Virgo October 2019

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Your ruling planet, Mercury, starts a long journey through water sign, Scorpio, on the 3rd. In fact, Mercury remains in Scorpio until December 9th.

Immediately, this tells you that Mercury will soon be entering its next retrograde phase, as it normally whizzes through each sign of the zodiac in a couple of weeks.

Intense Study & Deep Communication

Mercury in Scorpio is about to dive deep into your communication sector. Therefore, this is an ideal month to get your detective hat on, do research, analyse & go in deep, solve a mystery or puzzle.

Mercury rules the mind and this would be a wonderful opportunity to study in-depth, learn something new, teach or pass on your knowledge.

Enjoy the workings of your mind, without it becoming intense or obsessive. This is the flip side of Mercury in Scorpio, a tendency to become too introspective, analytical or critical. Channel this deep and focused Mercury into activities that can grow and flourish and not tire you out or wear you down.

This tips over into your relationships too. The other planet entering Scorpio early in October is Venus, the planet of love and relating. Venus is here from the 8th and Venus is joined by the Sun in Scorpio on the 23rd.

Therefore, when it comes to love and close connections, it’s a good month for some heart-to-hearts. Get to know someone better and ask pertinent questions, however taboo.

This is not the time to leave things unaired. Instead, wrestle with new concepts, be open-minded and willing to embrace new ideas and opinions.

Ready for Anything

For some of you, this could take you into unexplored territory, wherever you find yourself on a journey, either literal or metaphorical. Uranus is the planet of the unexpected, restless and freedom-loving. Uranus is currently in Taurus and your travel and study sector opposing key planets in Scorpio.

You’ll feel Uranus’ pull on the 7th, 12th and 28th, the day of the New Moon in Scorpio. Some plans will change fast in October. Ensure you know where your passport is and that any travel documents are up-to-date. 

The alternative is possible, that a trip gets cancelled or postponed. Be ready for anything and tap in to the side of your Virgo nature that can be flexible and adaptable. You’re one of the mutable star signs. Be willing to chop and change your plans when necessary in October.

New Encounters

There is another important reason for good communication this month, the chance to get to know someone new. This could be a romantic encounter and the positive relationship vibes kick in after the 14th, the day after the Full Moon.

Romance peaks for you during the New Moon on the 28th and during a stunning Mercury/Venus encounter two days later on the 30th.

Encourage loved ones to make new friends at this time, especially a child or good friend. Also, encourage other people to be open-minded and tolerant. 

You’re likely to come in to contact with people from different cultures or backgrounds and this is where your communication skills will come in useful. You may even decide to learn a new language because of new opportunities opening up.

Most importantly, ensure you have those all-important conversations before the end of the month. Once Mercury is retrograde, misunderstandings and untruths are prevalent.

Connect with other people throughout October and ensure you have a good understanding or insight into anyone who plays a significant role in your life.

Balancing Finances

Money is also under the cosmic spotlight in October and it’s a good time to crack on with new money-making ideas or plans. Your planet Mercury starts the month in Libra and your personal money sector but quickly transitions into Scorpio on the 3rd. Yet, there are other planets in Libra and your personal money sector:

  • Venus (love & relating) until the 8th
  • The Sun (essence, ego) until the 23rd
  • Mars (action/drive) from the 4th onwards

As Libra is the sign of balance, it’s a top month to balance the books and pay attention to your accounts, your earnings and your outgoings. Weigh up what’s of value in your life, consider your self-worth and ensure you’re paid what you deserve.

Also, it’s a month when you might recognise where money is being wasted or disappearing down a black hole. The slower-moving planets, Saturn and Pluto, in Capricorn clash with key planets in Libra on the following dates, the 1st, 7th, 14th & 27th. This can throw up an impediment to the flow of money, so consider what this means for you.

You might choose to stop an outgoing payment if you’re not getting your money’s worth. Or perhaps, you recognise there are other ways to help people close to you, a child or lover perhaps, rather than doling out money.

Money Issues Peak

Money issues peak during the Full Moon on the 13th, which pulls in power planet Pluto. Full Moons are often a time of heightened emotions and this Full Moon feels decisive, a time when you see a situation with clarity.

Let go of an old habit, ring the changes and do things differently. This may also include setting someone free. 

The planet of abundance, Jupiter, remains in Sagittarius and your home and family sector this month. Jupiter’s working in your favour, especially on or around the Full Moon.

Invest wisely during this period, look after the ones you love and make good money moves. This might include a property deal or changing your living arrangements to benefit everyone financially.

You might have some big decisions to make mid-month. Do what feels right even if it means experiencing short-term pain in exchange for long-term gain.

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