Virgo Monthly Stars July 2012

Virgo Maldives StampIt’s a month of contrast as both Venus and Jupiter, the luckiest planets in the heavens, are up at the top of your chart in your career sector, whilst your ruling planet Mercury is hidden away in Leo and the sign before yours. So on the one hand, things are hopeful and optimistic in your career and yet you’re quiet or reflective about new developments. Of course it depends on your personal situation how this plays out in reality.

You may be taking a sabbatical from work as Jupiter rules freedom or perhaps you have a new job but you feel anxious about it. You may have lots of new clients, a new role at work, be involved in training or studying for qualifications, or being bold and going for it. Whatever’s the case for you, the stars suggest that it will take you a while to catch up and for you to grow into your new role or to feel totally ease in whatever you’re doing.

Money’s bound to be a factor too whether you’re keen to pay off debts or make more. By doing things differently you have a chance to gain a cash boost and in a most unexpected way. Uranus is the planet of unpredictability and it’s currently in Aries, the sign that rules joint finances in your chart. Uranus is extremely active this month and not only teams up with your planet Mercury on the 4th and 25th but with Venus on the 5th, Jupiter on the 22nd and the Sun on the 31st.

This paints a lively picture with new ideas and surprise offers top of the list. Listen to your intuition with both Mercury and the Sun in Leo and do what feels right rather than what you think is right. Write down your dreams on waking, keep a journal or learn to meditate and tap in to your sixth sense.

You may also feel a new urgency about money matters when Mars, planet of action, leaves your sign of Virgo on the 3rd. Mars has been in Virgo since November 2011 and this is an important shift for you. The spotlight turns from your personal goals to cash and money matters and Mars is an aggressive planet. It turns up the heat and mid-month in particular could be challenging when Mars clashes with the Uranus/Pluto square on the 17th and 19th. Be extra careful on these dates what you agree to and for some you may have to make a decision about working for little or no money or deciding on a volunteer position. Weigh up the pros and cons of the situation carefully and again do what feels right.

Mercury, your planet, is retrograde from the15th until 8th August so this makes the timing of key decisions important. When a retrograde planet starts to pick up speed again, new information often comes to light that’s valuable. You may not yet have the full picture or a better opportunity could come your way at a later date. In brief, enjoy any wins that come your way, try things out but remain open-minded about your work and career. This is a month of exploration and you may have to chop and change your mind or adapt what you’re doing, before everything falls into place and you’re sure about the direction in which your career’s heading.

When it comes to love, it’s what’s not said that’s as important as what is said. With Mercury retrograde and hidden away in your chart, notice what you’re thinking but don’t feel you have to act on those thoughts immediately. This is a worthwhile lesson in saying less not more. In a relationship it’s easy to be on automatic pilot but sometimes it’s best to let things go and let peace reign. Deal with your own thoughts and feelings first before questioning the other person’s motives. Again time will tell with a key relationship in your life and where possible for now simply go with the flow.

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