Virgo Monthly Horoscope June 2016

Virgo June 2016Virgo (23 August – 22 September)

Your ruling planet Mercury completes its lengthy journey through the death sign Taurus as June begins. Communication planet Mercury has been in Taurus since early April and it’s been a long slow trudge since then.

Taurus is the sign which rules travel and study in your chart. It’s also linked to your beliefs, spirituality and religion, your life philosophy and it’s activated by any area of life which expands your horizons. In essence, it’s where you find meaning in life.

For some Virgos, the first two weeks of June represent completion, the end of an ongoing project and this coincides with exam period in the UK and no doubt other countries too. The key date in this respect is June 7th when Mercury is finally out of its shadow period.

If you want to book a holiday or sign up for a course, the first two weeks in June are ideal for doing so and Mercury finally leaves this sector of your chart on June 12th. Remember too that you currently have Jupiter, the planet of opportunity and growth, in your sign of Virgo and Jupiter is closely aligned with travel, study, exploration.

The more you put into your life, the more you get back in return. Make the most of this chance to live life to the full. Jupiter remains in your sign until September 9th 2016.

This is where there’s ease in your chart and it’s a reminder that travel and holidays and new surroundings are important as they give you a change of perspective, a chance to look at your life from a fresh angle. This might be sorely needed in the month ahead as there are certain areas of your life in conflict, creating tension.

This will become clear to you on or around the New Moon on June 5th. This new Moon takes place in the sign of Gemini at the top of your chart, and Gemini rules your career, your vocation, your status and reputation. It’s about the bigger picture and where you’re heading in life.

Yet during the new Moon, there’s a Grand Cross in the sky. This means that there are other pressures on you, other areas of life vying for attention, other people who want to have their say on your future path.

One area that is currently testing you is your home life or family relations. This is where you find Saturn, the taskmaster of the heavens, in Sagittarius and the sector of your chart linked to these areas.

Saturn can represent limitations, duty, a stuck situation. You have to push hard or work hard to achieve your goals when Saturn’s in charge. Later in the month on June 18th, Saturn is also square to Neptune in your opposite sign of Pisces.

Neptune promises romance and at its best Neptune envelops you in love because love is a blissful state. Yet when Saturn is in on the act, reality kicks in and you can lose faith in Neptune’s promise. Certainly you might find that you’re faced with a situation when you see clearly what you can and can’t have.

What’s really important with this month’s astrology is to recognise that all the tension is in the mutable signs, i.e. Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. You’re a mutable sign and mutable signs are flexible, they suggest movement, so wherever in your life you encounter impossibility, explore your options. How can you push the boundaries further back, how can you change things around to suit you, what needs altering to shift a stuck situation?

This might be linked to your mindset and changing what you believe. It might be looking at the reality of your situation and knowing that something has to give. It’s about prioritising what’s most important in your life but also using your power to conjure up a little bit of magic.

It’s really important now that you put yourself and your own needs first. This might be the opposite to what you do normally but the planets are cheering you on in your work sector and Jupiter is blessing your life in your personal sector.

The weekend of the 24th to 26th June could be quite spectacular. On the 24th Jupiter and the North node, the destiny point in astrology, connect in the heavens and two days later on June 26th, there’s a stunning Jupiter-Pluto trine aspect in the sky.

This puts the spotlight on you, saying yes to life. Focus on what you love, focus on what you want next and, whatever else is going on in your life, be true to you. Whether you want love, children, a creative breakthrough, new experiences, this is your chance to put yourself first.

Move away fro anyone or anything which no longer serves you and recognise that there will be some tough decisions to make this month. This will be most clear at the Full Moon on June 20th which cuts across the Gemini– Sagittarius axis and the foundations of your chart.

If you’re going to create the future you want for yourself, you have to leave certain things behind. Wherever in life you’re carrying too much responsibility and duty weighs heavy, look at how you can shake things up and where you can get the support you need. How can you find the breakthrough you’re looking for?

It’s also important to note that action planet Mars is retrograde throughout June and on go slow in the sign of Scorpio ruling your communications sector. This is a passionate Mars but it’s focusing in deep and can indicate repressed emotions. Everything is simmering away with Mars retreating through the most hidden sign of the zodiac.

Be careful what you say or do whilst Mars is on go slow. It would be easy to say something you might regret or do something which has consequences. Bite your tongue if necessary and even if you’re thinking cruel or kind thoughts, keep them to yourself.

Once Mars turns direct on June 29th, then you can speak up. You might be more than ready to do so if you’ve found yourself in a difficult situation throughout the month of June.

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