Who Will Win The Australian Tennis Open 2014?

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Update: Sunday 26th January 2014. I was feeling slightly disheartened as my pick for the tournament, Novak Djokovic, was knocked out by Stanislas Wawrinka in the quarter finals. However, I did opt for Wawrinka as one of my two wild cards to win and Rafael Nadal was my second choice to win after Novak Djokovic. It was a Wawrinka-Nadal final and Wawrinka won – so small ‘Yeah’ from me.

If you’re interested in the astrology for Wawrinka, someone has come up with a birth time of 11:05 am although this is not confirmed. This gives him an Ascendant of 9 Cancer and Jupiter was close to his Ascendant during the tournament. He also had the progressed Moon trine his MC (career point). What was most interesting for me with Wawrinka was the fact that he has Uranus at 17 Sagittarius and the chart for the start of the Australian Open had the MC (success point) at 18 Sagittarius. That’s why I went for him as a wild card as Uranus is unpredictable. It also brought one of the shocks of the tournament (Uranus rules surprises) when he knocked out Djokovic.

I’m wearing my heart on my sleeve yet again and making predictions for the men’s singles tournament at the Australian Tennis Open Grand Slam which begins next week on January 13th 2014 and ends on January 26th 2014 with the men’s singles final at 7:00pm in Melbourne.

I haven’t had a great deal of time to prepare the astrology as it’s been a busy start to the year for me so I have concentrated on the top four, i.e. the four men who have dominated the Grand Slams in the last few years bar the odd exception, Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer, Andy Murray and Rafael Nadal. Here goes:

Novak Djokovic (b. May 22 1987, 11:25pm, Belgrade, Yugoslavia)

Djokovic won last year’s Australian Open 2013 for the fourth time equalling the records of Andre Agassi and Roger Federer. If he wins again this year for the fifth time at what must be said is his favourite Grand Slam event, he will move ahead of two great tennis players in the Australian Open rankings. Djokovic ended 2013 with a flourish and seems to be on a mission to regain his no. 1 world ranking from Rafael Nadal.

His biggest and some would say most controversial news is the fact that he now has Boris Becker on board as his head coach. Becker (b. November 22 1967, 8:45am, Heidelberg, Germany) is a powerhouse Scorpio and Scorpio is the sign on Djokovic’ Midheaven (his career/success point of the chart). In fact, Becker’s Mercury (communication) in Scorpio is close to Djokovic’ Midheaven. This seems positive for persuasive and focused coaching.

An Indian astrologer Octozone predicts that Djokovic will regret appointing Becker. Here’s the link if you’re interested. He’s basing his prediction on Saturn in Scorpio but I have noticed that there is also difficult synastry between the two charts. Djokovic has his Moon at 5 Aries 32 and Becker has his Saturn at 5 Aries 55. Yes, this can be about self-discipline and a hard work ethic but it also feels restrictive. If the coaching relationship doesn’t last, it may be because Djokovic feels he’s being controlled or blocked in some way.

Saturn by transit is currently in Djokovic’ 10th house which it entered on November 5th 2013 and so far he’s not done too badly with Saturn in his 10th if his recent form is anything to go by. More interesting is Jupiter, planet of success, retrograding back over his Descendant (the chart’s relationship point) on January 1st 2014 and I wonder whether this symbolises the appointment of Boris Becker. A backwards step perhaps?

Djokovic has some lovely astrology for the tournament including Jupiter trine the MC (success point) exact on January 15th 2014 and Venus sextile the MC on January 26th 2014, the day of the final.  Both the benefics, the lucky planets, connecting to the Midheaven hold promise, although both Jupiter and Venus are currently retrograde, so not as dignified as they could be.

Roger Federer (b. August 8 1981, 8:40 am, Basel, Switzerland)

After a disappointing 2013 season when Federer didn’t reach a final of any of the four Grand Slams, he fell out of the top 5 world rankings and currently stands at no. 6. The end of the 2013 season was very up and down for him with some promising tennis, some shock results, the news that he was to become a father again and yet another of the top tennis players to take on a big name coach in Stefan Edberg.

I mentioned that Federer was being slowed down last year by Mercury (his career planet) progressing to conjunct progressed Saturn which was exact on November 1st 2013. That’s now behind him but it usually takes six months for a progressed aspect to fade away completely and he also currently has a difficult Saturn transit to his Moon. In fact, the first contact of Saturn conjunct his Moon was exact on January 5th 2014, the weekend when he played some of his worst tennis and was beaten by Leyton Hewitt.

Talking to a huge fan of Federer’s who watched the match (thanks, Lesley), she said that at times he looked defeated as if he was lacking confidence. Saturn conjunct the Moon is a difficult transit and brings up similar themes as I mentioned concerning the synastry between Djokovic and Becker. Saturn clamps down on the Moon and it can feel like an emotional low rather than a high.

I’m also unsure whether Stefan Edberg (b. January 19 1966, 9:00am, Vastervik, Sweden) is a good choice for Federer as Edberg is a Sun Capricorn, the sign that rules Saturn. Right now I think Federer needs to feel warmth and heat that radiates confidence like his Leo Sun and not cold like Saturn. The good news for Federer is that Jupiter, planet of success, enters Leo later this year on July 16th 2014.

It’s not all gloom in his chart however as he does have Jupiter retrograding back over his natal Mars in Cancer during the tournament, exact on January 17th 2014. This is similar astrology to when he reached the fourth round in the US Open 2013 and it will hopefully boost his fight and his drive to succeed. He also remains the fans’ favourite and their adoration will go a long way to ensuring his Leo Sun gets the love and attention it craves.

Andy Murray (b. May 15 1987, 2:10pm, Glasgow, UK)

Andy Murray not only won Wimbledon 2013 but he was unanimously voted SPOTY in the UK (Sports Personality of the Year) for his momentous achievement. Late September 2013 he had an operation on his back which showed astrologically as Saturn conjunct his natal Pluto. Saturn rules bones in the body. He also had a major progression exact in November 2013 of the Sun progressed opposite Saturn, so more themes around slowing down.

Murray is already saying that he won’t win the Australian Open as he’s not had enough match practise but that could simply be tactical talk. Venus progresses into Gemini, the sign associated with tennis on January 14th 2014 so his love (Venus) of the game (Gemini) is not going to diminish by any means. Whether he can win the Australian Open 2014 we’ll soon discover but astrologically his chart is quiet for now.

Interestingly, it’s his famous coach’s natal chart that holds the exciting planetary activity. Ivan Lendl (b. March 7 1960, 10:00pm, Ostrava, Czechoslovakia) has his natal Moon at 13 Cancer 38 and Jupiter, the success planet, is exactly conjunct Lendl’s Moon on January 19th 2014, i.e. in the middle of the tournament. For one reason or another, Lendl will be jumping for joy.

Rafael Nadal (b. June 3 1986, 6:20pm, Manacor, Spain)

Saturn has finally moved away from the opposition to Nadal’s Moon Taurus in the 6th house of health and his Scorpio Ascendant. This coincided with his major health problems over the winter of 2012/2013 and of course he missed the Australian Open 2013.

His comeback story has been quite remarkable and he has regained the no. 1 spot in the world rankings. Will he win the Australian Open 2014? Well, he’s got a darned good shot at it. His Venus is at 15 Cancer 40 and on the day the tournament begins, January 13th 2014, Jupiter is retrograde at 14 Cancer 30 so still very close to his Venus picking him out as a potential winner.

Plus he has the progressed Moon opposite his natal Pluto exact on the day of the final, January 26th 2014. This can spell wipe out but Pluto is powerful in his natal chart as it’s directly conjunct his Scorpio Ascendant and Nadal has already admitted to his obsessive tendencies so indicative of Pluto. There’s no reason why this can’t translate as a laser focus and a refusal to let go/give in. I’ve called him the bionic man in the past and he may prove so again.

The Best of the Rest

As I’ve been pressed for time, I’ve had the quickest glance through the best of the rest. If you want a punt on a wild card, two names stood out for me, Bernard Tomic (b. Oct 21 1992) & Stanislas Wawrinka (b. March 28 1985). I can’t see them being good enough to win the tournament but they both have lively astrology going on so they’re definitely worth noticing.

Astrologer’s Prediction to win the Australian Open 2014: Novak Djokovic

152 thoughts on “Who Will Win The Australian Tennis Open 2014?”

  1. Hey Sally,

    Thanks for posting this. Now that draws are out with Nadal, Murray, Federer and Del Potro all are in the same half. What do you think, who will prevail among them and go to the finals?

    If Nadal makes the finals, what are his chances to win this tournament? Is Djokovic’s astrology very much better than Nadal or it can go either way with Djokovic holding slightly upper hand, but Nadal just cannot be counted out fully ?

    1. If I’m honest, none of the top four have amazing astrology going on so it’s who ‘edges’ it and for me I felt it was Djokovic, plus he now has the easiest draw. For Rafa it can go either way with an intense Moon progressed opposite Pluto. I think this is his steely focus but boy it’s going to hurt. Right now I’d say Rafa to reach the final but it will be tough.

      1. Ok, but there are chances for Rafa, right? If he is able to make final and if Djokovic fails to do so, Rafa will surely win:-) Hope he remains focused !!!

        1. Yes, I would agree with that. If Djokovic is not in the final and Rafa is, then it’s looking sweet for Rafa! All safely through so far…

          1. HI Sally, some good news for Rafa and his fans, del potro crashes out in 2nd round, so draw is not that hard now when it came out:-) Sally, request you to please have a look for the astrology of Ferrer and Wawrinka, those are in Djokovic’s half, if they can bring an upset:-) Last year, Wawrinka was very close and nearly knocked off Djokovic 🙂

          2. Thanks for your comment. The problem I have with both Ferrer and Wawrinka is that I don’t have their time of birth so I only have half the story astrologically. My prediction for Djokovic is based on planetary aspects to his MC (success/career point in the chart) but you only know the MC degree when you have the time of birth. Wawrinka was one of my wild cards to do well in the tournament (Uranus is strong for him being a Sun Aries and links to the tournament chart and Uranus can spring surprises) but I still think Djokovic will edge it. I did notice that Wawrinka has just been given a walkover into the 4th round so Uranus is already working in his favour, bringing an unexpected gift!
            best, Sally
            best, Sally

    1. Yes, and that might be his downfall right there! Shame really when you have good stars. Maybe he’ll take something important away from his match with Nadal. I can’t see him beating him but never say never! Thank you for your thank you – always appreciated! best, Sally

  2. The draws do suggest that it is Novaks tournament to loose. Novak draw is similar to what he got last year with Wawrinka being the only dark horse on his side.

  3. I love your predictions Sally and am hoping for a Djokovic win. Still not sure about him being a Capricorn Ascendant as he is very outgoing and playful for someone with this Ascendant. But he is very ambitious and focused hence hiring Becker to coach him. But I agree with your prediction and appreciate your posts. Looking forward to 2 weeks of tennis.

    1. His Capricorn Ascendant has been confirmed in September 2013. Evidence from his birth certificate apparently. Check out the full story here at Astrodatabank. http://www.astro.com/astro-databank/Djokovic,_Novak.
      I think it fits him – the Ascendant is first impressions, how others ‘see’ you and can link to appearance too. I didn’t like Djokovic when he first entered the tennis scene as I thought he always looked a bit miserable/serious. He’s come into his own though. He has lots of planets in lively extrovert fire and air signs and with his Mercury (communication) in playful Gemini, plus he is a Sun Gemini, there’s his lively, ‘Djoker’ personality. Hope that’s helpful. best, Sally

  4. Thanks Sally! I’m looking forward to Federer improving! He seems like such a lovely person.
    I’m about to put my money on Tomic winning the Apia International tonight against Del Potro. Wish me luck!

    1. Well, you lost your money! I’m sorry about that. When I was talking about Tomic having good astrology it’s for the dates of the Australian Open tournament but as he’s playing Nadal in the 1st round, I can’t see him progressing any further sadly. Hopefully he takes some good stuff away from the tennis. best, Sally

  5. Sad news! That Nadal may not win. The draw is probably the toughest he’s ever played.

    I mean these are his potential opponents…. He could lose in any of the 7 rounds and it wouldn’t be a complete surprise. Doesn’t look like his year at the Australian Open.

    1st Round – Tomic (promisisng young Australian)
    2nd Round – Kokkinakis (promisisng young Australian)
    3rd Round – Gael Monfils (always kind of tricky, and in form player)
    4th Round – Hewitt (veteran in very, very ominous form)
    QF – Del Potro (pretty good form)
    SF – Murray / Federer (About as tough as it could get in the semis)
    F- Djokovic (In deadly form right now)

  6. Hi Sally,

    nice to read your analysis. One question: retrograde (Novak’s jupiter & venus) is not really a good news, is it? However, he is in a good form unless he has some serious issues with his new coach.


    1. hi Phani, the retrograde Jupiter and Venus aren’t about planets in Djokovic’ natal chart. They are the transiting planets, i.e. where the planets are in the sky. They make harmonious connections to Djokovic Midheaven (success point), hence my prediction that it’s his tournament to lose. best, Sally

  7. Hi Sally.

    Thank u for your predictions for Australian Open. You said last year that things are going to be better for Roger Federer. Do u know when? Roger is hoping to win five titles this year. I hope Roger will achieve his goals. 2013 was a horrible year.I am hoping that 2014 will be a better year for Roger. I am really fed up with the Saturn transits in Roger birth chart.

    1. Well, Jupiter entering Leo has got to help in July 2014 where it will remain until summer 2015. Both his Sun and Mercury (his career planet) are in Leo, plus he has some incredibly powerful slower-moving progressions. Mercury (tennis planet) progressed conjunct lucky Jupiter – exact March 2014 and Jupiter (success planet) progressed sextile Sun – exact Dec 2014. These slower moving progressions tend to influence the whole year. His Jupiter is in his 2nd house of money (he can expect a good year financially & he is v. popular in the media) plus natally his Jupiter is conjunct Saturn, ruler of his 5th house of children. There’s the baby news. The Jupiter progression is a once-in-a-lifetime progression which is why last year I wondered whether this was about a change of direction away from the tennis (cue shock horror from Federer fans) but that’s not definite for sure. More Grand Slam wins? Definitely a chance… best, Sally

    2. Yes, I should add that Saturn is lingering too and doesn’t clear away from his Scorpio planets completely until the end of 2014. But a lot of the top tennis players have key planets in Scorpio. It’s also about hard work and being relentless and refusing to give up and boy, do they work and train hard.

  8. Hi Sally.

    Thank u so much for your reply.

    I have got one more question

    Will Roger Federer win more G S and tournaments in his birth chart this year?

    1. Right now it’s a don’t know for me. Sorry to sound vague but it’s not clear in his astrology. He’s as likely to retreat from tennis and do something else amazing/life-changing as he is to rediscover his tennis form. I suspect the former; I hope for the latter. Huge Federer fan as at his best there’s no-one better to watch…

  9. Sally, Realistically how good are Rafa’s chances compared to Djokers’s ? Is there anyway Rafa can still win this?? Hope you’d kindly answer my queries! Thank You!
    I enjoy your posts immensely!

    1. Djoker’s astrology is easier; Rafa’s astrology is tougher. The draw already confirms this. Djokovic is my fave to win but Rafa won’t give up without a fight. best, Sally

      1. It had seemed that Rafa had a potentially tough draw… but having said that Tomic retired, Hewitt and Del Potro lost. So, it has shaped up well for him. He is likely to reach the final I think…. and then we can see b/w Djokovic & Rafa.

        1. Yup, he has the no. 22 seed Dimitro next which should be relatively easy for him. Then it’s on to either Murray, Federer or Tsonga depending who wins out of those three. That will be the test but he was my 2nd favourite so I’m still going for a Djokovic-Nadal final. best, Sally

          1. Novak just lost his match against wawrinka – So Nadal has a clear path to the finals. How do look at Fed vs Murray match

          2. I’m a bit late in replying. I thought Murray would edge it but the Fed’s on fire… is this his brilliant astrology coming to pass and he’s not going to change careers dramatically?!

  10. Hi Sally,
    With regards to Roger, he has already started the business venture of forming a sport management firm. Is that the life changing you talking about? or winning the calendar grand slam?

    1. hi Mike, the one thing I can’t predict is what is going on in Federer’s head or in his personal life. Yes, big changes are on the way but there are a lot of factors involved and as I view astrology being most useful as a mix of fate and free will, I don’t have the full picture. I’m sure it will all depend how well he does early in the season on the tennis front. If he’s playing well, there’s no reason why he can’t go on to bigger and better achievements with his racquet in hand. I’m sure he will also be thinking what next as he’s a winner and whatever he turns his hand to he’ll be successful. best, Sally

  11. I sally rafa is my hot favorite,Djoker is in tremendous form and he will oz open but till rafa has hard drawn and lets see about djokers drawn he struggle to win against stan and thomas,also oz open may the djoker favorite slam,but when we see others performance like rafa,muuray and stan on the court they are also give huge tough to win the oz open,when murray,rafa and stan worked hard,astology also going to do favour for them.

  12. Hi Sally,
    Rafa is my hot favorite,Djoker will win the aussie open 2014,but regarding is schdule he needs to face stanlisas and thomas bedrych,djoker is struggle to play with stan and thomas.Rafa,muuray and stan are giving very tough to their opponent to their oppenent in aussie open 2014,if rafa,murray and stan continous this form in ausie open astrology also will do some favour for them to win the aussie open 2014.

  13. Thinking about Federer and Edberg and wonder, as Roger’s a Leo, if the fact that playing to one of his childhood heroes will have more of a positive effect than we might have thought and counter some of the saturnian influence on him at the moment? I imagine as much as the coaching he will enjoy trying to impress him. Maybe he needs that at the moment and will inspire him. What do you think? He looked pretty confident in his last match against Kavcic.

    1. hi Lesley, yes, I’m sure that will help Roger with regard to what you say about Stefan Edberg. I’m still not convinced that he’s the right coach astrologically but time will tell. Thanks for your comment, my dear. best, Sally

  14. Hey Sally, thanks a lot for your predictions so far!! Can you please comment on a Rafa-Federer. And a Rafa-Murray match prediction?

  15. Hi Sally,
    Rafa is my hot favorite,im strongly beleived djoker will not make it to final he will loose prior to that since u r not taking stan and thomas astrology in consideration.but djoker will loose in the final.its time for rafa thats the reason his main opponent juan martin del potro loose,its a good sign for rafa.

  16. I think Rafa is looking good if he can get past a dangerous Monfils tonight. With Del Potro out of his half, things are looking better. I was wondering if you could comment on Rafa’s health via his chart. It would seem the stem cell therapy has made his pain all but vanish and made him healthier than he was even last year. This is the best news for Rafa because I feel it will allow him to exert himself againt Djokovic in the final if they should meet again. I think while Murray might provide a stiff test, Murray himself still is coming back from injury and hasn’t been severely tested himself in well over 6 months. I see Djokovic also extremely emotional (more so than usual) during the tournament so far. Can you see that in his chart ? Seems Rafa is actually less emotional than Djokovic.

    1. Thanks for your comment. Interesting what you say about Rafa and Murray regarding health. Saturn has moved away from Rafa’s Scorpio planets but it’s still making connnections to Murray’s Scorpio planets. In astrology, Saturn is an enemy to the lights, the Sun and Moon, and as the Sun rules vitality, energy, Saturn often shows as ill health.
      Re. Djokovic and Nadal and being emotional, I think it shows in their natal charts. Djokovic has a feisty Moon Aries, which is unpredictable, fiery and v. emotional; Nadal has his Moon in Taurus, which is steady, slow to erupt and often termed a ‘safe harbour’. Nadal’s astrology is currently very concentrated with a Moon/Pluto connection, hence his laser focus.
      best, Sally

      1. Sally I somehow believe that Federer is going to the SF for the least and surely he is gonna give Nadal a hell of a fight.

        Wawrinka just bought his ticket to his first ever GS finals. Berdych is going down in 4 sets

        1. Looking like an all Swiss final at the moment, must check out the chart for Switzerland and see what’s occurring…

  17. dear sally i follow the movable zodiac system of astrology according to which djokovic has got saggitarius ascendent and mars is right now transiting virgo that is the 10th house in djokovics chart which is very good for success.

    1. Thanks for your comment and interesting to hear that Djokovic’ astrology is looking good using your system. I often find that whether you’re using tropical or sidereal astrology (must write a blog post to explain this), you arrive at the same outcome.
      best, Sally

  18. What about on the women’s side?? Who do you think is going to win? Serena just lost but what about this year for her, will she win any other tournaments?

    1. hi Anthony, I haven’t done the womens’ predictions for some time as they weren’t working well for me so I don’t know is the answer to your question. It did make me want to take a peek at Serena’s chart however as I do have a time of birth for her and Pluto, the wipe out planet, was exactly square Saturn, her career planet, on January 14th 2014. This was just as the tournament was beginning and as Pluto is a slow-moving planet, it’s a real whammy of a hit. I think she might struggle this year as the Uranus-Pluto square is triggering her career planet until December 2014. You would need to look at what else is happening astrologically during each of the Grand Slams to see if it can combat the difficult energy. I might include her in my Grand Slam predictions this year. best, Sally

  19. Good old Roger eh? Can’t wait to see the match!
    Life in the old lion yet!! Edberg’s birthday too. Thoughts Sally?

    1. Looking forward to the Murray-Federer match too, Lesley. He was on form against Tsonga, that’s for sure. Jupiter on Federer’s Mars seems to have restored his fighting spirit. Astrologically I think Murray will edge it but never say never…
      best, Sally

  20. Hi Sally,
    You had a very good proven record in prediction can you providing me is there is any slim chnaces for rafa to win aussie open2014.still my heart cant accept your prediction.

    1. There’s always a slim chance! It’s just that the astrology disagrees or at least as far as this astrologer’s interpretation goes. We’ll know for sure soon…
      best, Sally

    1. Thanks for posting, Samarjeet. Well, I’m not convinced by his prediction as he uses Saturn to predict success! I would say the opposite and it’s not worked well for Serena Williams so far. She’s had Pluto square her Saturn, the wipe out planet, and she’s had back problems too. Saturn can indicate the back as it rules the bones (spine).
      As you know, I’m betting on Djokovic to win.
      best, Sally

  21. Hi Sally,

    Thank you for the predictions – I am always intrigued by what the stars foretell and if sports events can be predicted. I make it a point to check your predictions and have done so starting 2012 Wimbledon.

    In terms of Australian Open 2014, Stan Wawrinka took out Novak Djokovic today and unsurprisingly so. Wawrinka seems like a certainty for the final given his winning record against Berdych in the past on hardcourts.

    Do you have any prediction for Federer v/s Murray and Dmitrov v/s Nadal?

    1. Well, I’m gobsmacked! Just seen the result of the Djokovic/Wawrinka match. I did say Wawrinka was one to watch this tournament and if anyone has his time of birth, it would be very much appreciated. So Djokovic is out. It wasn’t the strongest of predictions as the astrology was quietly helpful rather than spectacular this Grand Slam and no-one really stood out of the pack. If I’m honest, I’m not sure now. Nadal has fighting talk astrology going on, Federer does have Jupiter over his Mars still which is bringing out his fighting spirit and Murray’s astrology isn’t great but his coach Ivan Lendl’s is! Take your pick! It’s either Berdych or Wawrinka in the final – I’ve got to go with Wawrinka as I said his astrology looks lively in the blog (!) and the other 3 are going to have to fight it out. Nadal was my no. 2 favourite – can he win yet another Grand Slam? I’ll be watching as avidly as all of you and sorry I didn’t get the winner right this time but hope you’re still enjoying the tennis blogs. They’re very popular! Thanks for your comment too, Suneer.

        1. Amit, that’s brilliant. Thank you. Is it possible to confirm which site you found this information on? I would love to check it out. best, Sally

          1. You can check it on my astrology horoscope .com. I tried to send you the link but it did not get thru or you can google wawrinka birth time

    1. I think a lot of people will be rooting for Federer now. Can he make a brilliant comeback? It’s looking more and more likely. I suspect Wawrinka might be the one to stand in his way if he can overcome Nadal and his blistered hand. Exciting!

  22. What about roger federer can he beat murray and nadal
    edberg is now January 19, 1966 (age 48 years)
    may be roger federer is lucky this time

    1. Yup, everyone’s asking about Federer and whether he’s back? Looking forward to the Federer-Nadal final and Federer has got a great chance as Nadal’s hand is badly blistered…

  23. Hi sally,
    I already said djoker is struggle to paly against stan and bedrych,today djoker loss as hard working stan taste the win.for the last one year i read ur blog and predictions and in 2014 slam you had pick the odd man djoker as champion without consider stan and bedrych astrology.
    Thanks and warm regards,
    Rafa fan(Saravanan.G)

    1. Correct! Yes, I didn’t have Stan’s time of birth before but I think I have now which is great news. Just need to get it checked out…

  24. Hi Sally,
    Is there a possibility that a non favourite will win the title in the men & women draw? I think Eugenie Brouchard has a great chance.

    1. hi Mike, have you seen the final for the ladies?! I have to say I hadn’t heard of either of them. The no. 4 seed versus the no. 30 seed – so yes. The womens’ tennis always seems to be much more unpredictable than the mens. Mind you, I like Wawrinka’s chances at the moment…

  25. Goodness me! All the top seeds are dropping like flies! I never would’ve predicted we’d get to this stage and so many top seeds would be out! I think it’s anyone’s game!

  26. What about roger federer can he beat murray and nadal
    edberg is now January 19, 1966 (age 48 years)
    may be roger federer is lucky this time
    and he will win Australian open 2014

    1. I liked reading somewhere that Edberg is an excellent tactician. That’s Capricorn for you. So far so good for Federer!

    1. I saw – looks painful. Surely he can’t play at his full capacity with such bad hand injuries and he’s going to need to be on his top form against an in-form Federer!

    1. Thank you, it means a lot! I’m on a bit of a downer failing at my prediction for the Aus Open so glad I picked Wawrinka as one of my two to watch. Hoping Wawrinka can do it and would love that – I now have his birth time too, but my heart is always with Federer… I would love to see an all Swiss final. Not long to wait…

    1. hi, thanks for your comments. I have been deliberately not replying to comments as I wasn’t sure astrologically who to go for. Rafa, Roger and Wawrinka all had some lovely astrology but nothing stood out above the rest. Thrilled for Wawrinka. best, Sally

    1. I shall be looking at his astrology before every Grand Slam. A really interesting year for him. Whether he can translate that into another Grand Slam win depends on the actual astrology for each tournament. I know some people count him out now but when he’s at his best, he’s brilliant. best, Sally

  27. Hi Sally,
    I wondering is there anything astrologically that Rafa has on Roger that make Roger play badly against Rafa? Something like kryptonite. Currently I understand it is because of age but during Roger prime this still happen.

    1. hi Mike, I’ve been wondering that too. Rafa has a very intense Ascendant with Pluto and as the Ascendant rules how you come across to other people, that can be intimidating. Why it happens especially to Federer, I don’t know. There’s nothing between the two charts that suggests why it might happen. Sorry. best, Sally

  28. I hope most of you are not betting based on the info here. Sally is good but has not nearly enough tennis knowledge.
    Federer is not in Rafa’s class anymore and don’t believe the hype of beating a flat Tsonga and rusty Murray.
    At 1.72 Rafa was the sure pick and you may never see that price again. He was well overpriced but lots of people holding on to Fed memories allowed the high price to be taken advantage of.
    Next sure bet is Nadal to win the final, Do not make the mistake of thinking wawa can win. He will lose but unforunately Nadal is paying 1.20 only, no real value.
    Hope this post saves some money for those that may bet on wawa thinking that astrology will lead you to the winner.

    1. Thanks for your comment and I think it’s an important one to make. In fact, I’m going to write a blog post answering some of the questions you raise. I write my predictions for entertainment purposes and because people love to read them. It’s up to every individual to choose whether to bet or not. I would never claim that astrology can offer 100% accuracy, the same as any other system you might use to make predictions, whether that’s your knowledge of the subject/your expertise/a psychic octopus, etc. However, I do know that a good astrologer is likely to get a better ratio than average, often around the 70% mark.
      Re. your other comments, I also only predict on sport that I love, i.e. mens’ tennis and football. I don’t admit to being an expert but I do know a fair amount.
      Plus there are no dead certs in sport and that adds to sport’s enjoyment. The best sports expert in the world is never going to get it right every time… which has just been proven by the fact that Wawrinka (one of my wild card bets) has beaten Nadal in the final. Touche!
      Seriously though, thanks for taking the time to write in. It is appreciated. best, Sally

      1. Well done Sally!
        You definitely deserve congratulations for your Wawa selection and you are correct there are no dead certs.
        I shouldn’t have questioned your ability, I’m sorry.
        I was fortunate to have made a few thousand during the tennis and clearly I overestimated my ability as I was quite wrong about Wawa not being able to beat Rafa.
        The best thing about your writing (other than your accurate selections) is that you seem very humble about how you go about everything, I think its brilliant.
        I wish you every success in 2014 and I think you may have changed my mind about astrology in terms of predictions.
        All the best.

  29. Hi Sally,
    Finally its rafa vs stan final…..nothing to wondering on this……both are hard working and have good attitude,humble on the court,from 2005-2011 big four,now the clock shifts in anti clockwise,here after its time for stan-rfa-djoker as big three.both has good chances to win aussie open.but most of us pray for stan as he wait to win for major for very long time with huge skills……looking forward for tough final in melbourne.

    Rafa fan.

    1. Sorry I didn’t reply before the final but I wasn’t sure so I didn’t predict. Wawrinka did it. Pleased for him. best, Sally

  30. On the rafa Roger astrology I read somewhere thay rafa really is rf’s astrological nemesis and that when Roger looks over the net he sees something which is overpowering which is different from playing anyone else. Wonder if sally can comment with more detail on this. As it seemed as if the new found confidence just evaporated as soon as he looked at rafa.

    1. hi Lesley, Someone else asked this and having looked at the astrological synastry (relationship between the charts), I don’t know the answer. Rafa has Pluto on a Scorpio Ascendant which can surely be focused and intimidating but why that affects Federer, I don’t know. best, Sally

    1. Not yet! I hope to make predictions but I think I’m only going to do it if the astrology speaks to me clearly… and it will be much nearer the time. We have a new man on the block – Wawrinka! best, Sally

    1. You heard it here… he’s certainly suffering from injuries again. Will continue to look at all the top seeds astrology before each Grand Slam. best, Sally

  31. Finally Stan’s made it. Seems like the favorites has some obstacles. Could you please point out your impressions about Djokovic’s chart for 2014. Some say 2014 won’t be a great year for him. However, I personally believe he has lot to achieve in this year. Last year he did not really play that bad in the slams, just that he lost bit of it in the key moments.

    Many thanks in advance 🙂

    1. hi Phani. I’m not doing long-term forecasts for the players much (although I do love Federer’s chart this year but still not entirely sure where/how he’s going to do brilliantly!) Will be checking in again before the French Open in May. best, Sally

  32. You Beauty , Sally !!!!!! you have hit bulls eye with an outsider prediction for Wawrinka …..Amazing prediction ….three cheers for you …

    catch you in May for the French Open prediction ….

  33. Hi Sally,
    Does the country astrological success has any impact on its individual athete success in the big stage? For the last 10 years or so, Spain is pretty successful in tennis & football & also doping.

    1. hi Mike, yes it does. Sometimes it’s tricky to use country charts to predict as there is more than one. I may well take a look at Spain in a future blog post. Just had a quick peek at the chart I like for Spain and the astrology’s definitely interesting. best, Sally

  34. Hi Sally,

    Stan is a great player for the last ten years he had stuck with some one in grand slam,for the last one year he played very hard and he got the fruit for that,regarding rafa again this is one more loss or one more win in grand slam finals but he prevented fedrer to qualify for final thats the awesome win for rafa in aussie open 2014.in aussie open 2014 ur prediction slightly fell because you never taken stan and thomas in consideration.rafa will more titles in this year as he again a hard working with humble behaviour on the court,people with good morals will win,rafa and stan is among them,i hope we will see more matches between stan and rafa in this year.

    thanks and warm regards,
    G.Saravanan(rafa fan).

  35. hi sally i had already commented on your prediction regarding aus open and said that as per sidereal zodiac mars transiting djokovics10th house shows success.but after getting stans birth time i could see that stan had the best astrology. as per sidereal zodiac stan has gemini ascendant and he was running the major period of jupiter which his his 10th lord and sub period of venus exalted in the 10th house. this period started on 25.08 2013 which showed in his fine performance at the uso.on the day of the aus open final jupiter was exactly aspecting his mc.nadal had the transit moon transiting .the 8th from his natal moon which is very bad for success it is also very difficult to predict accurately unless you have every ones horoscope. i also want to thank you as i have got the birth particulars of the players only from your website.

    1. Thanks for posting this, James. It’s really interesting. I hope you let us know what the sidereal zodiac predicts for the top players at the French Open & Wimbledon too. The two different zodiacs often coincide I have noticed. One word of warning re. Wawrinka’s time of birth. It’s not confirmed so it’s worth stating that whenever you use it. The times of the big four – Federer, Nadal, Murray and Djokovic – are all confirmed. Astrodatabank is a great resource for correct birth times but it doesn’t have all the up-to-date info you need. best, Sally

      1. thanks for your reply sally. regarding wawrinkas birth time this may very well be correct. here is a person who has been playing for atleast 12 years but was never a grand slam contender but suddenly has won a major.as per sidereal zodiac his major period of jupiter and sub period of venus which started in august 2013 is very good for success in career. moreover jupiter was exactly aspecting his mc on the day of the final.so i do not have a reason to doubt his birthtime given in your website. i will let you know the prospects of the tennis players as per sidereal zodiac at a latter date.

  36. Hi Sally,

    This is my prediction on behalf of you in 2014 slam,

    French open nadal
    wimbledon Murray/djokovi
    Us open after seeing american hard court result u come to conclusion.

    thanks and warm regards,

  37. Hi Sally,

    You won others heart by your prediction and handling words……………..I got broken when rafa broke on the court……….i made a reaserch in astrology through books…………especially tamil or indian astrology………one of the greatest astologist mahakavi kalidasar lived in himalaya said it a prediction based on planet but the real things happen based on gods decision……….any how i keep following your prediction and blogs………There are some people had a super nature in prediction by birth……..you might be one among them……..Lets ur words come true for thrilling,excitement and joyfullness…………will meet on french open ie may 2014.

    Thanks and warm regards,

  38. Well Sally I hope you are working on Roland Garros because with Fed’s win over Djokovic and Berdych in Dubai things are starting to heat up”!

    Looking forward to more predictions!

    1. hi Deidre, not a clue at the moment! I plan to write a blog on the subject nearer the time but not sure I’m going to make a prediction on who will win. My averages are falling… best, Sally

  39. Hey Sally, I just heard that Roger Federer and his wife just had another set of twins tonight. Wow what are the odds that someone has two sets of twins in your lifetime. He is a lucky guy. Well I do remember you saying that this year would be very good year for Federer and it’s looks great in opinion with the birth of his children.

    1. hi Lisa, Yes, great news isn’t it. He’s got his own mixed-double tennis pairs now, two boys to follow two girls. best, Sally

  40. Hi,

    Im waiting for your french open prediction,Fedex is always blessed in sports and in his personal life……….

    Please post your prediction as quick as you can.

    Thanks and warm regards,
    G Saravanan.

    1. Probably won’t try to predict the winner this time but I do intend to write an article looking at the astrology for the top players! best, Sally

  41. Hi Sally,

    I am a big fan of yours and always followed your predictions. Please post an article for this years French Open at the earliest. I am eagerly waiting for it. Nadal is not looking at his best so far in this Clay season and for the first time since last decade it seems French Open is wide open.

    Hoping for Rafa to get back in his groove !!!!

    1. hi Rafa fan, this weekend I will hopefully get a blog post up! Sorry, everything’s late… best, Sally

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