Virgo Monthly Horoscope April 2016

VirgoVirgo (23 August – 22 September)

Your mind’s on money as the month begins or at least it should be. Your ruling planet Mercury is in Aries at the start of April along with the Sun and Aries rules your joint finance sector.

This is about any money transaction or financial matter that’s linked to a third party, whether a person in your life or a company or organisation.

This can include mortgages, taxes, debts and savings, alimony, inheritance, benefits, money owed.

When planets are in Aries, there’s a need to act fast and if last month’s eclipse on March 23rd highlighted change with regard to your financial situation, even more reason to get busy.

It’s a good time for a financial audit and for some people, tax returns will be foreground. Whatever your current situation, however, pick up the pace and be pro-active. The New Moon in Aries on the 7th highlights your joint finance sector and the New Moon is brilliant for new beginnings.

Set your intentions for the month ahead, consider a joint venture, look into a business partnership that can help boost your finances or ask for a raise. Uranus is linked to the New Moon and this is an impulsive, spontaneous energy. It’s good for taking a risk and chancing your luck.

Uranus is especially strong on Saturday 9th which would also be a good date to learn more about money on a course or online webinar. Uranus is linked to technology. If you’re especially lucky, money might come in unexpectedly early in the month, a gift or bonus, but do you use your savvy earth sign energy to suss out the best deals and only speculate what you can afford to lose.

Another planet in Aries for most of April is Venus, the planet of love and relating. Venus enters Aries on the 5th where she remains until the 30th. Look out for someone who can help you with regard to money, ask for expert advice or talk to someone who’s cash savvy, preferably female, to make the most of Venus’ feminine energy.

When it comes to love, this can be a saucy period for you when you’re willing to push the boundaries around sexuality and intimacy. Aries not only rules money in your chart but also sex and taboo issues. You might be in the mood to experiment with your partner or attend a tantric course or something similar, whether attached or single. The liveliest dates for love are the 12th and 22nd.

There is another factor that suggests a different vibe for love and relationships this month. Pluto, the planet of transformation, turns retrograde in Capricorn and your romance sector on the 18th. When a planet changes direction, its energy is strengthened and Pluto links to hidden issues.

Delve deep into intimate matters this month as love is less about romance and more about intense emotions. The 17th/18th are special dates to explore your own levels of desire and what you want and need when it comes to love.

This depends entirely on your personal situation what it means for you but it could highlight issues around children and pregnancy, fertility, intimacy, your creative or spiritual source. It’s powerful energy which benefits you when channelled in a productive way.

April is retrograde month as there are another two key planets about to change direction indicating a slower period in life. This is the reason why it’s worth getting busy early in the month to tick off your to do list.

The second planet turning retrograde is Mars, the planet of passion and anger. Mars is currently in Sagittarius, the sign which rules your home and family, your past and where you come from. Mars turns retrograde on the 17th and will remain on go slow for approximately 10 weeks.

This could be a good thing for you if life at home or within your family has been argumentative or difficult of late. Mars adds a spark to the area of your life it influences and it’s good for being pro-active when it’s in direct motion.

In Sagittarius and your home and family sector, you could whizz through a period of spring cleaning or decide to move home or change your accommodation in some way in the first two weeks of April. Or perhaps you’re bringing family together and organising a big celebration.

Mars slow things down after the 17th. This might mean a lull in a difficult family situation or a temporary halt if you’re trying to move home. The pace has to slow down one way or another and it’s not wise to rush into any major domestic project whilst Mars is retreating through the zodiac.

The other planet to turn retrograde is your ruling planet Mercury which is always important for you. On the 5th, Mercury enters your fellow earth sign of Taurus but turns retrograde on the 28th. Taurus rules travel, study, the bigger picture in your chart. It’s also linked to the law and publishing.

So if there are things you want to get done in the areas mentioned, don’t hang around but use the productive energy of Mercury in Taurus to make things happen. The period between the 14th-17th is especially good for you whether you decide to book a holiday, sign up for a course or say Yes to a new experience or activity.

The Full Moon on the 22nd also highlights the travel and study sectors of your chart so this is another good date to go away, perhaps with a loved one, or make a decision about an activity or past-time for one or both of you.

Once Mercury’s on go slow, travel plans might be disrupted or you could change your mind about a course of education or new qualifications. It’s not necessarily a bad time to go on holiday when Mercury’s retrograde and in fact it’s often a useful period of reflection, a chance to gain a fresh perspective on life. You do need to be flexible about your schedule though and learn to go with the flow.

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