Virgo Monthly Stars January 2014

Virgo SyrylynVirgo (23 August-22 September)

January starts in impressive form with a New Moon symbolising new beginnings on New Year’s Day. It’s an earthy, sensual New Moon in your fellow earth sign of Capricorn and what’s important for you is the fact that it not only involves the Sun and Moon but also your ruler Mercury and the power planet Pluto. This is a punchy line up of planets which suggest that words have power and whether you commit or quit, you will stand by your decision.

Capricorn rules one of the fun sectors of your chart, it’s about creativity, entertainment, children and love affairs. You may want to make some New Year resolutions about having more fun or to do with children, including pregnancy and babies, and about love as well. Be careful what you wish for on the 1st as this year your dreams have a real chance of coming true.

You may however have to wait a little while before you know how someone else feels whether this is with regard to a relationship or a decision about children. This is because the love planet Venus is on go slow in Capricorn until the last day of January, the 31st. Until then either you or someone close needs time to ponder and reflect on what you want when it comes to love and/or babies and there’s no rush to make up your mind.

The Full Moon on the 16th will highlight any issues as it falls in the sign of Cancer. Set your gaze firmly on the future, especially with regard to your family and what you want for yourself and them.

The major turning point with regard to all these matters however is the 31st as this is not only the date that Venus turns direct but there’s a powerful Jupiter-Pluto opposition in the heavens. Jupiter-Pluto themes are about discovering hidden wealth or buried treasure. Sometimes you know where you have to let go and what you can’t have before you can be grateful for what you do have in your life.

It feels a significant turning point, especially with regard to love, babies and/or a creative project. You may need to show or prove how strongly you feel about your situation and persuade someone close how much it means to you. Together Jupiter and Pluto are a ruthless and relentless combination but boy do they get things done.

The spotlight’s also on money and work as a New Year begins and with Mars, the action planet, firmly ensconced in Libra and your cash sector, you may be feeling an urge or a drive to earn more. You want to be in charge of your own money when Mars is in on the act and by moving fast you can make things happen.

Money however could be a contentious issue between you and someone close, either your partner or a good friend. Watch out what happens on or around the 8th when Mars clashes with Jupiter and the 16th when Venus and Mars the relationship planets clash in the heavens.

If you have different views on money or more importantly different ways of saving and spending, don’t let the situation get out of hand but ensure that you do whatever’s necessary to clamp down fast. The likely scenario is a friend or partner who’s extravagant whilst you’re more interested on paying off a debt or saving for the future. Deal with the situation head on and find a way to compromise as Libra is the sign of diplomacy, negotiation and fairness.

Work matters look lively and promising from mid-month onwards as Mercury, your ruler, enters Aquarius on the 11th and the Sun follows on the 20th. Aquarius rules your work, your everyday routine and your health and being aware of the mind-body-soul connection helps you stay positive and on track with your work and health goals.

The 17th and 29th when lively Uranus teams up with Mercury and the Sun respectively, may bring in good news or unexpected but exciting work developments. Take advantage of what takes place on or around these dates and if you want to apply for work or change roles, align yourself with the planets and use this energy productively.

Another fantastic date for new work beginnings is the 30th when the second New Moon of the month takes place also in the sign of Aquarius. Create your intentions for work and make a fresh start. The faster you act in January, the happier you will be with your results in 2014. Two New Moons in one month are special and this is a great motivator to set your goals and to see them through.

Being one of the earth signs, you’re an excellent list maker and you can be extremely persistent and thorough when you put your mind to it. Note that next month Mercury, your ruler, will turn retrograde so another good reason to busy yourself this month and lay some firm foundations for the year ahead.


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    1. Thanks for your comment. Virgos need to look at what’s happening in Capricorn for pregnancy, their 5th house. Venus, planet ruling women, is in Capricorn until March 5th 2014 and this is promising for pregnancy. However, Pluto is also in Capricorn so it depends where planets are for you personally in your chart. best, Sally

    1. It depends on the rest of your birth chart too but I like March, June/July, November/December. Those are the best months with a quick sweep of the ephemeris but keep an eye on your monthly stars each month too. Hope that helps. best, Sally

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