Virgo Monthly Stars November 2012

Virgo Oil PaintingVirgo (23 August-22 September)

As the month begins you may feel a sense of urgency to sort out home or family matters or some issue connected with your past. Mars, planet of action, is down at the base of your chart and this is an enthusiastic and exuberant energy.

This suggests that you want to get things organised and quickly whether you’re trying to sort out arrangements for Christmas, dealing with renovations or DIY, or involved in some other kind of family get-together.

However, and this is a big however, Mercury, your ruling planet is about to turn retrograde in the same part of your chart on the 6th. Mercury enters Sagittarius ready for a key conversation but immediately slows down which suggests you reverse your ideas or change your mind. This means that trying to organise arrangements or make things happen with regard to home and family affairs is going to be complicated. Mercury retrograde brings added obstacles, whether in the form of communication breakdown or technology problems. Plus, it’s never the best time to make a big decision when Mercury’s on go slow, so even though it feels urgent, you’re wise to put your diligent brain to good use and think through all your options.

Often when Mercury’s on go slow, you benefit from revising or reviewing what you’re doing and when Mercury turns direct, new information comes to light. This happens on the 26th. In addition, Mercury only moves back into this part of your chart on the 11th December and until then you may find that the picture remains blurred.

So proceed with caution, take your time and think things through. With such a strong emphasis on the sign of Scorpio this month, this issue may be linked to a sibling, neighbour or your local community. It’s a month of change in many respects. Saturn is now established in this part of your chart and there are two eclipses, the first in Scorpio on the 13th and the second across the Gemini/Sagittarius axis on the 28th. Again this suggests a turnaround in the heavens, one door closing for another door to open.

For some, this is about new opportunities at work and deciding whether to work away from home or take on a new job that will mean better pay but more hours. It’s about weighing up the pros and cons of home and family life versus career and vocation and trying to find a way to balance the two. Don’t rush into making a decision if you can make that work for you and be aware that the picture will change again come the end of the month.

This is also a key month for a one-to-one relationship whether romantic or otherwise. Neptune, the planet of romance, is in your opposite sign of Pisces and on the 11th, Neptune turns direct and picks up speed. This suggests a key turning point for love but with Mercury, your planet, square Neptune not once but three times, there’s a sense that one of you is unsure or confused about love. Trying to match the fantasy with the reality is a test for you now. This began on 29th October, intensifies on 14th November and completes on 11th December.

All in all, this seems to be a month when you’re finding it hard to gain clarity on the key areas of your life and feel unsure about how to make progress. Mercury is unusually slow in the heavens and interacts with few of the other planets. This may be a sign for you to slow down, turn inward and answer your own questions. Instead of rushing around being incredibly busy, create more quiet time in your life so you can start to trust yourself again and with time decide with conviction the best path for you to take.

If there’s ever been a month to go with the flow, it’s this month, however frustrating that may seem to you. It may help to realise that the changes that you put in place right now will create a launch pad for you and a stronger sense of security that will take you through into 2015. It’s an ongoing process and you’re at the beginning of it. Things will start to slot into place a little easier next month especially from the 11th December onwards.

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