Virgo Monthly Stars July 2013

Virgo MandalaVirgo (23 August-22 September)

As the month begins, Mars, planet of action, remains at the top of your chart dominating your work and career. It’s a go-getting energy but with Mercury your ruler on go-slow, this may be more about finishing off a project or work phase rather than beginning something new.

This may also be a time when you realise that going it alone doesn’t achieve as much as you’d hoped and it’s time to broaden your circle, meet new people and start networking. This applies as much to work as it does for your social life and whether you join a group or club or decide to get more involved in the wider community and society in general, you benefit through forming alliances.

Friendships and your participation in group activities will be high on your agenda for the coming year as this is where Jupiter, planet of opportunity, is going to be until next summer. Jupiter entered Cancer and your friendship sector last month so this is where new energy thrives and it’s about extending your world and moving beyond your personal boundaries.

However, as often is the case with astrology, there are stops and starts to deal with and as the month begins it’s important to progress slowly. This is because your ruling planet Mercury is currently in retrograde motion in Cancer and this same sector of your chart. When Mercury’s on go-slow it’s never the best time to issue ultimatums or make big decisions so research a group or club for example but don’t sign up until closer to the 20th when Mercury turns direct.

The same goes if you’re having difficulties with a friend. You’re wise to save your speech or keep your advice to yourself for a few weeks at least. Often new information comes to light when Mercury turns direct and you realise that you didn’t have the whole picture or you weren’t in possession of all the facts. Take friendships slowly for a while and see what emerges as July develops.

One area that is especially hidden this month is relationships as Venus, planet of love, is in Leo and the sign before yours until the 22nd. When Venus is in this part of your chart, you may need to keep love private for whatever reason. It could signal a love affair or being in love with someone who’s unavailable. With Mercury also on go-slow, it’s perhaps hard to know how someone feels about you or be clear about what you feel yourself. If this is the case, be patient and bide your time.

This month also sees a quite remarkable planetary event which is a grand trine in water signs. This includes three key planets making a triangle in the heavens and they are Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. What’s especially interesting about this event which takes place from the 17th-19th July is that it focuses on love and relationships for you.

Jupiter is your partner planet and Neptune, planet of romance, is currently in your relationship sector. This is going to be quite a magical time for some of you whether you’re getting married or you hear the proposal you’ve been waiting for. It comes just before Mercury turns direct and this is often a time when significant events take place turning the wheel of destiny.

Neptune is never a clear planet as it tends to place a veil over events, great for romance but also more difficult to trust completely. This is where your Virgo nature comes to the fore and with Venus moving into your sign of Virgo on the 22nd, you’re wise to be realistic about love and use your discerning nature to determine whether someone’s actions and words are true or not. The period around the 20th July is a major turning point and as long as you keep your feet on the ground and use your common sense, you may be amazed by what takes place.

Life will throw up challenges this month perhaps around children, lovers and money but keep your wits about you from the 2nd-4th July and the 27th July-1st August and don’t be impulsive. In one of these areas of life the same lesson will repeat itself until you understand its message and know how best to deal with the issues that arise. Support is at hand and especially after the 20th turn to your friends or your wider network not only for advice but for fun and laughter as well.

Read both your Sun sign and your Ascendant sign for a full prediction. If you don’t know your Ascendant but know your time of birth, send me your birth data (date, time, place of birth) and I’ll let you know your Ascendant (the sign that was rising on the horizon when you were born). If you’re born on the cusp and you’re unsure of your Sun sign, send me your birth data and I’ll confirm it for you. I’m here to help.

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