Virgo Monthly Horoscope August 2015

Virgo August 2015Virgo (23 August – 22 September)

A host of green lights ensures that August is going to be a month to remember. Yet first there’s unfinished business that requires your attention. This is both a month of new beginnings and important preparation for a major new chapter.

As August begins, there are a host of planets in your previous sign of Leo, effectively hidden away in your chart. This can indicate that you need more time to yourself whether you’re low in energy or you want time to think and reflect on what next. Sometimes you can be dealing with sensitive issues or you might be forging a new spiritual path. Secrets and confidences can also be part of the planetary picture when this area of your chart is highlighted.

The first week of the month feels karmic, i.e. what you reap you sow. Jupiter, the planet of luck and good fortune, is in Leo and it connects with both Venus (love) and your ruling planet Mercury (communication) on the 4th and 7th respectively. This gives a nod to your past, someone repaying a favour, love or emotions that are rekindled, reawakened.

It’s a good time too to reach out to others, to take a trip down memory lane and to bring closure to some aspect of your own life. There’s happiness but this might also be tinged with sadness for what’s lost or gone before.

You might regret something you never said or find it hard to put your own feelings into words. Be patient if this is the case and know that if your heart’s in the right place, your intentions will follow.

It’s also possible that you’re dealing with a situation which can’t be resolved and you’re getting ready to let go of an old hurt or someone or something that no longer serves you or you them. Patience is necessary now especially when it comes to love as Venus is retrograde, i.e. on go slow in the most private sector of your chart.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder but you might decide the time is right to let go of an unrequited love or a lover who’s emotionally unavailable. Endings are necessary if you’re to clear away space for someone or something new to come in.

It’s not long however before the pace of life quickens and you’re ready to address your own personal goals and what you want in life. Mercury, your ruler, is in your sign of Virgo from the 7th until the 27th. Here’s your chance to communicate your wants and needs either in person or in writing. Once you let go of the past in some shape or form, you’re more than ready to start over.

Mercury in Virgo is brilliant for list-making, being organised, paying attention to the details and getting your life on track and in order. It’s lively, efficient and sociable. Yet the big news this month is the fact that Jupiter, the planet of luck, opportunity and good fortune, moves into your sign of Virgo on August 11th where it remains for the next 13 months.

This lucky planetary transit happens a week or so before the Sun enters your sign of Virgo on the 23rd. So what will Jupiter offer you when it’s in your sign of the zodiac? Jupiter is the biggest planet in the heavens and represents all that’s expansive in life. This is the planet of freedom, letting go of ties that bind and anything (or anyone) who holds you back in life.

When Jupiter’s in full flow, you want to see the world and save the world. Jupiter rules travel, education, spirituality, philosophy and philanthropic activities. Take your pick. What’s not advised when Jupiter is strong in your chart is to play small or stay close to home. Jupiter rewards bold behaviour and loves the free-spirit, the explorer, the entrepreneur, the lover of life.

Notice what takes place on the 26th when the Sun sits next to Jupiter in the heavens. This is a super-powerful connection and as Jupiter expands whatever it touches, be fully yourself and have complete integrity with who you are and what you believe in. Jupiter rules truth and justice so stake your claim, be loud and proud, show up and be one of life’s players. Declare your intentions and follow through.

The month is wonderful to do something special, whether it’s a grand party and celebration or you take part in a big event, a conference or workshop. The planets are lining up in your sign of Virgo and calling you out in life to play big and do more of what you love.

The Full Moon on the 29th cuts across the Virgo/Pisces axis of your chart and this is a powerful marker for a relationship, either personal or professional. In fact the commitments you make to a partner in love or in business are set to last and bring you success, happiness or both.

Take note of the person who comes into your life on or around this Full Moon too as again the stars suggest this person is here to stay. What they offer to your life will benefit you in more ways than you might imagine. Open your heart and be ready and willing to receive the love, help or support that another person brings.

This month’s astrology gives a clear message that it’s time to put the past behind you and embrace a bright new future. Jupiter’s move into Virgo is the best birthday present you could wish for.

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