Virgo September 2020


Virgo Season

As September begins, your ruling planet Mercury is in Virgo until the 5th and the Sun is here until the 22nd. This is Virgo season, an ideal time to reap what you sow, sort the wheat from the chaff, get your life organised and focus on your personal goals and aims.

Earth sign energy is strong this month which is good news for you. This is where you find stability and security in your life. It’s probably not linked to money right now – see below – but it’s more about shifting your perspective to recognise the beauty in the world, especially nature and simple pleasures.

There’s a New Moon in Virgo on the 17th, your personal astrological New Year. This is an excellent New Moon to focus on your long-term goals and to plan ahead.

Earth sign energy is great for working towards something in your future, knowing that there’s no need to rush or leap into action. Put one foot in front of the other and take small steps and that can be enough.

Luck & Love

The best of the earth sign activity takes place mid-month when there’s a Sun-Jupiter trine on the 9th followed by Jupiter’s change of direction on the 13th. Jupiter is in Capricorn, the star sign which rules pleasure, joy, children & pregnancy, romance, entertainment and luck.

Do something special during this period in September, especially any activity that restores or boosts your hope and faith in life. Love could be a hidden affair with Venus in Leo and the most hidden sector of your horoscope from the 6th onwards.

Yet, the Full Moon on the 2nd could be a stand-out date as it falls in romantic Pisces and your relationship sector. Be spontaneous when it comes to love, ring the changes, go somewhere different.

Love can make the difference to your everyday life even if Virgo season is an ideal time to remember that happiness is an inside job.

Money Ties

One area where you’re wise to focus your clever brain is on finances. This is because you have action planet Mars in Aries and your joint finance sector for a long stay. Mars is a go-getting planet full of vigour and ambition and you can make things happen fast when Mars is on your side.

You may currently be in a situation where your finances are changing and you need to find new ways to bring in money or reassess your financial situation. As a Sun Virgo and one of the earth signs, security is important to you.

Ensure you know where your money goes and check that you have the best deals. Aries rules all aspects of finances in your life, including mortgages, alimony and child support, taxes, savings and debts, inheritance, investments. Become a savvy investor and saver.

Mars Retrograde

This is important because, on September 9th, Mars turns retrograde and will be on go slow until November 13th. When Mars is in retreat, this is a time to rework your strategy and be stealthy where money’s concerned. It’s a good time to confront taboo issues or dig deep and work on your money mindset.

Sometimes, there are delays around money issues when Mars retraces its steps. Or, you have to backtrack to ensure things are in order. Try not to let negativity take hold if money is scarce.

Instead, communicate, be open about your situation and talk to people who can help. Your planet Mercury is in Libra and your personal money sector from the 5th to the 27th. And, the Sun joins Mercury in Libra on the 22nd, the day of the Equinox.

This shows that September is a key month for you with regard to money matters. Don’t ignore any challenges and get the right people on your side.

Money could be the reason for arguments this month, especially with a child or lover. Keep firm boundaries in place and keep coming up with good ideas to solve any ongoing issues.

Use the timing well to know when to finalise important financial moves. Negotiate hard when Mars is direct and push for what you want. Then, take a step back and wait until later in the year.

Your astrology indicates that this is a good time to be more independent and consider moving away from a co-dependent relationship or a toxic business partnership. Look after yourself and your needs and work on boosting your confidence and self-belief.

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