Virgo November 2016


Virgo (23 August – 22 September)

As November begins your ruler Mercury is in Scorpio and the communication sector of your chart. It’s joined by the Sun which is also in Scorpio until the 21st. Scorpio is a deep sign so make the most of this planetary influence and initiate those all-important conversations.

Words have power when Mercury is in Scorpio whether you need to talk to someone in an authority role or you’re teaching new skills. This part of your chart rules education whether you’re a student or a teacher. Either way, this is a peak period to share what you know and learn more.

Use your network now to source knowledge, gain new ideas, brainstorm. If you’re looking for work or a job, ask about in your local community. Action planet Mars enters Aquarius and your work sector on the 9th, ideal to find a part-time job or extra work in the run up to Christmas.

The same goes if there’s something specific you want. You might not have to go far away from home to source your needs. Use local tradespeople and play a key part in your community close to where you live.

Siblings and neighbours are also included in Scorpio’s domain so get to know your neighbours better or reconnect with your brothers, sisters or cousins. This is not a time when you need to feel alone. Reach out to others and you’ll receive a huge amount in return.

The Full Moon on the 14th cuts across the Taurus/Scorpio axis of the zodiac, which means this is a key date to take an exam, join a local group or book a holiday. Travel and community, study and learning are highlighted and the Full Moon is a positive date to make big decisions.

Fun too is up for grabs this month and in fact, you’re wise to focus on play and ensure it’s equally as important to you as your work. Action planet Mars is in your fellow earth sign of Capricorn until the 9th and from the 12th, the planet of relating Venus moves into Capricorn.

Capricorn is the sign that rules all the good things in life and what you ‘give birth to’. This includes children and pregnancy, romance and love affairs, creative projects, entertainment and luck. So line up some fun events for the month ahead and leading up to Christmas. This ties in with the planets in Scorpio. The more you put into your life and the more actively you engage with others, the more you receive in return.

If you’re looking for love, this is a top month for dating and romance. Passion planet Mars is strong in Capricorn in the first week but once Venus enters Capricorn you enter a gentle period that suits your Virgo nature.

Saturday 19th is a top date for love and romance when Venus teams up with romantic Neptune. Tap into your creative side and join a group of friends who love crafts and making things.

If you’re in a relationship or married, revive your date nights if they’ve gone by the wayside. Focus on children too, whether you want to start a family or spend more time with your current family. If you’re a parent, children require your time and attention this month so work at all your relationships.

Home and family life is highlighted throughout November so this might be an especially busy month for you with regard to the domestic scene. Love planet Venus is in Sagittarius and your home and family sector until the 12th and your ruling planet Mercury enters Sagittarius on the same date. Plus the Sun also moves to the base of your chart on the 21st.

This indicates a busy month on the domestic front whether you’re moving home, renovating or people are coming and going more than usual. It’s a good month to catch up with family, enjoy one another’s company and make plans for the end of the year.

There will be some challenges however and let’s not forget that the taskmaster of the heavens, Saturn, is in this same sector of your chart. So themes of duty and responsibility resonate in your home and family sector, whether you’re caring for a parent or there are other reasons why you feel restricted.

There might be more problems at home than usual, e.g. things going wrong or breaking down. The 23rd could flag up a specific issue when your ruler Mercury sits next to Saturn. Endeavour to make progress slowly instead of rushing ahead and when Saturn’s in town, it’s important to do the right thing and not cut corners.

Plus, Neptune is strong this month in Pisces and your relationship sector but not always in an easy way. Neptune squares up to planets in Sagittarius and the period from the 18th to the 20th might prove unsettling.

You could need more reassurance at this time from a loved one or find that you and your family and your partner see things differently. Try not to let your imagination run away with you and if in doubt, check out the facts. If people let you down or promise the world but don’t deliver, be truthful and honest how this feels for you.

The best date for home and family affairs is the 29th when a New Moon in Sagittarius is the ideal date to turn over a new leaf and start over. If you’re playing a waiting game through November, it’s the end of the month when you can get ahead.

Finally be careful with money matters from the 24th to the 29th. The planet of opportunity and growth, Jupiter, is currently in Libra and your money sector but on the 24th Jupiter clashes with power planet Pluto.

You might identify a drain on your finances at this time or have to decide what you can and can’t afford. This could test your faith but as long as you avoid people who are unscrupulous or try to take control, hopefully you’ll bypass any major difficulties.

However, do notice what happens in the last week of November as Jupiter and Pluto clash twice more in 2017. It’s best to get on top of finance-related issues sooner rather than later.

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