Virgo Monthly Horoscope December 2015

squirrel, snow, VirgoVirgo (23 August – 22 September)

It’s the 1st of the month when you sense you’re ready for change or you know what you need to do in order to create the freedom you desire. There’s a stunning aspect on this day between your ruling planet Mercury and the planet of spontaneity Uranus.

Communication planet Mercury starts the month in Sagittarius, the sign down at the base of your chart and this highlights home and family affairs and links back to your past and where you come from. Uranus is in Aries and one of the money sectors of your chart, in particular joint finances and shared resources.

This is a lively combination and whether you’re on the move or you’re speaking your mind, you’re not prepared to live according to someone else’s rules and you don’t want to be held back in life for a moment longer.

Teaming up with other people is one way to find financial freedom whether you’re pooling resources, moving in with someone close or you’re dealing with the commercial side of Christmas as a team.

It might be that it’s up to you to take charge this Christmas and organise your family and if you don’t want to do things traditionally, ring the changes. This month’s stars indicate that you need to put yourself first and when you do so, the results can be liberating.

This theme continues in the first half of December and the New Moon on the 11th also takes place in Sagittarius. This is a go-getting initiating planetary energy, brilliant for fresh starts and launching new projects. The 11th is the perfect date to get things moving whether you’re organising a family Christmas or you’re in the process of moving home.

Relating planet Venus is also on the move this month and enters Scorpio and your communication sector on the 5th. This is perfect for intimate heart-to-hearts but also indicates that when you speak with passion, your words have power.

When it comes to love, you’re not going to be interested in half measures now and if anything you need to hear that your partner loves you and you want a certain level of commitment from them.

If you’re looking for love, things are looking up once your ruler Mercury enters Capricorn and your romance sector on the 10th and Mercury’s joined by the Sun in this same sector of your chart on the 22nd.

This is good news for the Christmas parties and especially when romance planet Neptune’s in action on the 11th, 14th and 29th, you’d do well to have your own piece of mistletoe ready to hand. This is potentially a romantic month for you when you and the one you love can grow closer and line up some happy memories together.

Yet it’s not all about love and romance and other areas of your life can bring you just as much happiness. Children for one and for some Virgos, there’ll be good news regarding a birth or pregnancy. Creative projects and the way you express yourself is also highlighted with key planets in Capricorn so do more of what you love and let your passion show. Entertainment too falls under Capricorn’s umbrella so line up some festive events and social get-togethers.

One area of your life that looks quite volatile now is money matters so don’t go mad on the spending front at least until you recognise what the period from the 6th-11th is going to bring.

Action planet Mars is in Libra and your personal money sector throughout the month which by itself is good news as you can be forceful when it comes to earning money or ensuring that you’re paid what you deserve. Yet on the 6th and 11th, Mars clashes with the Uranus/Pluto duo and this indicates a battle of wills where money’s concerned.

You might find that tempers flare if you or someone close is unhappy with who’s spending what or who’s paying for what. This might be about Christmas presents or it could be related to work and personal relationships.

Either way choose your battles carefully early in the month and avoid any difficult or challenging situation where cash is concerned.

On Christmas Day itself, the Full Moon is in the home and family sign of Cancer and this symbolises a caring and compassionate festive period, although emotions will run high. Yet, you might not be with close family this year but instead spend some of the time with friends or share your children in some way, e.g. with an ex or other members of your family.

Doing what’s best for the greater good is a theme that crops up for you over the holiday period although come New Year’s Eve when the Moon is in your sign of Virgo, it’s important that you do what you want to celebrate in style.

It’s a lucky New Year’s Eve for you and whether you’re in the bosom of your family or partying elsewhere, a Moon/Jupiter conjunction in your sign promises good times, enjoyment and abundance. Look forward to the year ahead with a positive outlook and open your heart and mind to what lies ahead.

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