Virgo Monthly Horoscope May 2016

Virgo (23 August – 22 September)

There’s no rush as May begins and in fact, with a host of planets in fellow earth signs, this is most definitely a period when you’re wise to smell the flowers and slow down the pace of life.

You also need time for some big picture thinking, i.e. the more you tap into activities which inspire you and allow you to explore life to the full, the happier you are.

This has a lot to do with your ruling planet Mercury which is currently in Taurus, the sign which encourages you to expand your horizons, be philosophical and seek out a deeper meaning in life.

Taurus rules travel and study so on a more practical front, you might be engaged in travel plans, be on holiday or be gearing yourself up for a time of learning. Yet nothing is straightforward now because your planet Mercury is retrograde, i.e. on go slow until May 22nd and you’re going to find that your mind wanders as Mercury retreats through the zodiac.

Sometimes you’ll think you’ve discovered a new way of doing things, find beliefs which enhance your own or find the answers to the bigger questions in life, only to come back down to earth and wonder what you were on about.

See this as a process and allow yourself to be flexible and adaptable. Explore new options now, reach out to different cultures, gain knowledge, consider a different mindset but don’t feel that you have to make any final decisions until Mercury’s back up to speed.

Plus, there’s a real chance for you to explore and enjoy wandering this month because both the Sun and Venus, the planet of relating, are in Taurus too. So make life an adventure, say Yes to activities which are different and open you up to a new way of thinking.

Shake things up, change your perspective, discover what you love in life and do more of it. If you feel bored or stuck in a rut, even more reason to broaden your horizons.

The New Moon in Taurus is notable this month and it’s a good time to set your intentions or to try out something new in the areas of travel, study, philosophy or spirituality. Plus the planets make a gorgeous Grand Earth Trine in the heavens this month and this is particularly strong in the first two weeks of May.

Being one of the earth signs yourself, this is a clear indication that this is your turn to embrace enjoyment and pleasure. The other two planets involved are Jupiter, the planet of opportunity and growth, in your own sign of Virgo and Pluto, the planet of transformation, in Capricorn and the sector of your chart which rules romance, creativity, entertainment, children & pregnancy.

There’s a fertile and feel-good theme going on during the first half of May and it’s a perfect time to throw yourself into life. Love has a foreign theme whether you’re on holiday with your other half or discussing travel options. Take up a hobby together, encourage each other to be adventurous and make the most of your individual potential.

Jupiter, the lucky planet, is blessing your sign and once Jupiter turns direct on the 9th May, this is the perfect opportunity to focus on your personal goals and work towards something special.

Jupiter will be moving in direct motion until early September and this is not the time to sit at home waiting for something to happen. Make the most of Jupiter’s exploratory and optimistic nature to get you up and out and at em’. If you want life to be an adventure, take those all-important first steps early in May. Adopt a positive attitude, be bold and play big.

If you’re looking for love, this is a powerful time to join a dating agency or ask for an introduction. The 1st to the 14th is chock full of romantic potential so here again, make the most of it and don’t wait for life to come to you.

There are some challenging areas this month which will drag you away from the more fun side of life. Home and family affairs are particularly testing not only because you have Saturn, the taskmaster of the heavens, in this sector of your chart but retrograde Mars is here too.

This can indicate frustrations, outbursts and things not going the way you want them to. If you’re trying to move home or you have the builders in, batten down the hatches as this won’t be easy. Same goes if you’re caught up in a difficult family situation where people aren’t getting on. Any areas of conflict could become inflamed later in May as if someone’s lit the flame of anger and it refuses to go out.

The trickiest period begins at the Full Moon on the 21st which falls across the Gemini/Sagittarius axis of your chart up until the 24th when the lovers in the heavens, Venus and Mars, clash. This highlights your foundations, what keeps you safe and strong, and when Mars is volatile, you can’t expect everything to feel secure and certainly not peaceful.

If you don’t want to get involved, then keep away from any hotspots in your life during this period and know that relations could be strained. One of the positive aspects of Jupiter in your own sign is the knowledge that you can break free from the past or cut away from any difficult areas.

Jupiter in Virgo promises freedom, an opportunity to soar high and put your own needs and well-being first. If you want to break away or move on, the Jupiter-Saturn square on the 26th is the perfect time to state your case.

Work is another area that could be a cause of conflict if it means you need to move away from where you live or spend less time with family. But here too, it’s wise to look after you first and other people second. This is how you’ll find happiness and long-term fulfilment in the month ahead.

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