A Quick Guide to Virgo

Virgo Birthdays: August 23 to September 22
Zodiac Symbol: The Virgin
Ruling Planet: Mercury
Mode/Element: Mutable Earth
Colour: Natural earthy colours – light brown, leaf green, corn yellow
Part of the Body: Intestines, digestive & nervous system
Day of the Week: Wednesday
Top Traits: Resourceful, Attentive, Body-conscious
Your Star Sign Mission: to be a standard-bearer for excellence; to choose to sacrifice personal needs to be of service
Best At: playing a supportive role, working diligently, being efficient & effective, politeness & courtesy, daily habits, smart decisions, prioritising self-care, valuing the simple life
Weaknesses: fussy, a worrier, overly-critical, self-deprecating, too literal, loses sight of the big picture
Key Phrase: I craft
Virgo Quote: ‘The first thing I do in the morning is brush my teeth and sharpen my tongue’ Dorothy Parker


How to describe Virgo in a Tweet: Perfectionist with an eye for detail. Can be critical of self & others. Prim & proper on the outside; naughty & nice on the inside.

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Astrology Talk - Star Sign Series Video: Virgo

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