Virgo Monthly Stars October 2014

Building - light & darkVirgo (23 August – 22 September)

This isn’t a month when you can go dashing ahead and in fact you’re advised to slow down the pace and even backtrack a little.

This is because your ruling planet Mercury is retrograde from the 4th – 25th which means it’s giving the illusion of moving backwards in the heavens.

Mercury turns retrograde in the sign of Scorpio on the 4th which rules your communication sector and as Mercury is the communication planet this is potentially a double whammy of mix-ups and misunderstandings. If you haven’t already, back up any important data before the 4th.

This does also suggest that you may try to arrange a meeting or interview or have an important conversation or heart-to-heart and find that for whatever reason your plan stalls. Rather than be disappointed, use this opportunity to go deeper and to analyse what it is you really want to say and how your words can have power. This may turn out to be a lesson in patience or learning what life looks like when you backtrack or reverse instead of keep moving forward in linear motion.

Mercury moves back into Libra and your money sector on the 10th and this is where you do need to double-check what’s happening. With Mercury on go slow, it could be easy for financial slip-ups to occur or for money you were expecting not to arrive on time. Make sure you keep close tabs on all cash transactions and use your Virgo eye for detail to be attentive and thorough when it comes to money matters in general.

On the 8th there’s a Lunar or Full Moon eclipse cutting across the Aries/Libra axis of your chart and again there’s a theme of money being hidden or changes taking place which means you have to rejig your own finances and work out who owes or owns what. For some, this is about cutting ties with an ex, a financial institution or any other company you are indebted too. This theme is strengthened because of an opposition between Venus ruling money and the planet of ‘splits’ Uranus which links in to the eclipse.

Watch out for the unexpected and people not playing fair. Libra is the sign of equality and honesty but up against Uranus in Aries certain individuals have their own agenda and will put self-interest before what’s best for the partnership or the community.

Venus is the planet of love and when Venus is in Libra, you either find that love and money are inextricably linked or you want to pamper yourself more and trot off on shopping trips with your BFF by your side. The eclipse and Uranus trip things up however and turn expectations on their head so do consider carefully how you spend your money now and don’t take any unnecessary risks.

The line-up of planets at the Lunar Eclipse on the 8th suggest there’s a ‘get out of jail free’ card or equivalent up for grabs that may involve your home, your family or your past and where you come from. A dynamic and go-getting Grand fire trine links in to the eclipse with Mars in Sagittarius down at the base of your chart, Uranus in Aries ruling joint finances and shared bonds and Jupiter in Leo and one of the most hidden sectors of your chart.

Jupiter is the protective planet and this hints at someone, possibly from your past, who will step forth to help you out and gift you in some way or other. It’s like your own personal fairy godmother who provides you with what you need, whether that’s a loan, sound financial advice or even a roof over your head. Hopefully not the latter but think homes, family, money and see how they can link together for you in a positive way.

Mid-month, even with Mercury retrograde, the 16th/17th are positive for a meeting or chat about money, especially if you’re re-applying for a loan or job, trying again where you once failed or in some shape or form returning to your past to be guided.

The end of the month is especially lively as the Sun, Venus and the Moon all enter the sign of Scorpio on the 23rd and almost immediately there’s a Solar or New Moon eclipse at 0 Scorpio. This is a seed point, the beginning of the beginning, a chance to either let go or start afresh.

Look out for who pops up in your life towards the end of the month and in particular look out for a strong or influential woman. Venus and the Moon rule feminine principles so trust your intuition and know that the time is right to have that conversation you had to put off earlier in the month.

Meeting someone new can also be powerful around the eclipse but wait a few days and let things settle before you make any key decisions. Both the Sun and Venus team up with romantic Neptune in your opposite sign of relationships on the 27th and 28th and this is brilliant for a proposal, a wedding and hearing or saying ‘I love you’.

When you look back on the events of October 2014 you will realise how profound a difference the events of this month made on your life. By the month’s end, you’ll have a clearer idea of where you’re heading financially even if there are some obstacles along the way and you’ll know that when you speak from the heart, magic can and will happen.

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