Virgo Monthly Stars June 2012

Virgo Ukraine StampVirgo (23 August-22 September)

This is a potentially ambitious period in your life and it’s going to be hard for you to stay playing small. As much as you might want to hide behind your desk at work, life’s calling you out to play big and with action planet Mars in its final month in your sign of Virgo, the more you drive yourself forward, the better the results.

However, what’s important is that you know where you’re aiming and why as you could find that life’s twists and turns demand a lot of you. Last month’s solar or New Moon eclipse on 20th May was in Gemini up at the top of your chart and this month’s lunar or Full Moon eclipse on 4th June cuts across the Gemini/Sagittarius axis. This puts the spotlight on your work and your home life and how to juggle the two.

Eclipses are notorious for bringing what’s hidden to light and throwing you a curveball you weren’t expecting. Last month’s eclipse was about inner change, coming to terms with a door closing and another door opening in your career. This month’s eclipse is about external events beyond your control. Big change is not always easy especially if you’re a typical Virgo who loves routine and life skipping along easily and smoothly. This month’s events, however, do suggest that you will need to rise to new challenges, whether you take on a position of responsibility, whether you’re promoted or whether you’re made redundant and need to start the job hunt all over again.

Do be aware that whatever takes place in your own life is going to have a knock on effect within your family and possibly even a home move. It will call on all your strength and understanding to help the people close to you come to terms with a new chapter that affects you all. Try and be less critical of others at this time and practise compassionate listening, both in your personal life and at work or in other activities outside of the home.

Venus is in Gemini but retrograde i.e. on go slow for most of the month. This does suggest that you have someone on your side who’s rooting for you to do well. If there’s someone you admire at work, probably a female, or a role model who inspires you, seek guidance from them. Venus turns direct on the 27th June which promises to be a key turning point for your career.

The other big news and the reason why it’s impossible for you to hide away this month is the fact that Jupiter, planet of opportunity, also enters Gemini on 11th June where it remains until June 26, 2013. So this is a fertile and productive period for your career and vocation. It’s a time when you may experience a change of status, either through marriage or a new position of responsibility. Basically, it’s about being in the public eye and challenging yourself to live life to your full potential.

The 25th June is potentially wobbly when Jupiter clashes with Neptune in your opposite sign of Pisces. Look back to what took place on the week beginning 20th May as similar astrology played out then. You may feel confused about where you’re heading, lost or all at sea or disillusioned with some of what you’re doing. Aim for work that fulfils you or a role that offers a service to others and you’re on the right track. Be aware also that playing big is a step into the unknown which often feels unsure and unsafe at first.

Neptune in Pisces may be about a close relationship, whether your loved one decides to take work away from home or a new job means you’ll see less of one another. The opposite is also a possibility, i.e. your partner’s out of work and feeling disillusioned about the future. Again the more you can access the loving, compassionate side of yourself and the more you let go of the need to judge or be critical, the easier your transition in to a new stage in life.

Big changes are taking place in the world and the Uranus/Pluto square that’s exact on 24th June is the first in seven contacts between these two planets from now until 2015. For you personally, it’s wise to keep close tabs on your money, especially any money you have in a bank or institution and to become financially savvy. It may be in your favour to take an unorthodox or unconventional approach to money management and see what’s possible. Whatever your current financial situation, be bold and do what’s best for you and your family.

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