Weekly Astrology Insights: 4th-10th March 2013

Language of AstrologyThe Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Neptune are all in Pisces this week, the watery world of dreams and the imagination. I’ve been having vivid dreams this week and I’m not always sleeping well.

Night-time blurs into day-time and day-time energy’s low when sleep’s disturbed. Strong Pisces energy focuses attention inward to the subconscious realm.

Mercury, planet of the communication and mind, is retrograde for another two weeks and a slower pace of life aids reflection. This isn’t a key time for action but instead to go back over old ground and review your current situation.

Even though Mercury is retrograde, the trickster planet is busy this week meeting the Sun on Monday, Venus, Saturn and Pluto on Thursday and Jupiter on Sunday. This feels like revisiting old ideas, bumping into people from the past and thinking where in life you might be second-time lucky.

On Sunday, I’m off to see two sets of cousins, one of whom has only recently re-appeared in my life after many years with no contact. No doubt, we’ll be reminiscing about the past, a perfect way to spend Mercury retrograde.

Once Mercury turns direct on March 16th, it meets Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter again, so it may be third-time lucky for some. Don’t give up if life’s twists and turns take you on a detour and try to be patient. Mercury tricks us all up one way or another and it’s amazing how so often the little tasks take longer when Mercury’s on go slow.

The major planetary event this week is Saturn in Scorpio in sextile (easy) aspect to Pluto in Capricorn on Friday. This is the second meeting of these two mighty planets as they first made contact at the end of December last year. They will meet again for the third time later this year in September.

Together these two planets represent willpower, commitment and transformation. In effect, it’s an opposite energy to quick-moving Mercury, which zips about the heavens, whether direct or retrograde.

When Saturn and Pluto connect in the heavens, this is about planning ahead, thinking long-term and making courageous and important decisions. It’s about stepping up in the world, being an authority and dealing with the serious issues in your life.

Most importantly, whatever you commit to at this time, stick to it. As you may know already, implementing a new daily habit takes time and it’s only by being persistent and diligent that new changes become second nature.

Whatever your particular interest, whether self-care, money management, perfecting a skill or writing, they all require daily discipline to do well. Saturn and Pluto provide the necessary determination to help you see your plans through to a conclusion. It’s not a light, easy energy and it will feel heavy at times but keep taking small steps towards your chosen goal and you’ll get there in the end.

As Saturn is the planet of endings, this may be about stopping or finishing something specific which you’re ready to let go of. Pluto rules elimination and waste, so this could represent a heavy-duty de-cluttering, either physical/material or on a more spiritual plane. Here’s a link to an interesting article on the Saturn-Pluto sextile by Ruby Slipper Astrology entitled ‘Background Facilitator’.

As last week, there are no Entrepreneur Soul weekly stars so again here’s a link to Joanna Watters’ excellent weekly column at Avon Connects. It’s a different theme and feel to ESoul and I hope you enjoy it.

Wishing you love, health & happiness in the week ahead.


ps. Just read this quote on Facebook which I thought was brilliant for the Saturn-Pluto sextile.

‘A “No” uttered from the deepest conviction is better and greater than a “Yes” merely uttered to please, or worse, to avoid trouble’ Gandhi

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