Virgo Monthly Stars July 2014

FlowersVirgo (23 August-22 September)

The 1st of the month twinkles a fabulous green light for you, Virgo, as your ruling planet Mercury turns direct after being retrograde or on go slow since June 7th. Mercury’s known as the trickster in astrology and when it’s retrograde anything goes. You don’t have the full picture, technology can go crazy, there are misunderstandings, things go missing and it’s extra difficult to go direct from A to B.

Mercury turns direct in the sign of Gemini where it’s strong. Gemini’s the sign of communication and rules your career and vocation in life. Put the two together and the 1st is a great day for good news and/or information coming to light which helps you make swift progress throughout the first half of July.

This is an excellent time to follow up a job or work project which began in the month of May as Mercury was previously in Gemini from May 7th-29th. Reconnect with people you were in contact with in May and act fast to make things happen.

Mercury continues through Gemini until July 13th so you have two weeks to arrange meetings or interviews or fill in important forms or paperwork. It’s an excellent period for sales, PR and using your voice to further your career. Get on the phone or send that all-important email or text. Mercury continues unimpeded through Gemini so you have a smooth flow and a run of green lights.

The other planet in Gemini as July begins is Venus, planet of love and money where she remains until July 18th. Venus in Gemini is chatty and sociable so use your contacts and your network to find out about work and to promote yourself. This is an excellent period for socialising with colleagues, attending a conference or networking event. Be friendly and helpful and show that you’re an easy person to work with. No niggles or grumbles in the first half of July. Be gracious and diplomatic and you can go far.

There’s a chance to make extra money this month and note the 7th when Venus teams up with spontaneous Uranus and the 13th when Venus and Mars are aligned in the heavens. Both Uranus and Mars are in the money sectors of your chart and in easy aspect to Venus, so ask the right questions and you can go far. Show willing at work whether you take on an extra project, help someone out or take on some over-time. Combine what you know with who you know and you can boost the coffers.

Whilst Venus is in Gemini, you may want to invest in new clothes for work or visit a stylist. Look your best and ensure that your face is recognised. Venus in Gemini indicates that if you’re looking for love, you’re most likely to meet someone through your place of work or via an introduction from a colleague.

The big news this month is the planet Jupiter on the move leaving the water sign of Cancer and entering the fire sign of Leo on the 16th. Jupiter takes approximately one year to journey through each sign of the zodiac and has been in Cancer since June 2013. Cancer is the sign that rules friends, groups, social concerns and your wider network. At its best, Jupiter creates luck and opportunities, whether your friends have been fortunate for you, you’ve joined a new group or club that’s expanded your horizons or you’ve been more fully involved with a charity or a humanitarian or environmental organisation.

Jupiter hasn’t had an easy run through Cancer, however, as it’s clashed with the Uranus-Pluto square that’s dominated the heavens since 2012. You may have experienced difficulties regarding a friend or a group in which you’ve been involved, either financially or emotionally. Pluto can represent corruption or crime or bad behaviour. There may have been a falling out that’s been tricky to rebuild especially if resentments have crept in and taken hold.

This month as Jupiter leaves Cancer, three of the personal planets pick up the baton and encounter the Uranus-Pluto square. They are the Sun in Cancer from the 4th-8th, Mercury in Cancer from the 22nd-25th and Venus in Cancer opposed by Pluto on the 28th. When the Uranus-Pluto square kicks in, you feel as if things are out of control and for you this is most likely to be with regard to a child or children, with a lover, a friend or financially.

It’s a mixed bag but the key is to allow what’s old or outdated to fade away, to wipe the slate clean so you can begin again and bring in fresh energy. It’s important to let go of difficult emotions or a toxic situation as you can’t move forward if you have one foot in the past. Throw off what’s difficult and embrace what’s new and different. Uranus is after all the planet of reinvention and a chance to start over.

If you’re in a relationship or married, turn to your other half for love and support. Being with someone who’s sensitive and caring helps you overcome any challenges or difficulties. The 19th and the 24th are special for love and being with people who get who you are. If you’re not in a relationship, then turn to the friend you can trust.

Jupiter’s move into Leo turns the focus to the most hidden sector of your chart as Leo is the sign before Virgo. This is your cue to focus on your inner world and to develop your spirituality or your trust and faith in life and the universe. You see more clearly the connection between mind, body and spirit and you benefit from a retreat or more silence and solitude in your life. Quiet times are nourishing and nurturing.

The last weekend of July is a time to embrace the quieter side of life or a spiritual activity. The Sun and Jupiter connect in Leo on the 24th followed by a glorious New Moon in Leo on the 26th. Gratitude and caring are instinctive components of your Virgo personality and with Jupiter’s momentous move this month, they are being called forth for you to use as you choose.


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