Virgo Monthly Stars October 2012

Virgo MandalaIt’s a big month with lots going on and you at the forefront of the action. Jupiter, planet of opportunity, is up at the top of your chart boosting your career, your vocation and where you’re heading in life.

Jupiter eases off the brakes slightly this month until the end of January but not before a final flourish on the 4th.

For some, this marks a period of achievement and hopefully you’re in a buoyant phase at work. If you have put in some hard work recently, Jupiter signals that you can coast along for a while.

In addition, the planet Venus enters Virgo on the 3rd where it remains until the 28th. Venus in your sign boosts your popularity factor and makes you the sign of the moment. Ensure you look good to make the most of Venus’ attractive nature and divide your time equally between schmoozing influential types in your career and attracting admirers to wine and dine you. Whatever takes your fancy, both if you like!

More good news is the fact that Saturn, the taskmaster of the heavens, finally leaves Libra and your money sector on the 5th where it’s been since 2009. You continue to have a run of green lights that started last month and may help to ease any financial burden. In fact, with the Sun in Libra trine Jupiter on the 9th, and a New Moon in Libra on the 15th, this looks like being a lucky month financially. If it comes via a lottery win, all well and good, but it also suggests that work’s going well and you can make money through your own efforts.

Saturn moves into your communication zone and this is where there’s a more serious tone to your stars. Saturn is joined by your ruling planet Mercury in Scorpio on the 5th and you may already know that you have some big conversations looming, either in your personal or professional life.

If you’re in a new relationship, you’re likely to want to know where you stand and if a second party is continually moving the goalposts, this won’t suit at all. It may take more than one conversation to find out the true intentions of a lover or partner and you are going to have to be persistent if not obsessive about getting to the bottom of an issue. Neptune is currently in your opposite sign of Pisces which is wonderful for romance but not always for knowing what someone’s true intentions are.

The 23rd, 25th and 29th crank up the pressure to talk in a deep and meaningful way with your other half. You may also want to broach an issue that worries you as Neptune is the planet of escapism and if your partner is avoiding certain issues in their own life, then now’s the time to support them to deal with their issues and get real.

At work, this is about speaking with authority and being able to get across your ideas with clarity. Whether you’re involved in teaching or public speaking, it’s important to face any fears head on and remind yourself that you have knowledge and experience to share. Saturn in Scorpio may confront your inner fears but does suggest that you are at the start of a powerful couple of years in finding your voice and growing in confidence. There’s nothing that you can’t learn or master if you put your mind to it and this is an excellent time to begin a course of study, one that can turn your life around and help you overcome an obstacle that’s been holding you back for way too long.

Spend some quality time with family this month too and if you find you have more energy than usual, channel it into home or family projects. Mars, the action planet, is down at the base of your chart urging you to gather the clans and clean out your clutter. Home and money are linked in some way, especially on or around the New Moon of the 15th, and you can make a bit of extra cash if you’re canny. Think outside the box and look at new ways of lessening your outgoings and bumping up your income. Finally, you have freedom to move and your situation feels easier than it has for some time.

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