Virgo September 2019

Chihuly Virgo
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This is what the start of September feels like for you, from an astrological perspective. You’ve been bored or held back, craving action or excitement.

Then, when movement comes, it does so at such a fast rate of knots, you find it hard to keep up. You might even wonder if what you wished for was what you wanted all along.

Star Of The Show

Truthfully, the first two weeks of September could be incredibly dynamic and personally fulfilling for you. This is because you have Mercury, your ruler, in your star sign, Virgo, until the 14th. Plus, Mercury teams up with all the other planets and the lights, the Sun and Moon, during this fortnight.

It’s electric astrology and incredibly busy and lively. Perhaps, you’re winning over and schmoozing everyone with your stories, or you’re leaping into action finding where you can help and be of service. Everyone wants a piece of you, in a good way. You’re either popular, in demand or the person everybody needs, for one reason or another.

So, get ready for a whoosh of planetary activity that could make the first two weeks of September rush by in a haze of activity. If you want to boost your image or profile or further a personal goal or aim, this is the time to make it happen. It’s rocket-turboed full-on planetary movement.

Nearest & Dearest

Other areas to note which are pulled into this dynamic planetary pattern are your home and family, your close relationships. How these fit in with your current plans or how they don’t if you’re busy with your own projects, your work or business. 

This is due to a major planetary aspect which takes place on the 21st but is active throughout the first two weeks of September. This is between Jupiter in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces. This is the third and final encounter of these two Gods. They came together in January and June of this year and this is their last hoorah.

Together, they are where you find dreams, hope and faith in life. They expand life’s bounty, lift you up and carry you far. For some of you Virgos, this has been a dreamy and romantic period when it comes to love. Neptune has been in full flow, wafting romance and seductive influences your way. For other Virgos, it may have been a time of disillusionment, when you’ve lost your way or found yourself being seduced, but not in a good way.

Whatever’s been going on in your love life, your personal relationships, this has a knock on effect in your home and family life. This area may have expanded this year, thanks to a step-family, a house move or a new addition to the family. You may have changed things around to accommodate a shifting dynamic. 

One way or another, your emotions are likely to be full and heart-felt this September, especially up to and including the Full Moon on the 14th. At times, you may find your close relationships overwhelming or hope-less. Astrology plays out in different ways for different people but knowing what to expect can be hugely helpful regardless.

The Full Moon is likely to be a peak period in the month as it falls in your opposite star sign, Pisces. It’s a gorgeous Full Moon for celebration and being with the ones you love. This could be thanks to a proposal, a wedding or anniversary. Also, there may be some sadness if it’s a time when you’re remembering loved ones or there’s a sense of loss or past grievances emerge.

Moving On

A few days after the Full Moon, the planet Saturn turns direct in Capricorn and the sector of your horoscope which rules children, lovers and the things in life that you give birth to. This includes creative projects.

Saturn has been retrograde, i.e. on go slow since April 30th. Since then, it’s been in retreat alongside the karmic South Node. After the 28th, Saturn begins to part ways from the South Node and move ahead. This could signify an important turning point in your own life or the lives of people close to you.

It’s about stepping through fear on the one hand and moving out of your comfort zone. It’s about release and letting go. Perhaps, moving away from the past or a situation that holds you back. 

It could be a tough decision to put one foot in the front of the other and keep moving doggedly forwards, without looking back. You may be leaving someone or something behind or feel ready and determined to make amends. Again, it feels like big astrology for you.

A Lighter Vibe

Things do lighten up considerably from mid-month onwards. In fact, after the 14th, when your ruler Mercury joins love planet Venus in Libra, one of the social air signs. They move forward in to Libra together, so find your allies and create strong alliances in your life. This is especially important if it benefits you financially.

You currently have Juno, the planet linked to contracts, in your star sign, Virgo. You may be negotiating a deal or partnership as soon as September’s astrology kicks in.

Further along and on the 23rd, the Sun’s move into Libra heralds the Equinox. This last week of the month feels delightful. There’s a New Moon in Libra on the 28th and some beguiling planetary aspects between Mercury and Jupiter, Venus and Jupiter on the 24th and 28th respectively.

This spells good news for home and family, money and security. You might choose to treat the ones you love, buy something special for your home or be talking about a house move, a holiday or trip away. 

It’s an ideal time to create balance and harmony in your life, especially if the first couple of weeks turn out to be frantically busy. Embrace the best of Jupiter – expansion – and Neptune – dreams/imagination – this month. Be wary of lies and untrustworthy individuals. You’re an earth sign Virgo, with natural intuition. This is a good month to use your instincts wisely.

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