Weekly Astrology Insights: 4th-11th February 2013

Language of AstrologyNeptune dominates the planetary action this week and for much of the month of February. Today, Monday 4th, Mars (action) conjuncts Neptune and on Wednesday 6th, Mercury (mind) conjuncts Neptune.

This isn’t brilliant for goal-setting but cries out for a new approach to life, which includes going with the flow, listening to the unconscious mind and using the power of image to inspire you.

Neptune is the antithesis of reality as its realm is fantasy. In mythology, Neptune was God of the sea and just as the sea is boundless, Neptune collapses boundaries to transcend everyday reality.

This is why Neptune is associated with saints and sinners: you can ‘lose yourself’ in spirituality or divine inspiration through music, poetry, art and film or you can spiral downward into addiction, another form of escape.

Neptune is the ‘higher octave’ of Venus, the planet of love, and romance and falling in love are Neptunian activities, perfect timing for the month of February and Valentine’s Day.

It’s not all a feel-good romantic haze with Neptune, however, and it’s easy to feel confused or lost, unsure which way to turn. Keep one foot placed firmly on the ground as you dip your toe into the watery world of Neptune and don’t lose sight of land.

Looking back at previous blog posts this week I noticed how many of them I’ve written feature Neptune. This is hardly surprising as when I was born, Neptune was in wide conjunction to the Sun, and Neptune is the focal point in a T-square which includes my ruling planet, Mars. In other words, it’s a key planet in my own chart.

Understanding the symbolism of the planets can help deepen your own self-awareness and reveal powerful insights into your nature and character. You can find out more about what an astrology consultation has to offer you at the Astrology Readings page. Click here to go directly to it.

If you wish to immerse yourself in more of Neptune’s symbolism, here are the five blog posts I’ve written in the last year:

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It’s not all Neptune’s show this week however, as Venus (love) is in the air sign Aquarius and teams up with Jupiter (opportunity) in Gemini on Thursday 7th, a harmonious aspect. These two planets are called the ‘benefics’ and they promise good fortune, indulgence and fun.

Add to this a New Moon in Aquarius on Sunday 10th and air signs in particular (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) are in for an inspiring and potentially lucky week. New Moons are perfect to make a wish, create some new intentions and start afresh. A new cycle begins for everyone.

You can read your weekly stars for each individual Sun sign at Entrepreneur Soul by clicking here and I wish you much love, good health & happiness in the week ahead.


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