Who Will Win The Champions League Final?

On 5th May 2012, I posted an article entitled Stars In Their Thighs: Football Predictions and The Fa Cup Final. I talked about my own love of the sport, getting in the “zone” and making predictions for the Daily Star when I was their astrologer. My prediction for the FA Cup Final which took place later that day was for Liverpool to beat Chelsea 2:1. I got the right score but the wrong team.

In that article, I promised to make a prediction for the Champions League Final on May 19 2012 between Chelsea and Bayern Munich. I also said that for those of you who are interested in astrology, I would show you how I make my predictions. Here’s the chart for the Champions League Final, drawn up for the date, start-time and place of the match.

astrology chart of Champions League Final 2012

The rulers of the Ascendant and Descendant axis represent the two teams. I always allocate the ruler of the Ascendant to the favourites who, in this case, are also the home team, Bayern Munich, as they’re playing at their home ground, a distinct advantage. A Scorpio Ascendant makes Bayern’s ruler Mars in Virgo up at the top of the chart which fits as Mars rules the colour red and Bayern play in a red strip. Chelsea are therefore Venus in Gemini, ruler of the Taurus Descendant, in the 7th house but retrograde.

This is interesting as in the FA Cup Final chart, Chelsea were also ruled by Venus in Gemini but before Venus turned retrograde, which weakens the planet. Liverpool were ruled by Mars in Virgo and as both Gemini and Virgo are mutable signs, fairly equal. This is where I decided on the 2:1 score as Gemini’s zodiac symbol is the twins. My initial instinct was that Chelsea would win but I talked myself out of it as I delved further into the chart (note to self: always trust your first instinct).

So back to the Champions League chart. The rulers of the 10th and 4th house need to be noted. The 10th house is Bayern’s “success” house and Virgo on the Midheaven is ruled by Mercury in Taurus. The 4th house (10th from the 7th) is Chelsea’s “success” house and Pisces on the IC is ruled by  Jupiter in Taurus. As I’ve mentioned before in electional charts, the Moon is a key player, and the Moon in Taurus conjoins with Mercury first followed by Jupiter second.

So far I have to say this makes Bayern Munich the stronger team. Their ruler Mars in Virgo wins out over a weakened retrograde Venus in Gemini, plus the Moon’s next direct aspect is to Mercury, which rules Bayern’s “success” house and is a powerful connection. So far two nods towards Bayern. The third and final nod towards Bayern concerns the nodes. The north node is deemed to be “fortunate” and the south node “unfortunate”. The nodes in this chart connect closely with the Ascendant/Descendant axis and the north node favours Bayern, being close to the Ascendant.

There are two factors which raise question marks. Firstly Uranus in the 4th house, which means Uranus, planet of shocks and surprises, is in Chelsea’s “success” house. Will a goal be controversially disallowed? Will a key player be sent off? Both are possibilities. The second factor is the Sun in Taurus conjunct the Descendant and I have to say this flummoxes me. The Sun can add strength to Chelsea but in Taurus, an earth sign, this slows things down. Maybe this symbolism will make sense after the game and any comments are gratefully received.

To conclude, my prediction is that Bayern Munich will win and a late goal could take the match to extra time or penalties. I’d like to think that Uranus in Aries will bring in lots of goals but a lot of the key planets are in earth signs, which are defensive and slow.

I know this isn’t the prediction that Chelsea fans will want to read but hey, I got it wrong last time. I do also wonder whether predictions are easier when you support the team you’re writing about. My best predictions were always for Man United (my team), England (my country) and Arsenal (my other half’s team and I’m happy when he’s happy).

I will confess that I’m not a huge Chelsea fan and having lived in Ingolstadt, which is just outside Munich in Germany, when I was younger, I do have a soft spot for Bayern Munich. As usual, I will report back with a postmortem if the game elicits further information and adds extra symbolism to the astrological chart. Good Luck, one and all.

Post Match Analysis (added 19th May 2012 post match):

What a nailbiter! I’ve never been so nervous watching a match between two teams I don’t support! Chelsea did it, although Bayern should have done it – they had way more chances, missed a penalty in the match and, as the astrology showed, were the stronger team on the day.

A late goal took the match to extra time and penalties as predicted but it wasn’t meant to be for Bayern Munich and it was Chelsea’s night. Uranus in Chelsea’s 10th house of success did bring shocks and surprises and an unexpected result but brilliant news for them.

In retrospect I should have taken more note of the Sun conjunct the Descendant lighting the way for Chelsea and the fact that the Sun was still conjunct Jupiter on the day. Jupiter is after all the planet that denotes success. I will be back with  more sports predictions which, win or lose, I hope you’re enjoying.

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    1. hi, thanks for your comment. That’s what I was trying to do in the blog post, show how you make predictions using astrology. I didn’t get it right… again, so disappointed, although I did say it would go to extra time/penalties. Let me know what else you would like to know. best, Sally

    1. Thank you for your comment. As so often in football, good luck & bad luck played a big part in the final result. Better luck next time. best wishes, Sally

    1. Hello Marianne in Germany. Thank you for your comment. You prompted me to take a quick look at the astrology and yes, I shall be posting a prediction, hopefully tomorrow. Watch this space. best, Sally

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