Virgo Your Year Ahead 2017

Virgo 2017Every year I write a popular and comprehensive annual eBook which is your guide to the year ahead.

It includes horoscopes for each of the 12 star signs and an extensive overview of the year’s astrology.

It’s a must-have read and will help you plan ahead and get ahead in 2017.

Below is a summary of what’s in store for Virgo. If you would like to purchase the eBook, click here: 2017 Horoscopes eBook and instantly download your copy today. Only £10 for all 12 star signs.

Virgo – 2017

Money is in magnificent form in 2017 and you have a chance to earn big or use money in a way that’s freeing and empowering. It will take risk on your part and timing is key to your success but you can learn a huge amount about your money mindset which will prove liberating.

You’re not prepared to be held back by debt or loss and you’ll constantly be looking for new ways to shift a stuck or debilitating money restriction. This requires faith on your part.

Love and relationships enter an easier phase after the eclipse in February. If anyone’s love life is going to be special, it’s yours as key dates in 2017 bring treats and romance galore. You recognise too that love comes in many shapes and forms and you’re open to seeking Love on a spiritual and physical plane.

As 2017 progresses, you find ways to let go of duty or responsibility that’s held you back. You’re not completely free of an attachment to a home or family situation but you are ready to experiment and do things differently. Invest money in property or join forces with family to make life easier.

At times you’ll want to retreat in 2017 but towards the end of the year, you’re ready to make new friends and play an active role in your community. Words have power and you discover a new level of commitment to study or a new skill. A creative goal turns serious as 2017 ends.


Want to read more? Click here: 2017 Horoscopes eBook and instantly download your copy today.

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