Virgo Monthly Horoscope October 2015

Green leaves, VirgoVirgo (23 August – 22 September)

This is a gorgeous month for you in many respects as key planets line up in your sign.

Jupiter is the biggest planet in the heavens and the best planet in astrology and Jupiter is now firmly established in your sign of Virgo.

Jupiter promises luck and good fortune and the more you put into life the more you get back in return. It’s no use sitting at home waiting for happiness to find you, however, as Jupiter works best when you approach life with a positive outlook and you’re willing to play big and take risks.

The other key planet in your sign of Virgo throughout October is Mars, the planet of action and drive, so this is a powerful month to push ahead with your goals and ambitions and make things happen. Being more assertive, being direct and forthright can help you achieve what you want.

This isn’t the time to sit quietly in the corner and wait for life to come to you. Plus if you were hoping that other people weren’t going to notice you, that’s not the case either. You’re being called forth to take centre stage, to make your mark, to make yourself known.

The middle of the month looks especially lively when there’s some glorious planetary activity taking place in earth signs, your element. Your sign of Virgo is on the front line but so too is Pluto in Capricorn. The 11th looks positively blissful when Jupiter in Virgo makes a stunning trine aspect to Pluto in Capricorn.

This kind of planetary connection is rare as these are slower-moving planets. Together they represent big (Jupiter) power (Pluto) and they connect the sectors of your chart which focus on your personal goals, your image and appearance (Virgo) and all the good things in life, such as love affairs, children and pregnancy, creative projects, entertainment and luck (Capricorn).

This is the chance for you to conjure up something special, to turn dreams into reality. It depends entirely where your interests currently lie what takes place but trust and have faith that magic can happen.

Mars too picks up the Jupiter/Pluto energy on the 16th and 17th and when Mars and Jupiter combine in the heavens, this is a go-getting combination. You might be chasing after a personal dream or you’re on your white charger and doing your bit for other people or the world. This is adventurous, courageous and full of daring.

The third planet to light up your sign of Virgo is the planet of love and relating, Venus, which enters Virgo on the 8th where it remains throughout the rest of October. This is always one of the peak periods of the year for love when you have the Goddess of love blessing your sign.

Make the most of this and use this romantic vibe to be seductive and go all out to get what you want. One of the most spectacular dates of the whole year for love falls this month on the 25th when Venus and Jupiter, the two best planets in the heavens, unite in your sign of Virgo.

Jupiter expands what it touches and Venus rules love and relating so this promises something special. You currently have Neptune, the planet of romance, in Pisces and your relationship sector so the potential is there to fall in love, to lose yourself in love, to get married and live happily ever after.

However, don’t forget that Neptune loves fantasy and it’s important to ground your dreams in reality rather than get carried away on a whim. That shouldn’t be too difficult for you because being a Virgo, you’re keen to know the facts and being an earth sign, you deal best with practical reality.

The only question mark around love this month is a Mars-Neptune opposition on the 7th and this could lead you or someone close into temptation. It’s potentially sexy but a little dangerous. Stick to the facts, stick to what you know and focus on your long-term goals. This will be more successful than being sidetracked by Neptune’s siren call.

This is also a positive month for money matters and it’s important not to forget that the Venus/Jupiter conjunction on the 25th is potentially abundant as Venus rules money as well as love. Good things in general are promised by the Venus/Jupiter vibe and happiness means different things to different people.

The other factor boosting your finances is the turn-around of your ruling planet Mercury. Mercury is in Libra and your personal money sector throughout October but as the month begins Mercury is retrograde, i.e. on go slow. It’s only on the 9th of the month when Mercury turns direct and you can move forward with confidence where cash is concerned.

Sometimes you can be waiting on money whilst Mercury’s retrograde or you don’t have the full facts at your disposal. There can be misunderstandings or delays around money or unexpected expenses crop up. Once Mercury turns direct, this is the planetary equivalent of a green light as new information emerges.

Plus this month there’s a stunning New Moon in Libra and your money sector on the 13th, a special day for money matters. New beginnings are well-starred but this isn’t just about initiating new energy around money, it’s also a good day to finalise matters and to sign or seal an agreement.

This is because your ruling planet Mercury teams up with the planet of commitment Saturn on the same day. This is perfect for being decisive, making up your mind and getting the answers to your questions. Saturn is in Sagittarius and your home and family sector so it’s here where you can make steady progress with regard to money, income and financial security.

The unexpected can still crop up, especially on or around the 12th or 25th, but on the whole you’re moving in the right direction once Mercury’s back up to speed. You’re right to feel positive and optimistic about life and that things are working out for the best. Make the most of this month of gorgeous astrology and enjoy yourself royally.

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