Virgo Monthly Stars May 2014

Virgo.15th centuryVirgo (23 August-22 September)

As the month begins, you’re keen to slow down the pace and your thoughts turn to travel and new experiences. Mercury, your ruling planet, starts the month in your fellow earth sign of Taurus and this is why your gaze turns outward as Taurus rules your 9th house of foreign connections, legal matters and learning.

There’s a searching quality to this sector of your chart as it rules your philosophy on life and it’s where you seek out meaning. The Sun also remains in Taurus until the 21st so this is prime time to take or book a holiday, to go on an improving course and to broaden your horizons in general.

However, Saturn is in the mix and the taskmaster of the heavens opposes Mercury on the 3rd and the Sun on the 10th. Now on the one hand this may mean that you’re busy studying at the weekend or slowing down on a relaxing trip away. Sometimes it’s good to put on the brakes and focus on the task at hand rather than scattering your attention far and wide.

Saturn could put a spanner in the works, however, and cause a delay for a trip, the postponement of a course or the need to abide by the rules if you’re involved in any kind of legal matter. You can’t avoid dealing with an issue when Saturn’s in on the act so whatever’s pressing in your life, use the weekends early in the month to complete what you started.

The turning point comes on the 14th when there’s a glorious Full Moon cutting across the Taurus/Saturn axis of your chart. This highlights how far you’ve come and may be the culmination of a project that’s kept you busy for some time. Full Moons can be emotional and/or dramatic but one way or another, there’s a shift in energy and anything that’s been hidden to you is revealed.

The best news this month, however, is the fact that your ruler Mercury moves into Gemini on the 7th where it remains until the 29th. Mercury loves the sign of Gemini as it can be flexible, quick, witty and clever in the sign of communication. Plus, Gemini rules your career, your vocation and where you’re heading in life.

This suggests fast progress for your work, a sign that you’re moving on, whether this means a new chapter or a more enjoyable working atmosphere. Team work is well-starred whilst Mercury is in Gemini and the more you get on with other people, the more successful you can be.

Plus this month, Mars, the planet of action, turns direct on the 20th in Libra, the sign that rules your personal finances. This is another sign that things are on the up for you, whether you’re actively job-hunting or you’re engaged in a new work project. Ask for what you want and put your money where your mouth is.

Mercury and Mars combine in a useful connection on the 12th and the Sun and Mars benefit your work and money on the 31st. The key date to note, however, is the 28th when there’s a New Moon in Gemini. This indicates new beginnings and is brilliant if you’re launching a project or starting afresh with regard to work. So crack on.

It is important to use this month’s planetary energy to get busy with work and career matters as next month your ruler Mercury will be retrograde and reverses through Gemini from June 17th-July 1st. This often spells hold-ups or setbacks so make your move now and don’t wait too long.

The only possible issue with money matters this month is in the period between 11th-18th May when Venus in Aries runs the gauntlet of the Grand Cross planets. It’s unlikely to be a major catastrophe and the Grand Cross energy affecting money matters took place last month. But there could be a flare up or someone being obstructive in some way.

Try not to get overly involved but instead take a step back and detach yourself emotionally. It’s likely to be someone else’s problem rather than your own but that doesn’t mean they need to pull you into their drama. If money’s an issue in a current relationship, again try and let things be rather than get too worked up about the whole affair. Deal with the facts rather than blow things out of proportion.

When it comes to love this month, your partner may have to take more of a back seat if you’re busy but a conversation you have on or around the 24th is incredibly helpful. You end be talking about the future together with a loved one or something gets said that is extremely supportive and reassuring.

Friends too are going to be there for you this month and you’ll see quite clearly which friends back you and which friends don’t. Book a trip away or a holiday with your friends and you’re in tune with your stars.

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