Virgo Monthly Stars August 2013

Virgo SyrylynVirgo (23 August-22 September)

Life picks up speed quickly as August gets underway and your ruling planet Mercury will whizz through three signs of the zodiac and three sectors of your life in just one month.

This is very different to last month when Mercury was retrograde or on go slow. The 4th brings a turning point as this is the date when Mercury moves out of its Shadow phase. This means that Mercury is back at the same place in the heavens as it was when it turned retrograde on June 26th. This signals a green light and you may receive news or information that’s been delayed or on hold for some time on or around the 4th.

Mercury together with the planets Mars and Jupiter is in the sign of Cancer as the month begins and this sector of your chart rules friendship, groups, networking and the wider community and society in the world. It’s about expanding your tribe and extending your network and using your contacts to help and advise you.Mars adds energy and an oomph to friendships which may be passionate or argumentative. At least whatever happens clears the air and gets secret passions out in the open.

The big news for this sector of your chart is Jupiter in Cancer until July 16th 2014. Wherever Jupiter is, there you can find luck and new opportunities. You may feel that people come into your life for a reason or you may be ready to break free from a friendship or group that holds you back. As Jupiter rules travel and learning, don’t rule out the possibility of meeting friends from overseas or starting a course of study with like-minded people. You can learn a lot from the friends you make over the next year, especially those people who expand your way of thinking and your outlook on life.

Love too is on the cards as August gets underway with Venus, goddess of love, in your sign of Virgo up until the 16th. You often attract others to you when you have Venus in your sign and if you’re looking for love, it’s a great time to ensure you’re hanging out in all the right places and that you’re looking good even if you’re just nipping out to the shops.

Two key planets are in the sign before yours this month, the Sun in Leo until the 22nd and Mercury, your ruling planet, from the 8th-23rd. So even though this is a month when you’ll be feeling sociable and want to be around people, it’s also important to balance the busyness with some quiet time as well. When planets are in your previous sign, this is about turning inwards and retreating before you emerge into the world rested and relaxed. Slow down the pace of life a little and create time for yourself, whether to read, meditate or go on long and reflective walks. Be amongst nature and find your place of solitude.

Some of you may also feel that you want to reach out and help other people, either via a charity or another way of serving others. This is especially important on or around the Full Moon on the 21st that falls in Aquarius and the sign that rules your work, service and health. Being selfless is a key Virgo trait and a worthy one as long as it’s not taken too far and you allow others to take advantage of you.

On the 22nd, the Sun moves into your sign of Virgo swiftly followed by your ruler Mercury on the 23rd. So the emphasis shifts back to you and your personal needs and this may coincide with you feeling more confident or at home in your skin. Now you need to put boundaries in place and not let other people use you in any way. On the 25th and 27th Neptune in your opposite sign of Pisces opposes Mercury and the Sun respectively and you’re wise to keep your trust antennae finely tuned. Beware of a sob story or feeling sorry for someone and don’t let yourself be swayed or deluded in any way.

Romantically, you’re wise too to keep your feet on the ground and even though there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy being swept off your feet now and again, at least keep one toe on terra firma. Just ensure that whoever you’re with means what they say and isn’t leading you a merry dance. If in doubt, talk to a friend or someone who knows you well for more clarity.

Finally this month, there’s the chance to break free from a situation that’s restricting you financially. This is because of a major planetary pattern that involves Jupiter opposing Pluto on the 7th and Jupiter squaring Uranus on the 21st. Your mission is to wipe out your debt, to get the best possible deal on any financial ties and to be a little bit radical in the way you go about things on the money front. Experiment with what’s new and keep up-to-date with the latest technologies and information.

Venus joins the party from the 24th-27th when it enters Libra making a Cardinal Grand Cross in the heavens. This coincides with the Neptune oppositions on the 25th and 27th so be extra careful what you become involved in at this time. You want to be letting go of debt and ties as much as possible rather than implicating yourself further in any financial difficulties. Bear in mind that friends or children may be included in the changes that are necessary so ensure that whatever you do is for the better and feels like a positive step forward.

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