Weekly Astrology Insights: 28th January-3rd February 2013

Language of AstrologyI’ve heard from a few people recently who’ve been having a tough time, whether it’s illness, bereavement or other limitations that have slowed them down.

Astrologically this shows as the planet Saturn which represents our weak points and the things in life that slam on the brakes and test our nerve, willpower and strength.

Saturn is in Scorpio and this is a depth combination as Scorpio is the rebirth sign and in its association with the 8th house of the horoscope rules money, sex, death and power.

So far this month, Saturn has squared Mars (action) on the 7th, Mercury (mind) on the 25th, the Full Moon (emotion) on the 27th and this week the Sun (vitality) on the 30th. You will notice these roadblocks in your life if you have planets at 9-11 degrees and especially in the fixed signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

In traditional astrology, Saturn was the ‘last’ planet, the one furthest away, hence its connection with boundaries and the end of the line. Sometimes you have to accept what life sends your way and take what lessons you can from it, plus in a similar vein realise when it’s sensible to say ‘no’ instead of ‘yes’.

Saturn is only one side of the story this month, however, as both Jupiter (opportunity) and Uranus (spontaneity) have made harmonious aspects in air and fire signs. The personal planets moving through Aquarius have trined Jupiter in Gemini and sextiled Uranus in Aries bringing wins and excitement for some.

This week’s big news is Jupiter turning direct in Gemini on Wednesday and from now until the end of June, Jupiter brings new hope and possibilities in the area of your life ruled by this mighty planet. Here’s a quick reminder:

Aries: 3rd house. Local community, siblings, neighbours, communication

Taurus: 2nd house. Money, values, possessions

Gemini: 1st house. Image, profile, personal goals

Cancer: 12th house. Retreat, contemplation, inner voice

Leo: 11th house. Friends, groups, society, the environment

Virgo: 10th house. Career, vocation, status & reputation

Libra: 9th house. Travel, study, philosophy, spirituality

Scorpio: 8th house. Joint finances, intimacy, taboo, rebirth

Sagittarius: 7th house. Relationships, contracts, opposition

Capricorn: 6th house. Work, health, everyday routine

Aquarius: 5th house. Enjoyment, creativity, luck, children

Pisces: 4th house. Home, family, the past

There’s more pleasure up for grabs at the weekend when the planets of love and sexuality, Venus and Mars, both move signs within an hour of each other. Mars moves into Pisces, the sign of dreams, creativity and romance and Venus moves into Aquarius, the sign of eccentricity and experimentation. It’s a giddy combination so if you’re ready to spice up your love life, here’s your chance.

One of my favourite astrologer bloggers, Mystic Medusa, wrote about this on her site complete with the book title, “Nympho Librarian: The prim miss took off more than her respectability behind the stacks… with any man who asked”. Medusa is a Sun Pisces with an Aquarius Ascendant and her blog is wonderfully diverse and wacky. Read the full blog post here.

You can also read your weekly horoscope for each star sign at my column for Entrepreneur Soul by clicking here.

All that leaves me to say is I wish you love, good health & happiness in the week ahead and may you be blessed with Jupiter’s Yes to life.


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