up Roger VS Nadal. I hope that Roger will win this time. I am sick and tired of the comms wowing over Nadal. I am hoping that it is Roger turn to win.

    I am hoping that Roger will win USO. USO is all for Nadal at the moment with favorite scheduling etc. I think the scheduling should be fair. I am not impressed that they put Joker match on first on the night session. Poor Roger always been give the last night sessions, it is wrong to favorite one not the other.

  • Interesting bit of information coming out of Djokovic’s camp. He has hired Ivan Lendl’s former coach. Marian Vajda is still on board at the moment.

    1. How old is Ivan Lendl’s fofrmer coach? Sorry that was my first thought although Lendl has been wonderful for Murray for sure.

    1. No, I’m sorry I don’t. I’ve stopped looking at the women’s tennis. The results are too erratic and not enough birth times. So a double whammy of a no go area for this astrologer. The only reason I can at least try and predict the men’s Grand Slams is because of the top four’s dominance and getting some accurate birth times. best, Sally

  • Roger’s form looking good. Let’s hope the Jupiter transit over his Mars gives him what’s required to do well and shine his unique tennis ‘light’ over Flushing Meadows again.

  • Well there goes Federer. :”(

    Sally, have you looked at the chart of Lleyton Hewitt? He’s the surprise comeback kid this tournament. DOB 24 Feb 1981, in Adelaide, Australia. Sorry, no birth time.

    1. Yes, Federer played really well last week with Jupiter applying to his Mars (exact 31st August) but sadly he couldn’t keep the momentum going. Next year…
      There is a birth time for Lleyton Hewitt but it’s not confirmed. He’s older than Federer but still looks about 12 if you ask me! He has Neptune going over his Sun Pisces this year so it’s a weird one that he’s doing well. We shall see…
      best, Sally

  • Hi Sally.

    Could u please tell me when things will improve for Roger? Will it be in the next couple of months or at the start of new year?

    Thank u



    1. Thanks for your comment. It’s not lots of guts really because I don’t beat myself up if I get it wrong. More often than not the astrology has been playing out beautifully even when I don’t see it first time around so I’m a happy bunny making these predictions. Nadal’s still my favourite to win. best, Sally

    1. Yes, Lesley, and Wawrinka has a birth time – hoorah! – and his Ascendant is 9 Cancer so Jupiter’s currently in his 1st house. The transit was exact on August 8th. This is him coming into the public eye. I still fancy Nadal for the title. best, Sally

  • Hi Sally,

    Now that Andy Murray has already been ousted, how do you see the match between Wawrinka and Djokovic? If Djokovic enters the finals, do you still see his stars stands nowhere which are required to be a champion?
    Predicting a Nadal-Djokovic final, whom do you bet on??

    1. Nadal has the best astrology. Between Djokovic and Wawrinka, it’s a close call. Don’t know to be honest. Wawrinka has Jupiter strong but they both have Saturn transits going on. The one who slogs it out the longest? best, Sally

  • It’s so nice to see new faces in the men’s semi final. Glad o see Wawrinka finally having his moment and Gasquet too.

  • @Sally: If it is a Nadal-Djokovic final, are you sure it will be Nadal who triumphs? Djokovic is playing equally well so far I think. And he managed to avoid both Murray and Del Potro. So, he’s going to be quite fresh if he reaches the final.

    1. hi Emely, all the planets continue to move round the heavens and as they do so they trigger planets in your birth chart making easy aspects (shapes) or difficult aspects and that’s how we make predictions using astrology. Saturn tends to slow things down, makes life hard work, a bit of a slog, etc. and both Djokovic and Wawrinka have challenging Saturn transits going on (a transit is the term to describe their movement contacting the natal planets). Hope that helps and it was a slog for Djokovic to win! He’s through to the final though. best, Sally

  • Hi Sally.

    Than u for your reply. As u said that Roger will have a better year next year. Do u know when next year?

    Thank u

  • Second half of 2014 better for Federer I read somewhere.

    @Sally: The day of the final has changed from Sep 9 to Sep 10. Hope that doesn’t change anything…. Nadal’s still got the better astrology, right?

  • Nadal is humble and respectful. I don’t see the reason why we should not wish him well. He has had his ups and down and his chance has come. opportunities keep rotating from one angle to the other. All these negative comments against him is out of sheer envy. Can’t we appreciate extraordinary talent?

    1. Dude.. I wish him well… I’m actually a big Nadal fan. But I’m always nervous when he’s playing Djoker on hard courts. Novak actually leads him 11-6 head to head on hard courts. So, my fear is justified. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      But it’s good that 3 of the predicters that I follow are all predicting a Nadal win! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. That’s a tricky question to answer. Astrological forecasting is similar to financial forecasting or weather forecasting in that you’re using cycles to predict trends, although in my opinion astrology can at times be more amazingly accurate than either of the other two techniques. Astrology means ‘language of the stars’ and it’s a symbolic language so it depends on different factors, e.g. how clear the symbols are and how good the astrologer is and whether they can read those symbols well. It’s certainly not 100% proof – if it was I’d be a billionaire by now! – but it’s got to have a higher percentage of accuracy than many other forms of divination. Hope that helps. best, Sally

      1. i am an astrologer from india and i follow thefixed zodiac system of astrology. according to this system nadal is born in libra lagna. he is running sun major period and venus sub period. sun is the 11th lord in the 8th house and venus is the lagna lord in the 9th house. this period lasts till october 2014. this is a very good period and hence nadal will do extremely well. definetely 2 grand slams may be 3 and doing the calender grand slam is not ruled out.

        1. Interesting. I know a little bit about indian astrology and Nadal fans will be thrilled with your prediction. Thanks for your comment, Sally

  • Congratulations for your correctly predicting Rafael Nadal as 2013 US open winner! .Amazing!,because you were sounding pretty convinced in your prediction.Great,keep it up,may the elements be with you.

  • Congratulations Sally for your accurate prediction. It was a well deserved victory. My advice to other players is that ‘failure is a success if you can learn from it’.

  • Great prediction.
    I have been following since Federer won Wimbledon in 2012.
    Sad news that Nadal has tough time after September. This makes 2014 even more interesting. Hopefully Murray shines, no idea how his starts are gonna be.

    May I know your wild guess at Djokovic’s stars.. Are his days of being a champion over. Finals in grand slam is still a good result and something one can be proud of, and that too when played so recklessly at times. I guess since he has his last Saturn transit, he would show better movement and play.

    Generally you predict based on the transits?


    1. Hmm, Djokovic is an interesting one, isn’t he. He’s done amazingly well being in so many finals but losing more than you win must take its toll on your long-term confidence. We shall see. He has Saturn on his Midheaven in November if he is a Capricorn Ascendant, but no Saturn transits next year. It’s got to help.
      Yes, I’ve had most success using the transits to predict. I was keen on predicting using the chart for the start of the tournament but it’s not as consistently accurate as the transits have been. Stick with what works is my advice!
      best, Sally

  • hi sally first i would like to congrats for your excellent prediction,now most of the dialies writing that nadal will more slams then fedrer……….how do you see this based on your astrology view.

    1. I don’t know right now. Nadal has tricky astrology coming up again this autumn so it depends whether he can stay fit. If anything, Federer may go on to win more next year. Time will tell. best, Sally

  • Great astrology Sally. No joy for me with the winner as don’t enjoy Nadal’s energy as you know, but very happy that you predicted so accurately – again. Gold star!

  • Excellent Sally !!! Perfect prediction ๐Ÿ™‚ Please keep on publishing your predictions for year end’s world tour finals as well ๐Ÿ™‚
    Also, last question, Can Rafa continue with this momentum till year end and in 2014? Looking at his form and fitness, I believe that he can win at least a couple of slams next year as well. But what does his astrology say though??

    1. Thanks for your comment. I’ve finished predicting for the year now. You’ll see me again in 2014. I’m not sure about Rafa – dodgy astrology this winter. We’ll see how he gets on. It really does depend on his fitness over the next few months.
      best, Sally

  • So far so good. You are right Abt Nadals dodgy astrology. He is loosing:). Hope it gets better when it matters most ie from Aussie open.

    1. hi Deidre, thanks for asking. Yes, I plan to predict but it will be early January now as I’m busy with consultations and reports this month for clients. Happy Christmas to you too. Have fun! best, Sally

  • Hi Sally:

    Happy New Years! ๐Ÿ™‚ When will you post predictions for Aus Open 2014? I look forward to it! Thanks.

  • Hi Sally, I am eager to see what you predict for this year for the top 3 players. Please let me know when are you going to see astrology for Australian open 2014? Specifically interested in Nadal and Djokovic.
    Please try to post it as early as possible.


    1. hi Sagar, thanks for your comment. Sorry the predictions weren’t published earlier. They’re live now. best, Sally

    1. Thanks Deidre. The pressure was on this time as I was so busy with other writing and I missed publishing it before the draw. Not that it would have made much difference to my final prediction. Hope you enjoy it! best, Sally

  • Djokovic has the easiset draw and Nadal the toughest. So most probably Novak will win. It will be a miracle if Nadal wins with this Australian open 2014 draw

    R1: Nadal Vs Tomic
    R2 : Nadal Vs Igor sjisling
    R3: Nadal Vs Gael Monfils
    R4: Nadal Vs Hewitt
    QF: Nadal Vs Del Potro
    SF: Nadal Vs Murray/Federer
    F: Nadal Vs Djokovic

    This has to be one of the toughest draws ever!
    My bet is on Djokovic

    1. Thanks for the update on the draw. Woah, Nadal doesn’t have it easy, does he? Tomic is one of my two wild card punts and that’s his first round. Looking forward to the tennis. My prediction’s now live on the website. best, Sally

    1. Just published my prediction and sorry to all you tennis fans that it’s later than I promised. To be honest, the astrology isn’t as obvious or as exciting as other recent Grand Slams but hope you still find it an interesting read!

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