What Mars In Aries Looks Like In Real Life

motorcyclist flying through the skyThere are times in life when the symbolism of astrology is so obvious it makes you laugh out loud.

Astrology is based on the premise, ‘as above, so below’ and events in the heavens are mirrored down on earth. This week’s main astrology involves Mars, the planet of action and anger.

Mars is strong now in Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, and this is a speedy Aries who wants things to happen now. Today Tuesday 10th March, Mars in Aries is in a gorgeous trine aspect to Jupiter in Leo. This is positive energy, fighting for what you believe in, breaking free from ties and restrictions, being spontaneous and optimistic. It feels fun-loving, tigger-like.

Impulsive Behaviour

Not far behind Jupiter is the Uranus-Pluto square and tomorrow Wednesday 11th March, Mars is conjunct Uranus (change) in Aries and square Pluto (loss) in Capricorn. This is more volatile and boisterous; it’s strong male energy and definitely a time to avoid angry or foolhardy situations.

This whole planetary combination is super impulsive and with my own Aries Ascendant (and a frown between my eyebrows to match), I can literally feel Mars flaring up. Mars rules heat and yesterday on a dog walk I suddenly felt way too hot in the sunshine and tore off my coat in a mad rush. It was only later on the walk that I realised the dog leads that had been round my neck were missing. I charged back to see if I could find them but no joy.

This morning, more impulsive behaviour as I’m trying to get everything done at top speed. I chucked dirty clothes in the washing machine forgetting that my mobile phone was in my hand and it too went through the whole spin cycle. Yikes! It’s currently sitting in a box of rice for 24 hours as I try to dry it out. I was immediately upset and irritated but as my daughter said, ‘it’s about time you updated your phone’…

Out with the old, in with the new

I’ve been banging on about how the Uranus-Pluto theme is ‘out with the old and in with the new’ for some time now. Pluto rules loss, endings and Uranus rules change, technology and together they’re about reinvention. The astrological symbolism is perfect and that does at least raise a smile.

I’ll find out whether my phone squeaks again soon but somehow I doubt it with tomorrow’s Mars/Uranus/Pluto shoot out. Yet I feel strangely philosophical about this weeks ‘losses’ as in the big scale of things, they’re minor casualties: new leads, new phone.

This week’s lively astrology is reminding me that when I charge through life at top speed, it can lead to catastrophe as I try to dodge the hazards in my path. So time to slow down a little, to stop and breathe and remember that life isn’t a sprint to the finish.

The Dentist’s Drill

Finally, I’m at the dentist’s tomorrow and there’s going to be drilling. Mars rules drills and Aries rules the head. More fitting symbolism as I’m having a tooth filled but first the dentist has to remove the old filling which is loose and replace it with a shiny new one. Out with the old and in with the new…. here’s hoping I can keep my sense of humour in the dentist’s chair. Now that will be trying!

2 thoughts on “What Mars In Aries Looks Like In Real Life”

  1. Dentist! Yes! Had to skip mandatory work meeting to explore source of dental pain- loose onlay. Venus/Sun catching the pull from Aries.

    Good luck with the phone! We have noted erratic drivers these last days. Breathing and creating space for them.

    Mind the gaps!

    1. Ooh, dental pain is the worst. Hope things have calmed down. I’m gearing myself up ready for the dentist’s chair and yes, I think the phone is a goner. Never mind, a chance to choose some new technology 🙂 Sending best wishes, Sally

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