Virgo May 2021

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There’s a lot going on this month and you may have some big decisions to make, especially towards the end of May.

As May begins, your ruling planet Mercury is in earth sign Taurus until the 4th. Venus is here until the 9th and the Sun until the 20th.

Taurus is a fellow earth sign and a grounding influence in your life. When planets are in Taurus, this encourages you to seek the bigger picture and find fulfilment beyond the everyday.

The New Moon falls in Taurus on the 11th, an ideal date to start something new, whether you’re lining up travel plans or beginning a course of study.

Think adventure, new experiences and expand your life in whichever way you choose. You might be exploring a new religion or be on a spiritual path.

Future Goals

This month, you do need to lift your head up and look at where you’re heading and why. This is because of the emphasis peaking at the top of your horoscope in the star sign Gemini.

Most importantly for you, your ruler Mercury enters Gemini on the 4th and won’t leave here until mid-July. It’s an unusually long time for Mercury to be in your career and vocation sector. Venus joins Mercury here on the 9th and the Sun completes the trio on the 20th.

If you’re unsure about the future, it’s important to talk a lot about what next. Find people who can help you, get some coaching, use your networks and gather ideas.

For some of you, this will be a time when you’re considering what next and change might be on the cards. Take action throughout May as it’s towards the end of the month when some major astrology kicks in.

Lunar Eclipse/Mercury Retrograde

The main indicator of change is the Full Moon or Lunar Eclipse which takes place on the 26th and cuts across the Gemini/Sagittarius axis of the zodiac.

This pits work and career against home and family. This axis dominates the foundations of your horoscope – where you’re from and your past, where you’re heading and your future.

Look out for signals or a turning point on or near the eclipse date, an opportunity to change things around. An unexpected event may be the catalyst for a major rethink of where you’re heading and why.

Eclipses bring what’s hidden to light. Try and predict what might happen during the eclipse period and where change is likely with regard to your home and family, your work and career. A new job could mean changes at home or a decision to move could be the catalyst for a career change.

Plus, three days later, on the 29th, your planet Mercury turns retrograde in Gemini in your future sector and remains on go slow until June 22nd.

This is an indication that you might have to change tack and do things differently. You could be super busy with work or revising and reviewing what next. During the Mercury retrograde phase, you often have to play a waiting game.

Jupiter Enters Pisces

The biggest and best news this month is the fact that Jupiter, the planet of opportunity, enters your opposite star sign Pisces on the 14th. Jupiter remains here until July 28th and returns to Pisces later this year on December 29th.

Pisces represents your relationship sector, both personal and professional. This is a wonderful period to get love right and do whatever it takes to find happiness within your one-to-one relationships.

This could spell good news for a business partnership or a joint collaboration. It’s love, however, that often benefits with Jupiter in your opposite star sign. For some of you, there could be wedding bells or a second honeymoon now or in 2022.

Jupiter’s influence sometimes coincides with a lucky opportunity or a blessing that comes your way. Know that Jupiter is about giving as well as receiving. Therefore, reach out to other people and do your bit to help.

Finally, Jupiter can help release you from a challenging relationship as it’s also the planet of liberation and freedom.

There’s a strong emphasis this month on your close connections as action planet Mars is also moving through Cancer and your friendship sector. It might be an emotional month for some of you, a time when you realise the power and strength of love.

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