Virgo Monthly Stars January 2013

Virgo Zodiac StampVirgo (23 August-22 September)

Happy New Year! If it’s romance you’re after this New Year, your stars look supportive. Mercury, your ruling planet, moved into your fellow earth sign of Capricorn, your romance sector, on New Years Eve and almost immediately connects with Neptune, the planet of romance, in your opposite sign of Pisces. It’s a double whammy of romantic connections and for some of you this means a proposal or at the very least a romantic conversation.

Venus too enters the same part of your chart on the 9th and the following two days hold wonderful potential for romance when Venus connects with Neptune on the 10th and on the 11th when there’s a New Moon in Capricorn and your romance sector. This is a chance for a new beginning whether you’re looking for love, you wish to move your relationship on to the next stage or you’re ready to forgive and forget and recommit to the one you love.

The theme of commitment runs deep in your horoscope right now with Saturn in your communication sector. Mercury connects with Saturn on the 6th and Venus on the 17th and this is about proving your love and either making sure love is for keeps or not at all.

There’s a sense of finality about both these dates as Pluto is also involved. Pluto sometimes negates what it touches so if you’re in the wrong relationship, here’s your chance to move on. It is also the planet of transformation and intensity so feelings run deep this month and whatever your current situation, you’re being urged to work things through and to get to the bottom of any romance-related issue. It’s a huge month for love, so don’t breeze through life if you know that a big decision is imminent. It’s not the month to put off anything with regard to love and romance but instead to take the plunge and dive in head first.

Capricorn also rules your creativity, children and entertainment so it’s not just about love and for some of you, this month is about discovering your passion and filling your life with more pleasure. Deal with problems or issues in any of these areas head on and make some commitments that are going to last. This may be with regard to your children and helping them create some boundaries or structure in their own lives or looking at exactly what you need to do to finish your masterpiece. If you’re working on a creative project, be disciplined and get clear with yourself about your schedule and the nuts and bolts of when and how you’re going to complete what you begin.

For some, money or a lack of it may be an issue but even then, if you think outside of the box, you find that unexpected help comes your way or you recognise what you can do without in order to create the necessary funds for your activities.

Mars the action planet spends the whole of January in the sign of Aquarius ruling your work, health and everyday routine. So this again suggests that there’s a lot you can do to make your life work for you. If you’re out of work, it’s a brilliant month to crack on with finding a job. The first few days can bring unexpected news so keep your eyes and ears open and if you have a brainwave about who you could contact to help you, make it happen and fast. On the 4th, Mars connects with Jupiter in Gemini up at the top of your chart. Jupiter’s the planet of opportunity and in your career sector this is a wonderful time to take risks, ask for a promotion or look for a better job.

Mercury, your ruling planet, also enters Aquarius on the 19th along with the Sun and you can make considerable progress with your work goals and ambitions. The key date to your success is the 30th when Jupiter turns direct, your personal green light to make things happen and be successful. Jupiter picks up speed in your career sector where it remains until late June so don’t hold back but instead seek out your true vocation and improve your career fortunes.

Don’t let doubt stop you pursuing your goals either and if there’s one particular area you’re worried about, take practical steps to overcome your fear. Buy a book that can help you or sign up for a course on- or off-line. The Full Moon on the 27th also focuses on your work life and your health and the few days beforehand look especially lucky for you. Think big and go all out to turn your dreams into reality.

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