Who Will Win The Australian Open Tennis 2013?

Novak Djokovic
Novak Djokovic

[Update: 27th January 2013. Firstly, the favourites did win with both Djokovic and Azarenka, no. 1 seeds, coming out on top, so my prediction was wrong.

There was a surprise twist, however, with the bookies’ favourite, Serena Williams, being knocked out by an unseeded 18 year old.

Secondly, Djokovic’ win confirms that Jupiter retrograde is not as strong as Jupiter direct when Federer won Wimbledon (see below).

Thirdly, after writing this blog, a new birth-time was discovered for Djokovic (11:00am) which gives him a Leo Ascendant, Venus conjunct a Taurus Midheaven and Jupiter currently in his career sector. This significantly boosts his chances for 2013.

I will post predictions for the remaining three Grand Slams closer to the events and thank you to all of you who have read this post and/or commented on it. Your input is valuable and I hope you continue to enjoy sharing our mutual tennis/astrology appreciation.]

Original post. The blog post I wrote in March 2012 predicting that Roger Federer would win Wimbledon was the most popular blog post of 2012. I’m picking up the gauntlet again this year and will write predictions for the four tennis Grand Slams, the current Australian Open, the French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open.

I’m not going to make predictions for the women’s tennis as I didn’t fare so well last year, although I expect I will make an exception for Wimbledon which is my favourite tournament.

This time I’m starting by drawing up the chart for the first match of the tournament to see what the astrology shows and will use this information in tandem with the players’ personal horoscopes to make my prediction. I also consider the astrology on the day of the final. Here’s the chart for the start of the Australian Open in Melbourne, Australia.

Australian Open tennis astrology chart
Australian Open, January 14 2013, 11:00am, Melbourne, Australia


Void of course Moon

The first thing to note is that the Moon is void of course. This means that it makes no more aspects before leaving Aquarius and moving into the next sign. In traditional astrology, this was a bad omen and it suggests that the favourite will not fare well. The no. 1 seed is Novak Djokovic who’s going for his 3rd consecutive Australian Open title, a new record. Will this fact add extra pressure to Nole and make the defence of his title a tougher ask? If Novak’s not the winner, who has the best chance astrologically?

Lucky Jupiter

The Ascendant of the chart is Pisces so traditionally the ruling planet is Jupiter at 6 Gemini 47 down at the base of the chart. Jupiter’s currently retrograde, i.e. on go slow, but Jupiter also rules Sagittarius, the Midheaven (success) point of the chart. Jupiter is the lucky planet whose many gifts include faith, belief and good fortune so this is definitely a planet to note.

Jupiter makes no significant aspects before turning direct on January 30th but what’s really interesting is how close it is to the same place it was in the heavens when Federer won Wimbledon on 8th July 2012. On that day, Jupiter was at 5 Gemini 51, the only difference being that back then Jupiter was direct (strong) and it’s currently retrograde (weak).

The main reason for my prediction that Federer would win Wimbledon was because his Midheaven (success) point is at 6 Gemini 09 and Jupiter was almost exactly conjunct the Midheaven. It was only later that year that I discovered Andy Murray’s birth time which showed his Midheaven point spookily close to Federer’s at 7 Gemini 46. However, Jupiter reached Federer’s Midheaven first, giving him the advantage.

Juan Martin del Potro

There is one other chart that piqued my curiosity and that belongs to Juan Martin del Potro, the no. 6 seed. del Potro won the 2009 US Open but he had to retire from most of the tournaments in 2010 due to a wrist injury. I don’t have his time of birth but his natal chart shows that this is the year of his Jupiter return and his natal Jupiter is at 6 Gemini 08 sextile Mars in Aries, the action planet that rules competitive sport. Uranus, planet of surprises, is very close to del Potro’s Mars which is at 6 Aries 34 natally and, in the chart above, Uranus is in the 1st house, which often favours an outsider, a surprise victory or turn-around of events.

So what does this mean for the Australian Open especially as one half of the draw includes Roger Federer (no. 2 seed), Andy Murray (no. 3 seed) and Juan Martin del Potro (no. 6 seed)? As they all share this magical connection at 6 Gemini, it looks as if the matches between them are going to be crucial to the tournament’s outcome.

Roger Federer

Can Roger Federer, age 31 and winner of 17 grand slams, compete against the young guns in what has been one of the hottest summers in Australia for some time, even if he has been resting and taking it easy? It would be a massive ask and my head says it’s impossible.

On the day of the final, however, Jupiter is at 6 Gemini 21 and there’s a Full Moon in Leo, Roger’s natal Sun sign. Admittedly he has to get to the final to shine in the brilliance of the Full Moon but to stay true to the astrology and Jupiter in the sign of the twins, I’m putting on two bets, one on Federer to win and a second bet on del Potro to win. Bring on the tennis…

Birth Data:

1. Novak Djokovic, May 22 1987, 11:25pm, Belgrade, Serbia (age 25)

2. Roger Federer, August 8 1981, 8:40am, Basel, Switzerland (age 31)

3. Andy Murray, May 15 1987, 2:10pm, Glasgow, UK (age 25)

6. Juan Martin del Potro, Sept 23 1988, time unknown, Tandil, Argentina (age 24)

Β [photo from flickr.com]

79 thoughts on “Who Will Win The Australian Open Tennis 2013?”

  1. Hi Sally!!

    Many thanks for the predictions!! Have always been the greatest fan of Roger Federer.

    Makes me immensely happy that he will down Under..

    You are right!! Its Game On!!

    God Bless you..

        1. Thanks Amit. Me too with the US Open, altho’ I did go for Djokovic and not Federer and he was in the final. An epic battle against eventual winner Andy Murray. I wasn’t too upset with that and was thrilled for Murray to win the 1st Grand Slam for a Brit for years…

  2. I read somewhere Djokovic has good chances to win. Here I note, 3 players in the same draw and each equally has their chances to win. It would be quite interesting. You also mentioned, if not Djokovic who has the best chance astrologically.
    Reg. Federer, is the timing of full moon an important aspect? and can it be right to understand Djokovic has best chances to reach the final if not win?

    I am a Djokovic fan and it would be saddening not to win Aussie open, if not the French of Wimby.

    Many thanks πŸ™‚

    1. hi Phani, Djokovic won’t go away empty-handed this Grand Slam season. I’ll post predictions for the other 3 Grand Slams later in the year.
      The Full Moon isn’t the main astrology for the prediction but it’s a back-up and, if Federer makes the final, Leo is in the ascendancy which has got to favour him.
      Thanks for your comment.

    1. Interesting and for the same reason – Jupiter conjunct the Midheaven (success point). This time it’s retrograde (weak) not direct (strong). We’ll soon find out if that makes a difference. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Sorry, but you ALWAYS predict Roger will win just about everything! Del Potro is a dark horse for sure – but I think the winner will be either Fed or Murray – with a feeling that Murray may just sneak this. You predicted that Djokovic would win the US Open and guess what….?

    1. hi Toni, thanks for your comment. Astrology is a huge passion for me and I love making predictions with astrology but I would never expect the outcome to be 100% accurate in every prediction. Astrology is a discipline that is based on cycles and patterns which repeat through time. It’s similar to financial forecasting or weather forecasting, looking at past trends to predict what the likely outcome will be. Done well, you have a stronger than average chance of getting a prediction right and I’m pleased with last year’s predictions. A lot of people thought that Federer couldn’t win Wimbledon again and Djokovic was only beaten in an epic 5 set 5 hour match with Andy Murray who’s also having a fantastic year in his tennis career. Murray has the same Gemini Midheaven as Federer and he’s playing his best tennis to date. It’s going to be another exciting year for tennis and I can’t wait.

  4. A huge Federer fan here but Sally says he has to reach the final for him to shine. Looking at the draw I’m not sure he will reach. This is what happen in last year US Open. Sally, how is Roger chances in semi against Andy or Del Porto on 25/1? even though I’m getting ahead of myself

    1. Thanks for your comment. From an astrological perspective, it’s going to be the Murray/Federer/del Potro side of the draw that’s crucial. I can’t say more than that and yes, it is going to be a huge ask for Federer. Looking forward to it.

  5. URANUS(planet of the sudden, unexpected, revolutionary) in house 1 in the chart for the first match of the tournament tells us the winner will be unexpected. Void of course moon tells us the favorite won’t win. Everything points out to an unexpected winner at the AO.

  6. Thanks Sally. I know I’ve been nagging you for a few months to get this prediction up and of course it looks promising for Roger but there is still a lot of tennis to play.

    Again thank for taking the time. Love your blog.

    Now about those other 3 slams….just kidding!

  7. Sally knows how ardently I have followed Federer! So reading this gives me a lot of hope. Yes it seems impossible but if anyone is able to make the impossible, possible, it’s Roger:)

  8. Hi Sally,

    I’m a big follower of your blog. And the BIGGEST fan of Roger “THE GOD” Federer….
    As per your prediction , Del Potro was a fav. alongside Murray/Federer…

    Now Delpo is gone !!!!!!

    Any comment on this ??

    1. Thanks for your comment and for following my blog. I know! I thought del Potro looked a brilliant bet for an outsider. So… it’s wait and see. I’m hoping that the fact Jupiter is retrograde and therefore weak isn’t going to upset my prediction. Federer and Murray have both gone through today. Will be watching the rest of the tournament with a keen interest.

  9. Hi Sally,

    Expecting a reply from you on this comment from Birdie :
    “URANUS(planet of the sudden, unexpected, revolutionary) in house 1 in the chart for the first match of the tournament tells us the winner will be unexpected. Void of course moon tells us the favorite won’t win. Everything points out to an unexpected winner at the AO.” ….

    My sincere wish to God is that his predictions will not come true :-)……

    Samarjeet (fan of Roger “THE GOD” Federer )

    1. hi Samarjeet, Thanks for your comment and I have just replied to Birdie. Slipped past me but yes, I agree as it says in my blog post. A void-of-course Moon and a 1st house Uranus point to a surprise twist. Let’s see…

    1. Thanks for your comment. Nole is always going to be a tough competitor to beat that’s for sure and he is a Sun Gemini, although Jupiter is past his Sun at 1 Gemini 15. He has his Mercury (rules hands/dexterity so great for tennis players) in Gemini too at a later degree and wait until Jupiter gets to his 10th house ruler Mars (his career planet) in early degrees Cancer in the summer! He’ll be on fire…

  10. Thought that was Djokovic out against Wawrinka – it would have been a surprise for sure. Epic game – 5 sets, over 5 hours…

    1. Thanks for your comment. I checked out Solaris blog which is excellent. He got a lot of predictions right for last year. However, I thought he was talking about 2012 and can’t see that he’s written predictions for 2013? I may be wrong.
      Murray’s in with a shout as he has the same Midheaven (success) point as Federer and Jupiter is lingering there as it turns direct on 30th Jan 2013. However, once again as at Wimbledon, Jupiter is slightly closer to Federer’s Midheaven, hence my prediction and the reason I’ve favoured Federer over Murray. It looks likely they’ll meet in the semis, a mighty showdown.

  11. Solaris Blog towards the end of the blog in Question and answer, Paul has commented as follows:

    Paul Saunders15 September 2012 08:15
    Thanks, I was pretty pleased how things turned out myself πŸ™‚

    Ok this is how I see 2013. Andy is going to have a stellar year, and astrologically I can see him winning the Australian and the holy grail, Wimbledon in 2013. Novak is still coming off his high year in 2011 and I see him as the main challenger to Andy in 2013. Rafa has got issues. I have a feeling that his knee problems and health issues are going to plague him through 2013 too. He has Saturn in his 12th house connecting with a Pluto Moon opposition across his 6th/12th house axis, the medical axis of the chart. Saturn rules the joints and the knees and the hits to Pluto will degrade them being the chart ruler (he has a Scorpio Ascendant). Saturn does come into the bright lights of his first house at the end of 2013, but this will be a new 28 year cycle for Rafa and I could honestly see him thinking seriously about his career. If he does try to play through all this, I cannot see him being at his best because his style is so physical. Roger’s win at Wimbledon I saw as his last hurrah. He has had a fabulous career, but time waits for no man and even if he wins the odd title here and there (and this is possible), he is getting towards the end of his tennis life…

    I hope he is wrong as I want Federer to win this Australian Open 2013!

    1. Thanks, I didn’t see this on Solaris blog but have found it now. Yes, I can see his reasoning as Murray has v. similar astrology to Federer and Murray is in his prime whilst Federer must be coming to the end of his career. I’m hoping this is the tournament that is the ‘odd title here and there’ for Federer but he has to play Tsonga, followed by Murray followed by (likely) Djokovic to win. A tough call indeed.
      So far it doesn’t look as if there’s going to be an upset/an outsider unless that’s Tsonga?! Murray stormed through his quarter-final after a couple of shaky games and Djokovic seems to have settled again after his epic 5 set 5 hour match against Wawrinka. Looking forward to the next few days tennis.

  12. What about chardy?
    Sally is there a connection between age and year?
    Agassi was 32 and won in 2003 (3 and 2)
    And same for federer this year

    1. Thanks for your comment. There may be a connection between age and year but I don’t know it. I imagine if you’re a numerologist you might know the answer. Sorry, but I didn’t check Chardy’s chart and he’s just gone out to Murray. It’s the big boys left at the moment. Going to be a great end to the competition.

  13. Sally, I asked for astrological perspective for the semi on 25/1 which I predicted will be btwn Roger & Andy. A friend of mine says on 25/1, the astrological stars favor Andy & so is Solaris. So Andy will win the tournament. The way Roger gone thru 5 sets with Jo, it look like 2012 Olympics repeating itself.

    1. hi Mike, it’s still anyone’s game (top 4 seeds at least). Andy’s not been consistent so far admitting he has played some ‘nonsense’ tennis. Roger’s managed to pick up his game on key points. I don’t think the stars favour one or the other (Federer-Murray) in the semi-finals – the two are virtually inseparable if you take an astrological perspective. It may come down to brilliance or stamina – can’t wait!

  14. Sally, here’s an excellent link. http://tennis-astrology.blogspot.com.au/2013/01/australian-open-2013-pre-tournament.html
    This is what is says about the ATP:
    Australian Open 2013–Pre-Tournament Picks
    I’d be posting more predictions as the tournament progresses (I’d prefer to wait for the OOPs of each day to be released before doing so), but here are a few general pre-tournament predictions to get us along the way.

    I’ve taken a look at the charts of Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer and Andy Murray. Of these three, Federer’s chances of winning the tournament look the best. This is because transiting Jupiter (the planet of expansion and good fortune) is less than a degree away from his Midheaven (success point), a transit that similarly occurred during his Wimbledon win last year! My only concern would be that Jupiter is retrograding rather than moving in direct motion this time, which tends to produce effects that are more muted.

    I rate Djokovic’s chances as 2nd highest amongst the three. He has just gotten over a debilitating Neptune square Sun transit (this was exact on the day of the Hopman Cup final, which could explain his poor play in the mixed), and although there may be some after-effects from that (Neptune is still less than a degree past his Sun), it shouldn’t be anything that he can’t handle. While Djokovic’s negative transits are very much over though, he isn’t receiving a positive boost from the heavens either, meaning that he’s very much relying on his own efforts rather than luck in order to win.

    Chiron (wounds) is squaring Murray’s Midheaven (success point) throughout the course of the tournament. Although the square will only be exact on 2nd February, the week after the Australian Open, I suspect that this indicates Murray will experience some sort of physical or emotional hurt (perhaps an injury or a very bad choke) that will be talked about by commentators in the months (or even years) to come. Murray fans nevertheless can take heart that Jupiter will be in his 10th house of career until mid-September 2013, and will continue to bring him great success as it has been since early July last year.

    1. Thanks for the info re the tennis blog, Thomas. It’s always interesting to see what and why other people are predicting. I tend not to use Chiron to make predictions (Murray’s chart) but it’s the same prediction as my own (Federer to win) and for the same reason (Jupiter conjunct Midheaven). Also interesting to see that whoever writes the blog is unsure whether Jupiter being retrograde will make a difference (it was direct when Federer won Wimbledon). If it does, Djokovic has got to be in with a shout to win the whole competition. Trying to be patient… can’t wait for the next few days’ tennis!

  15. By the way, he mentions that it’s harder to predict the WTA winner, as the birth times of the ladies were unavailable to him(and that DOES have an impact in astrology)

    1. Agreed! I also don’t know as much about womens’ tennis. I think it helps if you’re an avid supporter and I am of the mens’ tennis! Some great players competing right now.

  16. How all of a sudden everyone is on murray band wagon. I thought astrologically federer had the matter chance than murray?
    Anyways believe it or not the second federer will be winning this year is roland garros
    Federer is winning australian open 2013

  17. I wonder , how come everyone has forgotten David Ferrer !!!!

    After reading Birdie’s comments , i feel Ferrer can be the winner also ….

    1. Ferrer is an Aries, the competitive sign. I don’t have his time of birth so I’m slightly in the dark with him. If he knocks out Djokovic today, it will be a big surprise and the chart for the tournament suggested the favourite won’t win.
      However, over in the women’s tournament we have already seen this play out with the bookies’ favourite, Serena Williams, losing to the 18 year old Stephens and I see Sharapova, the no. 2 seed, has also lost to Li, the no. 6 seed. It looks like Azarenka’s title unless there’s another upset in the final.

  18. Just watched Federer against Tsonga and no sign of his talent on the wane! He seemed inspired. Was also so lovely to see the sportsmanship between the two of them and the humour. I am still encouraged by the astrology to hope that Federer wins his 18th slam – 18 would be a great number to finish on!

    1. hi Lesley, thanks for your comment. I do like Tsonga – he has a great personality. Well, the big day is tomorrow – Federer v. Murray – again! I’m looking forward to it but it’s so hard to split them astrologically. Obviously there’s the big difference in age (in tennis terms) but as in Wimbledon last year, Jupiter slightly favours Federer. Can he do it? We’ll find out soon.

      1. Hi Sally. Well although I’m a Scot, my preference, as you know, is for the ‘light’ of Federer to shine very brightly! I hope he does it.
        However seems as if Djokovic was on fire today…..

  19. Hello Sally, I enjoy reading your posts.I’m a huge Novak fan and I’d like to know whether he stands any chances in the finals, I’m a bit disappointed by reading all these posts favouring Roger or Andy, although I do respect them both.

    1. hi Susan, you have no worries – Djokovic just demolished Ferrer and he will be a hard man to beat in the final. He is a Sun Gemini and Jupiter (good fortune) reigns supreme in his sign until the summer and I can’t see him finishing the 2013 season without winning a Grand Slam. It’s quite unusual that all three top seeds, Djokovic, Murray and Federer, have Jupiter prominent in their charts at the same time and it’s actually very little that divides them. Jupiter’s the lucky planet and offers the opportunity for success but you have to take that chance and fitness and external conditions play their part. The astrology squeaks Federer infront of Murray and ahead of Djokovic but will the astrology prove to be effective? It’s a bit like predicting the weather with no 100% guarantees but astrology definitely helps to improve the betting odds. I also love learning from the outcome and seeing if that can help me make better predictions in the future. Having said all of that, I am hoping that the astrology helps steer Federer to his 18th Grand Slam win!

  20. Hi Sally,

    Now it is only hours before the RF-AM match. Novak is already in the final. You have said that matches between RF-AM-JMDP will be crucial to the outcome. While JMDP is already out (the surprise being that he was upset by JC). Whom do you see coming out on top for the RF-AM match?


    1. Am I allowed to say I don’t know! Astrologically it’s hard to split them but Federer squeaks it as I’ve said before. That’s where my heart lies… Thanks for your comment.

  21. An Argentine guy who posts on an Astrology forum and happens to be REALLY good predicting sports using astrology predicts the following:

    I think Federer wins the SF and the Australian Open final.

    IF Murray somehow wins the SF then he will win the Australian Open final.

    Either way looks like the winner of the Australian Open is coming from the Federer/Murray SF this year.

    1. Interesting. If you have the name of the astrology forum I’d love to take a peak. That’s exactly the same as my prediction. It’s good to know we fellow astrologers are reading from the same page! Thanks for your comment.

  22. Looking forward to the Federer v Murray match and the final. I’m in agreement with you Sally I believe Federer is going to take this, although it will be a very tight win and I think Novak is in with a very good chance. Murray didn’t do very well against Federer at the World Tour finals and with Jupiter retrograde I think we will see this repeating in the semi-final. Also, I believe with Jupiter being retrograde the winner has to be between Djokovic and Federer both who have won the the title previously as retrogrades have to do with re-doing, repeating, looking backwards and inwards. I will say one thing with the full moon in Leo this should favour Djokovic also as I believe his ascendant is in Leo? What ascendant do you have for Novak Sally? I’ve seen one birth time for him giving him a Capricorn ascendant but not sure this is correct.

    1. hi Shelly, that’s a really interesting interpretation of Jupiter retrograde. In traditional astrology, it does weaken a planet considerably being retrograde and when I draw up a chart for the start of the tournament, I’m using a traditional method to predict. That’s why I have a question mark over whether it will help Federer win. We shall find out soon enough.
      Yes, there may be a different birth time for Djokovic. I use astrotheme.com for birth data and they are very good. They update charts if they find out that there’s a new more accurate source. They have his time as 11:25pm. Having googled Djokovic, it’s a site called astro.com that gives his time of birth as 11:00am. Neither site can confirm where the birth time is from.
      I thought the Capricorn Ascendant fit Djokovic as I find him quite serious to look at but Maxi (who’s been emailing me) sees him as a Leo Ascendant. He thinks he’s quite fun and playful. I’ve not done a lot of research to check this out but the Leo Ascendant fits with his successful year in 2011 when he won 3 of the 4 grand slams. He had Jupiter conjunct his Moon Pisces, his Jupiter return and Jupiter starting to go back and forth over his Venus conjunct his Midheaven (success point). So I think this may be the right time. [If anyone knows for sure, please let me know!]
      Yes, that would help him in the final when there’s a Full Moon in Leo. However, once again, the Full Moon is closer to Federer’s Sun Leo than Djokovic’s Ascendant Leo.
      Thank you for your comment.

  23. Hi Sally, Really sad that Fed could not get over the line as he fought back so well. How do you see his chances at the French?

    1. hi Anand, thank you for your comments. I promise to write tennis predictions for the rest of the Grand Slams even though I got this one wrong! The astrology as always was interesting and I am about to post an update to the blog today. I think it’s going to be tough for Federer now but will keep an open mind when looking at the charts.

  24. This time u r wrong and I want to ask u can roger federe win another slam in 2013 please. Need ans I’m big fan of federer. I can’t see when he lose

    1. Hi Vijay, yes I was wrong about Federer. There’s more info. in the update I’ve added and I will predict the other three grand slams closer to the event. Thank you for your comments.

  25. Well it looks like Jupiter retrograde was a hindrance rather than a help for Federer today. Interestingly, it didn’t seem to bother Murray though. I’m not a Murray fan but he played very well today.

    1. hi Shelley, thanks for your comment. I’m about to write an update to the blog post now the final has been and gone and Djokovic is the champ! I think Jupiter retrograde was a hindrance for both Federer and Murray…

  26. Hi Sally

    What is your prediction for Rafa in 2013? Am very eager to know if he will win a slam this year? How will he fare in his comeback? Any number on what will he end his slam count at?


    1. hi Sanju, thanks for your comment. I was already thinking about writing a blog post on Rafa’s chart. He’s had a tough time with his injury and the astrology is interesting. As you’ve asked, I will try and do it for you in the next couple of weeks.

      1. Thanks Sally, eagerly waiting.

        Very eager to see him touch Petes record of 14, not sure if it will happen though πŸ™‚ Hes been very unlucky in the past few years due to injury (:. superior run from 2008 March till 2009 May where he won 3 slams, Olympic Gold and host of other titles to be halted by injury, superior run again in 2010 winning 3 slams to be halted by a meteor called Novak Djokovic in 2011, he solved the Novak puzzle in 2013 by almost beating him at AO 2012 to lose only by a whisker ina 5 hr 53 minute match and then beat him 3 times on clay and was slowly gaining upper hand over him again only to be halted by injury again. Its a very tough and sad time for Rafas fans (:-

  27. Hi sally,

    Interesting point regarding the birth time of Novak (11 AM). may I know if you found consistency with his results in 2011 & 2012 with this new data? You find his 2013 good? I am glad he won the AO 2013. There was a prediction on one site that Murray would win AO and wimbly. Looks like French Open and Wimbledon are going to be interesting. πŸ™‚

    Eagerly waiting for your take on novak πŸ™‚

  28. Hi Sally. Have been away for a few days and didn’t see the SF or the final but obvously sad to see that Federer didn’t come through. You know how deeply that affects me! He’s more than just tennis and don’t feel that anyone, no matter how technically skilled in tennis, will ever match the beauty of his movement on the court. He is unique and am glad to have been around to see him.He has contributed a massive amount to the game and I hope the 18th is still to come!

    1. hi Lesley, I did think that Federer might repeat last year’s Wimbledon success because of the Jupiter back on his Midheaven (success point). Of course, we now know it also benefits Murray as he has the same Midheaven and with Djokovic’s new time of birth, Jupiter is also in his 10th house of career success. Makes predicting very tricky… I shall, however, be looking again at the astrology for the French Open especially as the astrology/tennis mix generates so much interest. best wishes, Sally

        1. Sorry for the late reply and thank you for your comment. I have been posting a few comments over on the Rafael Nadal: The Comeback Kid page. My money’s always been on Nadal to win as Jupiter is almost exactly conjunct his success planet Mercury in Gemini on the day of the final. I do worry about his injuries though so it depends whether he can stay fit and strong over the next few matches. best, Sally

    1. Catching up with the comments here. If the next few matches go to form, it will be two Sun Aries (Tsonga v. Ferrer) and two Sun Geminis (Nadal v. Djokovic) in the semi-finals. I was too busy to write predictions for Roland Garros but the astrology has been interesting so I’m planning to write a ‘retrodiction’. i.e looking back not forwards. My money is still on Nadal to win. best, Sally

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